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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] During "Cocodrilo" Special Operation, the progress bar can become stuck during "Secure the Lighthouse" | POST HERE

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    When playing Special Operation Cocodrilo on Mastery 3 level enemies stop respawning in 77% impossible to complete, force death, restart, quit, reboot PS5 nothing helps.

  • Izi_
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    It's known bug. Been quite a few reports and developers even looked at this bug but can't reproduce it. I don't know how because for me and my friends this bug chance is 100%, happen all the time. Cocodrilo at mastery 3 on most PC is impossible to finish. Enemies respawn every time stops at 77%.

    This is not the only bug with Cocodrilo. Most of the players on PC never get cloth reward from it. I believe it should be Decontaminate gloves or something.

    I must add that all other Special operations works OK on all difficulties. Only Cocodrilo is full of bugs.

  • phloth
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    I have never posted in a forum before but I really enjoy playing this game and can't find a solution to this issue anywhere online. I apologise for any lack of etiquette.

    I keep having to quit Spec Ops cause it won't load enemies past 77% it's really annoying. Might just be Mastery 2 and 3. I'm going to try normal now and see if it works.

    I don't know what to do. I have verified all my files I have tried running all over the map. Letting the last few enemies live for longer when I get closer to 77%. And I made sure to kill all enemies before entering the endgame area.
    It's happened in co op for me as well and I think it might have happened closer to 84% a couple of times as well but then just said the mission was completed without loading the last enemies. I can't find anything on this anywhere. I don't want to reinstall but I guess I am going to have to try that. Unless you guys are aware of this and a quick fix is available.

    I have a link to highlights of my stream of this happening. Sorry if i'm saying anything negative. Was just frustrated at the wasted time. I truly love the game and can't wait for the bugs to be fixed and really wish there was going to be a multiplayer like farcry 5.

    Update: It worked on Standard difficulty.

  • Neuron.
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    Now having the same bug on the new Special Op, "Los Tres Santos". On Mastery 3, enemies stop spawning during the final part of the mission when the counter is at 83%, preventing completion of the mission. And again as before, intentionally dying to reset that section of the mission doesn't fix it.

    How does this sort of thing get past playtesting?

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    Now having the same bug on the new Special Op, "Los Tres Santos". On Mastery 3, enemies stop spawning during the final part of the mission when the counter is at 83%, preventing completion of the mission. And again as before, intentionally dying to reset that section of the mission doesn't fix it.

    How does this sort of thing get past playtesting?

    I have the exact same problem. I'm on Series X

  • l-renouncer-l
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    @phloth I'm having the same issue on PS4

  • l-renouncer-l
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    I have found that the Special Ops mission(s) will sometimes stop spawning enemies. I have encountered this on 2 maps so far:
    1 Cocodrilo - stopped at 77%
    2 Los Tres Santos - stopped at 96%

    With Cocodrilo, I have found no solution and it's preventing me from obtaining the recently added trophies.
    With Los Tres Santos, it happened on 2 different occasions. the first instance required me to suicide out and try again. The 2nd time I was able to find a lone soldier stuck behind a vehicle at a far-off and distant spawn point. I had to use long-range explosives to reach him.

    I understand this has been posted in the PC forums, but I wanted to make it known that it exists on PS4 too. If this post is too redundant, then feel free to delete it.


  • thesuicidefox
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    Xbox Series X. Last night I was playing Cocodrilo solo on master 3 and during the end fight at the lighthouse, TWICE the game soft locked and enemies stopped spawning. First time I was around 70% complete then I jumped off the cliff to die, did it again and it stopped at 90%.

    Additionally, after the most recent update I had completed Cocodrilo on master 3 prior to this but was never awarded the achievement (which is why I'm still trying to do it).

  • l-renouncer-l
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    I managed to complete Cocodrilo Mastery 3 and get past 77%. Not sure if it was just a fluke or not, but what I did differently this time around was kill every soldier and "the horses they rode in on" as I could.
    Maybe it helped, maybe not.

