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  • Hugo-FOU
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    Regarding mission variety, I agree there are only so many types of mission that make sense.
    I think one way variety could be obtained, is by creating combos, or choices.

    Think of all the objectives you can have. On some missions several objectives could be added together, then for other missions you can have similar objectives, but require them to be completed in a particular order. Combine that with mission parameters and whilst you may limit choice on certain missions, it would create variety.

    Kill them, sabotage this, steal that, rescue them.

    Destroy that, steal this, don’t get seen and make it look like X did it.

    You can also use choice to create some variety.

    On person based objectives you can choose capture, or kill, or implicate, or attempt to turn. You could have a mission where a particular enemy has suspicions about the identity of an asset. You could have the choice to pull the asset out, or attempt to establish their credibility, or discredit the enemy.

    On vehicle based missions you could steal or destroy.

    I think it’s important to be careful what you wish for. If we all start yelling for more mission variety, there’s a chance Ubi give it to us. Perhaps we end up with more treasure hunts, or more helping fishermen find lures, or any of the other weird and not even slightly wonderful ideas that ended up being part of BP.

  • Virtual-Chris
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    One of the problems with Breakpoint is the lack of interesting locations for missions. Every Skell facility feels the same. The most unique locations are the Cold War era sites and a few interesting locations on Golem but those had no missions attached to them really. Liberty City is a big missed opportunity but also has that boring Skell utopian feel.

    Why is there not a single ship or ship boarding related mission? What about that train - how about a mission to derail that thing? Urban combat? Clearing a residential building without civilian casualties?

    So many possibilities.

  • Steven527
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    @hugo-fou some of the missions in OM are actually fairly unique for BP with the introduction of trip lasers and mines. This in turn caused me to get a little creative and do some things I hadn't considered previously. In the Lake country mission, I think called digging for secrets, I opted for a full on helo assault shooting up the generator and reinforcements, then swooping in to support the outcasts before landing on the objective to hack the terminal at two lakes. I then strafed the Security operations building to clear the snipers and auto cannons, then landed on the roof to take out the defenders. It was pretty fun and one of the few times I've done anything like it.

    If I was to ask one thing of Ubi in missions it would be to make better use of liberty city.

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    @latenitedelight thats how I see it too. It's unrealistic to expect the out of box GR game to be as far towards the mil-sim end of the spectrum as most of the forum would like.

    I'm OK with that as long as the experience I am after can exist within the available settings.

  • LateNiteDelight
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    @ai-bluefox yeah, for me, Breakpoint will hopefully be remembered for introducing The Ghost Experience. Everything else was meh, but I really, really hope they expand the Ghost Experience over time to allow even more customization so they can please a wider spectrum of players.

    Really wish people would give them more props for what they were able to accomplish with it - it's decidedly not easy in a game that has drop in/out Co-op. Hopefully the next step is to let us determine enemy range/detection/lethality/armor separately, then maybe next game with a weight/carry system and a "detailed Gunsmith" option.

  • ArgimonEd
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    @latenitedelight Yeah, me too.
    I also wish players would stop being so reluctant against MTX, what is the difference in paying 30 dollars for one DLC where you get maybe 1 new vest.
    For paying 10 and getting all the vests you want and many other things?
    If our group bought the mtx more, you bet they would make more items to suit our tastes, both for the mtx and to add with free updates.
    But since we don't, they will make more things that please the players that do buy, and everything else will be made with less effort, because those players don't care

  • ArgimonEd
    176 posts

    @virtual-chris Yes Chris.
    That is why I was suggesting in a thread of mine, that if they'd decided to make an Y3 paid DLC.
    That not only they'd open Moa and the other apparent 2 islands, but started adding small towns and villages around the east coast of the main map, but Nothing futuristic or the abandoned structures, but the regular towns and houses that should have been here for the people living here since before skell.
    Regular buildings like the ones in WL
    Small markets, clinics, houses, schools.
    Would would make the game so much more immersive and there is so many suitable places for them in most provinces bellow fen bog

  • Hdwc_
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    @darksavior1977 Armored enemy types, tanks and such unrealistic stuff is for me utter trash, I am sorry. No offense to you or designer or design lead or anyone. It's just wrong. I don't want "Seinto Seya" stuff in GR.
    Do I need to add anything else? No seinto seya.

    Keep it ***** simple: Spetznats (no adaptive camo joke) and the Troopers, lots of troopers.
    Spetznats can operate in 4 so to create a sense of cold up our spine, like they were mirroring us, as a tennis game is after all (a battle against yourself, trying to anticipate your shot before you even take it... that's what tennis is and what 5ft SFG vs Spetznats is too - despite I am aware that the game doesn't want to make any reference and will never do to real Russian: however I do not doubt they [censored] out of the border of ny patience by designing enemy like Seinto Seya jokes.
    They could have added surely a anti tank one, ... but I mean... simply troopers that use pick ups and especially those russian type trucks and amphibious ones that are a classic when you think to "soviet block"... (stuff that I mean nowadays is not there anymore)...

