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  • jmagnum50
    136 posts

    @mars388502 One problem I have is it usually asks me to put in my password every timeget back in, I think. However, there are times after that, it takes me to a menu showing a list of many different Ubi games instead of back to the forum. It gets a bit frustrating. Also, I use my tablet for the forum, and if I use full-sized key configuration, it mostly covers up what I'm writing. So now I have to use a smaller, movable version. I dunno, maybe the older version was better.

  • ShortFuse1972
    45 posts

    I’ve definitely have used much better, more user friendly forums than this one. That’s for sure.

    Forums that use Xenforo are some of the best I’ve personally used.

  • rugby_dog
    81 posts

    I barely visit the forum any more, I can’t really see new threads very easily and I have to log back in every time.

    Also really confusing what I want to read. I used to just use the general discussions as that’s where the conversations were but trying to select that on mobile is really confusing.

    Overall I hate it, it’s not set up for mobile use which in this day and age is stupid. But that’s what I’ve come to expect from Ubisoft.

    Just like a mini gun wielding heavy, just stupid.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1382 posts

    It seems to me that these forums (Including this alleged Rated " M " GR forum) are basically a Kid's Theme park attractions. 😢

    Perhaps I am wrong but I doubt that any 20+ year old adult is looking forward to all these rainbow colors and in your face flash banners from the 90s and pop-ups that are so 80s.

    And then, I could concede that they are doing for the Data mining benefit and since I don't go anywhere else than here, and here is nothing more than a Ghost Town, I can only deduce that all of their other forums are not working out? Again, I could be totally wrong, but even if I am and the other forums are healthy and populated to the max, it is not happening here and of that I am sure of.

  • Mars388502
    237 posts

    First, lets say that now the forum works way better for mobile platforms, even if it's still a bit tricky to get by certain things. On the other hand, today I tried editing a post I made yesterday. I was pretty suprised that the forum allows you to do so for only 24 hours... When English isn't your first language mistakes are easily made, specially when your train of thoughts goes faster than your hands and you consequently forget words making your post bearly readable. It would be greatly appreciated if the 24 hours rule was to be changed in the near futur.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1382 posts

    Oh! you know how much I hear you Mars but I am not holding my breath for any time soon either! LOL

    Not having a PM is a PITA to say the least.

    Not being able to Multiquote is another.

    I mean, these are things that I have used in previous forums going back to the early 2000s and here we are wondering if the technology they are using for their games is Next Gen? well, here's your sign! 😳 I made a funny 😁

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