  • Izi_
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    @l-renouncer-l OMG, That's it. You found what's causing Cocodrilo bug 👍
    [censored] horses. Which idiot developer include the horses into counter? 😠
    That's why I was never able to finish Cocodrilo. All Horses gallops far away as soon they are free and you are [censored]. If you want to finish it you must kill horse first than solder or horse will run away. And you must be super quick at killing. If you're too slow soldier will dismount, horse will run away and all it's lost.

    It's still a bug and need to be repaired. I'm sure running away horses are not meant to be part of the counter.

  • Kormac67
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    @izi_ I have finished cocodrillo last week without killing any horse.

  • haloraiderr
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    @l-renouncer-l this workaround helped me complete cocodrilo. many thanks, my dude. i know i didn't kill every horse; a few got away, but i was able to make it past and finish it on the very first try at this method.

    Kormac67 you may not have killed any horses yourself, but that doesn't mean a few didn't die in the constant crossfire, explosions, fire grenades, and/or falling helicopters that are in M3 level.

    if it helps people then that's a good thing i would say.

  • l-renouncer-l
    66 posts

    I really don't know if the horses are directly related, but they may be linked into the issue by some 'six degrees of code separation' kind of thing,
    I thought of many possible causes while I played. Including things like bad enemy spawn(s), enemies falling off (there is a cliff near-by a spawn-point) or 'in' the map (I've seen enemy soldiers spawn inside boxes in the map environment), player positioning in the map during wave initiation, and even considered that it may be caused by using Oluso who has the Rage of Ida ability which causes nearby enemies to flee after he performs a takedown. Well, if they flee beyond the combat zone.....

    But the thing about a 'bug' is that it exists for some players, but not for others. 80% of the bugs on this forum I have not experienced.
    I just report and let the developers do their magic. They're smarter than me on this, anyway.

    glad to hear it helped.

  • phloth
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    @l-renouncer-l Thank goodness...

    I mean I'm thankful I'm not alone in this issue. Not thankful you're experiencing the problem too. That is unfortunate. I thought maybe I did something wrong or have a corrupted file and can't find anything on this issue anywhere.

    I want to finish on higher levels but don't want to waste the time anymore. Hopefully they can figure out the cause and a fix.

  • l-renouncer-l
    66 posts

    You can try this. Not sure it will help or not, but it's worth a shot.


    edit: Link is dead. Try the workaround I mentioned above.

  • Lightning_TBG
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    Can confirm in my case that killing the horses worked for me on Mastery 3. I kept getting stuck on 77% during secure the lighthouse objective. When I finally switched to killing horses I was able to complete it.
    Edit: Just in case anyone was wondering or if this is relevant in any way the platform I was playing this on was PS5

  • phloth
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    @ubi-thrupney i can't access the post for cocodrilo ah nor this thread initially but now i'm in the thread and will try killing the horse as well. I believe they do show up as enemies in the campaign mode even after you kill the soldiers on top. good idea.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2660 posts

    Hey everyone - thanks for the continued discussion about this, and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    I've relayed the information to our teams internally that killing the horses might be making a difference here, so we'll certainly be able to look into that. Thanks once again for highlighting this to us, @l-renouncer-l , and everyone else for your further insights.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2703 posts

    Hey everyone,

    A fix has been pushed to resolve this issue. Please let us know if you are still seeing it so we can get back to the dev team on this if so.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there,

    As we have had no updates of this issue persisting in-game following the release of the fix in March 2022, we will now be marking this thread as "Resolved" and locking the thread.

    If you are still having trouble with your progress bar updating during the Cocodrilo, then please don't hesitate to create a new thread so we can investigate this further. When creating a new thread, please include a video which shows that the progress bar isn't updating as expected during the Cocodrilo Special Operation.

    I'd recommend uploading any videos to a sharing platform, such as YouTube or Google Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within your newly created thread.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response

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