    Because, let's talk for real: if Tom Clancy was here he would have revised completely the concept, nowadays there is not at all this Cold war or post cold war status, and if the game designers make the introduction of Bodark and in GR of futuristic stuff collide with old tradition of 2 blocks, they self contradict themselves. There are not 2 blocks... anymore.. however bringing tanky enemies with masks so designers can be cut down and not having faces..

    Who the hell goes to war with masks? It's just ridiculous. For me this path they have taken may be good but it's just ridicolous to see people with masks... or Star Wars like. I am free to not play it but also free to mention that that is clearly the wrong path for a GR or immersive game.
    I want to look in the eyes my hunt\prey, I want to look in the eyes the threat, I want to see that they are like me, and that killing is not something priceless.

    If you see the work Bend Studio (which I am not a supporter of at all) made for faces.. you get goose bumps.

    When you kill an enemy... you can see the face of the enemy like their soul left them.
    You know what? I am gonna upload a few just to support this thing that having not only tanky "Seinto Seya" enemies is so immersion killing but also being Waterboarded with these masked enemies is just hard to accept.

    Yes, The first two are "props" (but I gotta say that sometimes spoiler) but the last women one is an example of the spoiler ambusher I had to kill during the story, and any angle you look at them when dead, you see it's "real". It gets that "just dead" face... it's crazy, they talk to you with that dead face... . And GRB decides to instead mask most of the enemies... I can't really hate this more maybe not as much as tanky and bullet sponginess grind (that is supported from this skin design... for what? Kicking realism based players away from the franchise?)

    Sure that costs a lot of mocap and weights on the game... but what the hell, it's worth it. Also having maybe some point enemy getting to Cas evac and body bags enemies, that would be good too... Or in case of SBCartel just get in there and burn them with fuel ... because SBC is reckless and doesn't care. But seeing this type of stuff, like carring the bodies into a pick up to recover their team mates after some time (like irl 30 minutes) would have been something that would have given life to GRB game too.

    Please stop pushing this Gods and Monsters and get the designers this game needs outsourced or in (your company) studios to work with GR tradition and realism in mind. It's not me saying it, it's the world.

    So this instead is a downed NPC (yes she was animated, it's "not a level design prop")... I then went close to solo RP a bit, as I like to do in games...

  • Hugo-FOU
    174 posts

    @virtual-chris Again, I agree completely. The Cold War sites are done really well. I love the missions based there. It’s a shames they didn’t add in some destruction to the Skell sites as part of the update.

  • Hugo-FOU
    174 posts

    @steven527 Liberty city could’ve been left until just before we headed to Golem island. I think it should’ve been a large scale assault with the rebels, to take back the capital.

  • Profit62
    10 posts

    @fcac-no-moe the people on their 4th playthrough are rushing through on easy mode Rambo style, doing that is boring when playing a tactical shooter, as for the guys that play tactically the support and changes to come are more than welcome....the best thing they could do is allow modding...

  • P4rk3R_817
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    Well now we’ve got the guy who was at the helm of Battlefield 2042 climbing aboard ubisoft so…

    what does this mean for the execution of a future vision in the genre I wonder.

  • Megalodon-26
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    @p4rk3r_817 That would all depend on where in Ubisoft he's going. He might not even be involved with Ghost Recon.

  • Hdwc_
    204 posts

    @profit62 Just word parameters would fit: even without playing I can see stuff that would just pull me inside a TD2 experience, not a Bodark vs ODA-"in pieces" one.
    If they allow World parameter specific_ choice of enemy types:
    Make the Bodark presence made of:

    • seekers (choose if with adaptive camo or not)
    • Troopers (with different weapons or just rifles)

    Eliminate absolutely the helmet popping mechanic...

    That would make the experience really true realism based and not Seinto Seya (https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/saintseiya/images/7/7f/Gold_Saint_and_Athena.png/revision/latest?cb=20150413225004). (surely one of my fav cartoons when young, but once I met military simulation games... I learned the two things should stay separated.
    This constant mixture of values, trends, and especially cross genre is the worst idea ever had in games... RTS games becoming too RPGish, instead of micromanagement based ... Milsim becoming barbie show, and "rewards based"... it's purely wrong. (wrong like : "make a software for all", instead of making a game, aka making a game for a target)

    The policy is ligthen the investment(s as the situation nowadays with the costs and risks is very complicated) to have Avatar and the rest shine. I don't think they will keep on this road. They might sell TC. or I believe what they will do is just like Microsoft: as Ubisoft is a power house now, they will offer the "licence" to a studio just like Relic did for Microsoft and ask them to make the game.

    What best could happen is Ubisoft offering Bohemia interactive ex devs or especially Ground branch (who are Ubisoft ex employees in part) to make next GR title. just like Relic did for Age of empires IV, but I think this thing could go a bit wrong, they need to choose wisely and recalibrate their own values as the commissioner of such thing (ubisoft) might put on the wrong rails the whole project: make me profit like hell, not, make fans happy with realism based simulation and in realistic geopolitical context and so on...

    So we might see more Seinto Seya, which very strangely y'all seem to like. I can't understand how you can like that. Or helmets popping.. but ok. Maybe because you are playing with the game mod or something.

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