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  • Jord-NL
    102 posts

    (Moved from the other thread)
    My most irritating thing is that each time I close my browser and open it again, I have to log back in here on the forums. Which, with 2 step verification is fun. The checkmark on "Remember my decision" doesn't work. And no, I don't have anything like "remove cookies on exit" set in the browser. Does this on both FF and Chrome.

    Saving preferences gives a "Saving preferences" green box that shows a slow 5 second save. Really?
    But then, opening anything on these pages will show an empty page for several seconds before opening what I asked for.

    The irritation factor of these forums is high.
    On Chrome, just mousing over the top of the screen drops down a banner that's almost 1440 pixels deep by the full width of the browser (and screen), and for what exactly? Why must new things be so deeply irritating these days?

    Preview post button?
    Use of BBCode?
    A mouse over on all the icons of the WYSIWYG buttons, explaining what they are and do?
    And why must I know by default that Virtual-Chris edited a post in my notifications? Leave the guy alone, it's in his privacy if he wants to edit posts or not. I edited a post, is that advertised to the whole forum via their notifications? Why?

    And then that "Looks like your connection to Ubisoft Forums was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect." message. It stood there long enough so I could type it over. Go away with annoying pop-ups and nonsensical balloons.

    I'm not going to beta test these forums. So I am going to use them as little as possible. I'll see if I can put something together that disables all the annoying crap on screen here.
    Edit: No way to quickly link to a post in a thread either?
    Edit2: fun for the edit notifications! To copy the post made, right-click on the three dots and choose "Copy link", cos that's intuitive.

    And why is that, what is it - the column with other posts in the middle of the screen - blinking out and coming back on?

    Edit3: Last thing, when I post something or edit it, after submitting, don't put me in the middle of the thread nowhere near what I wrote. The lack of a preview button is annoying enough already, without me having to scroll any which way to find my post! So after pressing Submit, be it on a post or an edit, go to MY post, not to someone else's. I don't care what they edited, do I?

    Well, edit4 last thing then. Infraction points? Really? (mouse over your post-icon to see your infraction points)

  • Jord-NL
    102 posts

    (Also moved from the other thread)
    Okay, enough irritations already to add without edit:

    • the save box each and every time I stop watching something or someone.
    • why must I per item say to stop watching?
    • why is it auto-watch after I post in a thread?
    • Where is the Top button?
    • Can we also have it after every post instead of end of thread?
    • Or just a Home button.
    • Karma police: no.
    • Editing a post and then scrolling up in it scrolls the post in the background as well.

    Really, are all the forum parts here loaded from different servers, or what? In case one server is DDoS'ed or hacked or ransomwared that the rest stays available?
    The blinking out of existence of parts of the forums and them loading back in, with turning circles and all kinds of pop-ups and flashes, the very large colourful banner with all the images, that also shows on everyone's mouse-over on their icons, it's all so annoying. And cannot be disabled. The banner is utterly annoying as it has no function whatsoever, other than show those images. Can't click anywhere on it. And each time you mouse over that part of the screen, down it comes and up it goes. Or the other fun thing, just nick past "Play" or any of the other buttons on top and down comes a screen filling menu. Why? (Edit: ah, right-click->block element helps and removes that irritation, but that is a uBlock function)

    Why should I see a notification:

    • When someone upvotes your post
    • When someone you follow posts a topic
    • When a new reply is posted in a topic you are watching
    • When a post is edited in a topic you are watching
    • When someone starts following you
    • When you receive a group chat message
    • When you receive a group invite
    • When a user leaves your group
    • When someone requests to join a group you own
    • When someone mentions you

    ?? I'm about sure some of that goes against the GDPR. Where's the privacy in all this? Why is everything on by default?

    I've never seen this many div classes in one page before (press CTRL+SHIFT+I and check the CSS).

    About the only good thing I found so far is the dark theme. Thanks for that.

  • NewFool7
    51 posts

    Wow just noticed the infractions points thing too. We in China?

  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 208 posts

    @argimoned I think this pings me now! I know it didn't in the older forums, so at least that's something haha!

