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  • Umbra1-1
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    @ltjasonwolfe Maybe the only time you provide feedback is when Ubisoft puts out a vague survey, but quite a few of us here and even on Reddit have provided substantial, detailed, constructive feedback for a few years now, feedback which the community team has repeatedly claimed to pass on to the developers (without substantial clarity on which feedback they're passing on, mind you); we even rather recently learned that one of those community team members actually passed on only the feedback that she felt was pertinent to the game she was currently working on. We have no idea how often they've done this in the past, and it could explain why the devs only seem to listen to some things we say. We have every right to be skeptical of the value of responding to a vague survey when we can't even count on Ubisoft hearing and making a good faith effort to improve the game in ways that we've all mentioned in the past. We have every right to complain about the state of the game and the series when Ubisoft, despite claiming to listen, repeatedly drops the ball because they only listen to some of the feedback, while ignoring other parts, and while absolutely refusing to communicate with us openly, frequently, and transparently.

  • Steven527
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    @dagrommit replying at all carries no weight. Posting on reddit or their own forum carries no weight. Why on earth after 2 years are they still "fixing" cosmetics to include the belt? The only thing that carries weight is $. They have done some work to make BP a better game, but they still have very selective hearing about what they should be doing and another survey with the wealth of material given them is frankly insulting.

    Now as I understand it this new survey has little to do with GR, for all I know it could be forum related to see how folks like this new format in which case this is the ONLY place that should matter for answers.

  • Steven527
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    @apexmandalorian in fairness it does make sense for that other title for T00n to have looked for material in the surveys that was appropriate. We don't actually know what material was passed on related to BP. We do know T00n has passed on info regarding the belt so draw your own conclusions as to how much Ubi listens to their own CMs.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    If you're not going to complete a survey to tell them what you want to see, then you have no right [censored] about the game.

    Ohhhhhh, WOW, that'll teach me.

    How's the taste of your Kool-aid I wonder. Sorry to have to tell you this... Santa does not exist.

  • DNH_17
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    Excuse me every one, the talk is getting a little derailed there: the survey were ON THE FORUM, they were on the development of the forum, how to make better the ground here, the place where we talk.
    Regarding instead the discussion that has developed, well, that's very interesting despite digressing a bit out of topic. Again, the survey I had were on forum improvement, and on the job \ career web site of ubisoft.
    That's all.

    I agree, I posted a link recently of my suggestions to them on steam that were shared maybe in 2018... the topic is called on steam "Next time Ubisoft" (In GRW discussion steam stores pages), and well, I immediately had an answer like: you say above (ApexMandalorian describes what the mod-devs do say)...
    and this is truly a problem I mentioned to them in the messages you see above in this topic we are talking in , as well in the Survey about the forum: having devs that do not "feel human" nor do play the game but just are managers of their own job, is something very cold.
    I told them that , despite I understand comparing them to a small studio like Battle State games is not possible, as Ubisoft is made of billions revenue and 10k + ppl working in outsourcing and of many studios, it would be much needed to have dev-mods that do know the game, play it clearly,and are necessarily connected also to the actual devs of the game and (not that we need them to put what we say in the game) but having them showing a little more depth than just sayin "yes you are being heard"... would make us understand we are no getting mocked here. I did that explaining them the role Tobias Solem has with EFT. A dev that actually enables the conversation, that cares for the game and for the community and listents to it, makes it breainstorme, pushes their contribute to learn what they want to have in the game... Maybe this is not possible anymore with the dimension that Ubisoft has gained.

    The company maybe is too big to do this... so here you are why the games are extremely disconnected from their actual target audience to which they keep wanting to connect just with data extraction, analysists and so on.

    Instead devs seems automated bots... This issue was clear also when Cyberpunk 77 was in development. If you remember some SERIOUSLY untrained devs says silly stuff and of course journos that today are mostly rubbish based on "advertorialism", just took the opportunity to bash CD projekt red for what those dev-mods \ PR said. THis is the problem for sure also at Ubisoft, Ubisoft doesn't want devs-mods to actually make promises or anything certain to players.

    It's a very frigid relation what comes out of this praxis\system and if they do not fix, devs and players gap will just get wider and wider.

    It is incredible how they listen to their data analysts but these analysts have no idea what a game is what fun is what is milsim, what is the horror of grind, what is a good mechanics, what it means to have immersive simulation, what the heck are the old late 90ties and early 2000 GR games... How the heck they can work on a game like it was a product, a piece of iron to shape? They can't do it like this. THe thing is we need to write letters to the CEO and call out responsible the leads for making of game design just another average job like any other.

    We need to write letters, public posts, keeping it formal and a good posture but make it clear... if we are not satisfied.
    Anyway the survey and this topic are where we have been trying to suggest for the next weeks and I guess months how the forums and other online systems of player-dev communication should be like, which functions and so on. There is no "how do you want the game to be survey"!

    This is a long process it will take at least a generation of devs to understand what quality we were accustomed to and do better than that. Do they know how games were? Maybe if these devs are around 20 y.o. probably not.
    There are tons of factors in play, we need to be aware of stuff otherwise we just get extremely informal and it becomes just raging noise... (i understand that rage... it's a pity not to get anymore the quality games we used to get...)
    Just do not buy them and write a letter to Yves Guillelmot or the studios, write them they will definitely read it, maybe it would be better to write one together.

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