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  • ArgimonEd
    Original poster 193 posts

    To exemplify what I meant

    This is Nøkk Under belt line holster platform, with a single leg strap, it looks a lot better than the cumbersome blackhawk one with 2 vertical straps and 2 horizontal ones.
    The holster in Nøkk model is sitting in the leg instead of the platform (but it can be corrected).
    In a possible MTX belt loadout, can we get it with both Nøkk IFAK (in the same position as in Nøkk figure, and the holster platform (with the holster mounted on the platform, it would even finally match with the drawing animation)

    And also, Alicia TQ pouch

    This will be continued in a second post

  • ArgimonEd
    Original poster 193 posts


    Nomad multitool pouch could also be used.

    Putting all together

    Sorry for the doodle, I can't edit images.

    The purple dot would be the exposed inner belt sections were on the left side (purple dot)
    A dump pouch would be added

    Going for the empty left side

    It could add 2 rifle/pistol Taco pouch

    These here

    And they would go here

    This with Nøkk holster platform and the holster mounted on it and not below.
    Would make for an awesome belt loadout that I'm willing to pay up to 300 GC

    This could be the initial one and others be made with other calibers for guns like the SMG or 7,62 DMR

    I would pay for this and Kozak boots


    Can you kindly please take this plea to the dev team?
    Is not like I'm asking for free

  • ArgimonEd
    Original poster 193 posts

    @Hugo-FOU @Virtual-Chris
    Could you guys share your opinions on the things I mentioned not long?
    About the belt, the M81, the boots that Kozak is wearing

  • Ice-Quinn
    56 posts

    Alicia Diaz

    This is literally EVERYTHING I ever wanted! THIS hairstyle, the ponytail worn with Nomad’s cap (forward)… 

    So it’s possible, the assets are there for the recycling, and it looks awesome, too! ❤

    Please, make this available for character customization (either as a hairstyle or hat style, I don’t care - as long as you can color them and stuff), and I will ask for nothing more. Fury can keep the knot thingy she’s had since launch instead of the braid, and I get to use the ponytail with the cap! Love it! 

    Put it in the store (call it “The Alicia Díaz Customization Pack”, like i.e Kyle Reese’s) and charge me 5 mil Ghost Coins for it, I don’t even care, I’ll whale it out, let’s get it popping’! 👏 #UbiPlz

    • Alicia Diaz’s Ponytail, either as a separate or combo’d w/ a hat-cap.
    • Alicia Diaz’s Face/Head available for character customization (i.e like Fury’s), without the face paint and glasses, of course:
    • The rest of her clothing and gear, plus her camo pattern.
    • Bonus: Nomad’s cap (forward), adapted to be used with this ponytail.

    @Toon, Delta Company, Elon Musk, Matt Damon… please, please put a word in for your girl with this, I will love you forever and ever.

    Sincerely, 😘

    Hey @Toon, could you please make sure to pass this along to the Dev team?

    I need this like air. And as you can see, many others are interested in Diaz’s stuff, it’s a great icon on its own, but we’d really benefit more from breaking it down into separates with which to customize our operators! 👍

    Thank you in advance! 🙏

  • GamerCZ84
    38 posts

    I would like to see scuba balaclava on which I can also equip NVGs

  • DarkkStarr387
    3 posts

    Can we get this pinned plz?

  • Ice-Quinn
    56 posts

    Yeah, why isn’t this pinned? #PinIt

  • ArgimonEd
    Original poster 193 posts


    Can we get the option to color our holster?

  • Profit62
    10 posts

    Skull balaclava + Shemagh combo
    Balaclava + Shemagh combo

  • Justifier-98
    99 posts

    @darkkstarr387 and @ArgimonEd I discussed adding some new camouflage patterns into the game in another post I made recently. The patterns I found could provide a greater array of options and possibly help address issues like the one both of you were discussing related the camouflage pattern on Alicia Diaz's gear. I think in general, Ghost Breakpoint could use Camouflage patterns from a wider array of countries. Some of the ones I suggested come from places that are not currently utilized in Breakpoint like Belgium, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, and Switzerland. I found them on a Wikipedia page that lists a lot of the camouflage patterns that have been employed by various militaries all over the globe.

  • Justifier-98
    99 posts

    There are some cosmetic items and features I would like to see added into the game. As originally suggested by @Dead-lee_G, I would like a feature that allows us to choose whether we would like the hood on or off, similar to feature that lets players tuck their pants into their boots. Some items I would like to see added include:
    Colonel Walker's mask with the hood
    the translucent trench coat with a hood worn by Bodark Seekers
    a trench coat with a hood
    the shirt or coat with armor on the forearms that is worn by Bodark Oppressors
    the armored pants worn by Bodark oppressors and Dreadnaughts
    some of the hazmat gear used by the Bodark military scientists
    the armored vests worn by Bodark oppressors and Dreadnaughts
    Nylon Compression Snow Trousers

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