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  • GhostAgent14
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    Thank you for sharing this!! This looks interesting. I am glad to see there is a PvE component.

  • xcel30
    835 posts

    I honestly expected absolutely no info for a long time, surprised they properly announced it this time

  • Noxious81
    1007 posts

    Yep, it's at least something official. So it has become really likely that Heartland will actually launch. And maybe even somewhen in the near future.

    Alas, since I am not too interested in the PvEvP experience (especially not in the way TD2 incorporated it) I am still not too excited about this game. Although they again mention a pure PvE mode... but it still sounds to me like a rather one-dimensional intro mission for preparing players and their characters for the real (!) Heartland experience – the PvEvP Storm mode.

  • xcel30
    835 posts

    @noxious81 It's honestly more akin to a PVP tag really, should be same map but storm protocol is always raining for low visibility, PVP enabled and harder and unique enemies more akin to old survival. Regular expedition game should just remove the stuff mentioned previously (not sure about the weather).

    The biggest change really is how it's closer to a ghost recon game in terms of gameplay and less RPG stuff

  • piksel8x8
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    This post is deleted!
  • hralex1951
    183 posts

    From an updated preview, it said that players in Excursion would have access to the entire map which is said to be large to farm and loot for guns and gear to use in Storm. How many missions is to be seen but probably not many and no campaign, but, I would be interested in running an open world looter tango hunt. No word on the difficulty levels if any and if loot increases with same. Without increasing difficulty levels, there would be no long term playability. I don't remember anything about coop in Excursion but increasing levels of challenge are needed. Otherwise, it is something to play for a while and uninstall.

  • chacachaca88
    49 posts

    @xcel30 and the page is down. perhaps a glitch in the matrix? Sites-uk_ubisoft-Site

  • xcel30
    835 posts

    @chacachaca88 They probably just uploaded too soon and forgot to make it hidden from users

  • SuspiciousPixel
    321 posts

    We still have the images and info from the page so it doesn't matter.

  • Oatiecrumble
    638 posts

    In all honesty i don't think it's my cup of tea but what the hell....It's FREE so no loss if good or bad.

    I'm more busy playing The Witcher 3 on new game plus mode.......it's a fix for now for my loot addiction.

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    Some more news via Tom Henderson

    Link: (https://tryhardguides.com/the-division-heartland-to-feature-four-game-modes-crossplay-and-more/)

    Here’s a brief overview of all four modes coming to The Division Heartland.


    Excursion, which was previously leaked as Expedition is a PvE mode that is aimed to get you prepared for Storm. In this mode players need to scavenge, loot, explore, and survive against enemy AI with the objective of extracting from the map via helicopter. Several people had implied that Excursion is essentially the tutorial mode of Storm, where players can get familiar with the map and modes concept before going against other players.


    Storm seems to be Heartland’s flagship gamemode that is PvPvE. Just like with Excursion, players need to scavenge, loot, explore, and survive. But of course, unlike Excursion, players need to fight against other players as well as AI. Unlike the majority of Battle Royale and extraction-based games, Storm is a little different in the sense that the gas expands from random points in the map, making each game different and challenging.


    Nightfall is the third Heartland mode that is an objective-based PvE mode. Just like with Storm, players need to loot up, survive, and extract to your Base of Operations (BOO). Nightfall is a little different though with added layers to increase the difficulty of the mode have been added. The mode requires players to complete objectives throughout the playthrough; some of these objectives include deploying beacons, tracking down targets, and collecting agent data. 
    Unlike Storm, players cannot extract with a helicopter and instead need to extract via an extraction point on foot at the edge of the map. The catch? Players cannot extract from Silver Creek at nightfall and need to survive the night against AI enemies called “Vultures” once the sun goes down.


    Not much is currently known about Hunt, but sources have suggested that this mode is more PvP-based. Presumably, players will need to kill one another without having to deal with AI. 

    In addition to these new modes, sources have confirmed several other key details, including that The Division Heartland will feature crossplay and it’s currently in active testing. In addition, the game has had a huge overhaul to the likes of its inventory and gear system, which has made the system more familiar to The Division players.

    Sources have provided under the request of anonymity footage and images of The Division Heartland and from my own impressions, it does appear that the game is near completion. Ubisoft has already pushed back Heartland’s release several times, but it’s expected that the game will release by the end of the year.

    We should be hearing of the game soon, possibly during a Ubisoft showcase which is expected in the coming months, or it could be shown at this year’s Xbox “E3” presentation. 

  • Traumahawk
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    @doctormcnutty I did not know about preselected classes and that is enough for me to not even try the game out. I do not like Siege, at all. Guess I am sticking with Division 2 until Division 3.

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