    Official Response
  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 208 posts

    @newfool7 The infractions are carried over from the previous forums except now you have more visibility 🙂 The forums are a place which can be visited by anyone, meaning we try to ensure they are a safe place.

    Official Response
  • NewFool7
    51 posts

    @ubit00n But you have a history of abusing your infraction issuing power and ghosting when asked who someone could report you to, if they felt the need.

  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 208 posts

    @newfool7 Moderator actions are not up for discussion.

    Official Response
  • Jord-NL
    102 posts

    The user avatar window balloon thingy showing your post count and infractions number stays after moving my mouse off of it and even stays when I scroll the thread up and down. It's even scrolled off screen and came back when I scrolled up and past it again. Only putting my mouse between my avatar and the balloon window thingy will make it go away. And also not always, or not always in the same spot.

    Damn, now I am beta testing this forum anyway.
    Is there a preference yet that disables my post being a different colour than the rest of the forums? And why is it teal?

  • rugby_dog
    81 posts

    On mobile I can’t actually see any sub-forums apart from general discussions. Why the hell did they design a forum that doesn’t work on mobiles?

    Really serious question, are Ubisoft idiots? Like everything they touch just is so half arsed and wrong.

  • DV20Katana
    184 posts

    Glad the list view works for you. I get that annoying "You have been disconnected from the Ubisoft forum" messages too , they need to fix all this stuff.

  • NewFool7
    51 posts

    @ubit00n I wasn't discussing anything, simply making a statement. You do you toon.

  • Hugo-FOU
    174 posts
    @keltimus @ubit00n I don't know how I overall feel on this yet. As far as suggestions go, I think the pages and replies should have dislike buttons. This way if someone in the community posts an idea for Ghost Recon, the likes vs dislikes could be somewhat of a pseudo poll that that you can quantify it's popularity among the community members.

    I'm just waking up, so this is as far as my brain will work for now.

    I think this is a great idea. Just about every suggestion could be it’s own poll. 👍

  • Jord-NL
    102 posts

    Glad the list view works for you.

    Would be nice if it were remembered, but just as my login, I have to slide the slider to the right each day for list view.
    And why does the login window know my username and email address but not my password? 🤔

    Edit: oh jibbles, I got a "Bad Gateway" message on trying to post an answer, of course it didn't go through, because of bad gateway, d'oh. But really? Do you need to tell us, users, about your constant connection problems?

  • Church367A
    147 posts
    Dark mode and List view help a lot, but it's lacking some features its predecessor had, much like Breakpoint.

    This has greatly improved the look and feel of the new forum, thanks for pointing these features out.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1382 posts

    I have gone to the length of wasting all that time it takes to say NO NOTIFICATIONS FOR ANYTHING, and yet, I come in today with the awesome surprise that the bell icon has 7 new shinny notifications for me... Why? why bother giving the option is if it will not due what is said it will?

    Again, I am all for changes, it takes time to get the feel you had before with the previous whatever but, the least the option can do is work.

    You get to a post you are interested in and the banner that asks if you want to get to the last post you read is not there or by the time you try to get to it is already gone? why? why isn't there a manual icon you can click and go directly to it? Why complicate things just to say you are trending or an innovator when simple is quick and better?

    Like the saying goes... Keep it simple stupid!

  • Bone_Frog
    35 posts

    Are we no longer able to send PMs on the new forum or is that just from mobile?

  • ArgimonEd
    193 posts

    @bone_frog I think it's the forum, I'm using the desktop version on my cellphone but it doesn't have the option

  • Seraphiel
    26 posts
    on mobile phone it’s a mess I can’t understand anything lol

    @raptor2-40delta It's a mess on PC using Firefox as well. It's going to take some time to get used to it.

  • dagrommit
    894 posts

    @hugo-fou there is no need for a dislike button when the forum already supports creating a poll (click on the graph icon when creating a thread). This place does not need to turn into another brigading fest.

  • curme
    7 posts

    I really hate how replies are clustered, then posted again later in the thread. Really confusing and cluttered

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