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  • MalSlider
    1 posts

    @animuslover Cheers!, went back and loaded a save game from the start of "The Rot in the Slums" then played through to where I hit the bug in Majesty in the Dark and the cutscene triggered thankfully!, all else looks ok.

  • AnimusLover
    387 posts

    @malslider Glad it helped. I've completed The Siege of Paris DLC and have 100% trophy completion. I have now uninstalled this broken mess with way too much gb off my console to make room for games more worthy of my time. 😄

  • Daarxis
    17 posts

    @ubi-oxavo I have had this issue for over a month and have submitted a ticket and a video.

  • Diorm
    3 posts

    I've got this issue since the end of August... nothing new?

  • Ubi-Mushy
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1364 posts

    Hi all! Apologies for the lack of an update on this issue. The team was not able to find a fix in time for the latest patch, but they are still looking into the issue.

    @AnimusLover @MalSlider I'm glad to hear that you both were able to workaround the issue by reloading a save! I understand this is not an ideal solution, especially if you first encountered the issue a while ago. However, was anyone else able to try this?

    Official Response
  • HoneyBadger245
    1 posts

    @ubistorm It seems that the patch notes 1.4.1 claim that the Toka issue has been addressed, however I am still unable to interact with Toka or Sigfred in the longhouse of Melún and there is still no active map marker to show where the player has to go. At best I can sprint into them and knock them over, but otherwise they still stand around the table in front of the throne and continuously idle in place wordlessly. The Francia DLC has been wonderful up until this point and I (and I’m sure many others) would love to be able to continue the quest line.


  • schnarchhahn
    1 posts

    @ubi-mushy If no solution has yet been found, why is the solution announced in the patch notes? The solution cannot lie in loading an old game, in which case any further progress is gone. If you have such an old score at all. It's just annoying now.

  • AnimusLover
    387 posts

    @honeybadger245 @schnarchhahn

    The patch notes are referring to a different, earlier Toka quest to my understanding. Not Majesty in the Dark.

  • jax4558
    1 posts

    @ubistorm I have the same issue the quest "return to Toka in Melun" I go in the long house cause I finally found her cause the quest icon isn't there the cut scene doesn't start I walking around them and try to hit them with my sword but it's not working at all so I went to try and do other quests but the mission icon doesn't show up on the map even if im in the area that it is please let me know when it's fixed. Thank you for your time

  • Louisw245
    2 posts

    Yep… same issue on PS5… refuse to buy the new DLC until this is fixed, it’s not a new bug… I’ve played since Altair so feel really disappointed this isn’t being fixed

  • xenon8000
    3 posts

    No, the latest patch, the one with the included crossover, didn't patch the issue. I did the whole Kassandra crossover mission, travelled around and re-installed the game since the update was one big edition of a new game.

    Still, when I track that quest and head back to Melun I have Toka standing next to the table and no prompt for me or automatically rendered cut scene.

  • xenon8000
    3 posts

    thanks for forwarding the bug - the latest patch 1.4.1 still keeps me "stuck" in front of Toka during the Majesty in the dark quest.

  • guest-Wif3UXeN
    1 posts

    @UbiStorm hey, having the exact same issue here too. Haven't played the game since November because of this. Just booted it up in the hope and expectation it would have been fixed by now but unfortunately not. Any suggestions?

  • Anukus
    6 posts

    @animuslover make sens now, I did the same but have no clue how to explain my self during the atempts to bypass the bug.

    Thanks @animuslove for make it much clear for others

  • Supergrover10
    2 posts

    @jax4558 same issue here.

  • jandraelune
    126 posts

    Guess we're waiting until Jan for this to get patched as well with the Yule patch.

  • Driesmannn
    4 posts

    Decided to pick up the game again since not progressing since August. Coincidentally, I stopped at this point. I cannot interact with Toka to complete the quest.
    Given that this dlc has been out for near half a year, I hope Ubi can fix it as soon as possible.

  • frolama
    3 posts

    Rly Ubisoft , Its two month and You did nothing to repair this. I will make screen from this forum and ask for money back.

  • Sabaton33
    6 posts

    @xenon8000 yeah i just hoped it will fix it but not 🙂 hope again they can reveal the bug in Yule update in January! 🙂 peace

  • Drearylandss
    2 posts

    I stopped playing since november because of this bug. This is very frustrating.

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