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  • Virtual-Chris
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    Over the last several months (prior to Motherland) I was playing the Division 2. That is made by Massive Studios and they know what they are doing with game design. Of course, we don’t want GR to be like the Division, but there are several things the greater Ubisoft org could learn from Massive…

    First, end game content. Breakpoint stuck it’s toe in the water with daily faction missions, a rewards track and live events but failed on all fronts by not doing a proper job and abandoning it shortly after launch. Perhaps poor initial sales killed investment motivation though.

    Next, scaling difficulty. Massive understands how to get new players hooked and keep veteran gamers engaged. There’s a massive difference in difficulty between the intro and hardest levels. And increasing enemy numbers is a big part of it rather than just scaling sponge (although that’s also a part of the Division DNA). Enemy AI archetypes, tactics and faction diversity is also another important aspect here which is another strength in the Division.

    Lastly, More challenging missions. The mission length and challenge level increases dramatically with content introduced post-launch as DLCs. Which makes sense since by the time players get to that content, they’re ready for an increased challenge. Combined with higher difficulties, these new missions can be exceptionally challenging and rewarding.

    Breakpoint fails on all of these fronts. It has no end game content or rewards. It’s hardest difficulty is weak and hardly differentiated from arcade difficulty. There’s no increase in enemy numbers at all. And the missions just introduced are actually ridiculously simple and easy, made occasionally difficult only through gimmicks like timers.

    Ubisoft has great game designers, they just need to share the knowledge of great game design (without trying to make every game the same mechanically).

  • Church367A
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    @virtual-chris Massive, for the most part, know their audience and cater to their audience fairly well. Division 2 hasn't been without growing pains seeing as early on the perks for gear were being reworked every couple of weeks it felt like and at one point they were even selling the game for around 2$, but I can't say that they ever tried to really do anything other than provide a Division style of game experience.

    With Ghost Recon it seems like it has been the persistent Guinea pig to attempt to reinvent in order to capture the latest trend in gaming along with that particular fanbase, while its original fanbase that sticks around gets a few scraps thrown its way from time to time. At no point during Breakpoint's entire existence have I ever felt like I was the primary audience Ubi-paris were trying to cater towards. I've played Ghost Recon from the original on xbox up through GRAW 2 with a couple games on the ps2 as well. Skipped Future Soldier, and jumped back in with Wildlands. My group of friends who have all played through at least Ghost Recon 2(Not to be confused with GRAW2) up to the present games have also never really had any desire to play much of Breakpoint either.

    I realize that games evolve, but to evolve and alienate the core fanbase is not the way to move forward. Communication is key, but everything that needs to be said has been said at least three times over in the forums from just Wildlands up to now. If Ubi does not understand what has been posted or why, the only way to change that is if they choose to start engaging the fanbase in open communication. To me, it just comes down to whether or not Ubi actually wants to make a game for its core fanbase or continue alienating fans while chasing trends.

  • Virtual-Chris
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    Good points. Even though Wildlands is arguably the best game of the modern franchise, it also suffered from bizarre experiments and strange decisions. From Narco Road, to Predator, to a mercenaries battle royals, to an exoskeleton suit (as a reward for the toughest game mode). There’s nothing that really ties any of this together. Breakpoint is full of equally strange experiments predominated by a clear attempt to turn the game into a looter shooter at launch. It’s almost like the Paris Studio has no direction, vision, or leadership… or is just bored and implements whatever it wants on a whim. It is all very strange. Most other Ubisoft franchises have at least stick to their DNA, although even AC has gone off the rails in recent years.

  • Flanker1Six
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    @Virtual-Chris Oooorrrrrrr.........................Ubi could stick to the game world design, game play, and let Naughty dog write their stories. Or after the Cyberpunk debacle...........................maybe some of the mission writers from The Wild Hunt are available? 😉

  • Red2smok
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    2 yrs of flattering comments
    We get conquest mode, how game should of released

    Now finally we have game play mods, that have been requested since forever

    lets not forget it’s ubi
    You are test subjects, unpaid testers

    Doubtful it ever makes into console update

    More likely testing concept for next iteration, which would still indicate ubi can not commit to genre

    Please prove me wrong ubi
    release for console, first quarter 22

  • vahndaar
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    @Flanker1Six I am completely with you on this. For me gameplay is king above all else.

  • Hugo-FOU
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    @vahndaar In the immersive settings, where you set the enemy level. At present it’s just 4 levels, (like most things). I think it mostly alters detection speed and enemy damage output.

    I was thinking that obviously they need to find a way to include your mod and there could be scope with many of the existing settings to expand them in a simple way.

    Instead of naming them, just give the numbers, or maybe give each name four levels of its own.

    Just trying to think of ways to get what we want.

  • Virtual-Chris
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    They could just define enemy difficulty as three different settings… you can set them in aggregate or separately…

    • Enemy Damage - Low, Normal, Advanced, Extreme
    • Enemy Reaction - Low, Normal, Advanced, Extreme
    • Enemy Visual Detection - Normal, Extreme (extreme = mod)

    Then there’s the other settings:

    • Ammo Capacity - Normal, Realistic (=mod)
    • Health Regen Delay - Normal, Slow (=mod)
    • Health Regen Speed - add “slow” to the existing choices.
    • Player Damage - Normal, 1.5x, 2x (=mod) (I prefer 1.5x personally)
    • Explosive Damage - Normal, 1.5x, 2x
    • Weapon Sound Signature - Normal, Extreme (=mod)
    • Suppressor Damage Penalty - Normal, None
    • AI Team Mates grenades - Enabled, Disabled

    Per the last options, they could also do things the mod can’t do (yet) like eliminate the suppressor damage penalty and give us an option for team grenade usage.

    It should take a team an afternoon to implement this mod. It’s all there. No new UI widgets required.

  • cardij
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    This is a great suggestion. It would be great to see an update that adds these options.

  • Hugo-FOU
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    @virtual-chris Definitely. Having seen how popular the mod is, this should be the minimum. Just adding that could transform the game.

    Actual sliders, or some other way to adjust the values in a detailed way would be the gold standard and in between, still have fixed settings with attached values, just a far broader range.

    I would also add to your list all the teammate abilities.

    Fixit Drone on/off
    Fury Scan on/off
    Vasily Piercing shot on/off

    I’ve no experience in modding or the work it would take to implement these changes on each platform, so I’ll happily take your word for it, but if you’re right, then I guess the real question is, how much does one afternoons work equate to in bureaucracy? I’d guess several months! 😜

  • Flanker1Six
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    @hugo-fou Good suggestion of the Fury scan, Hugo! 👍

  • Hdwc_
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    @vahndaar Thank you for writing this, and I thank myself for finding it, because sometime posts can be lost in a topic.
    Not all western studios but yes there is a huge tendency (and count anyway behind there are big companies\investors, Vivendi, Tencent, and more... groups that often have nothing to do with art, just extreme capitalism finance, what has brought us to this brink of extinction that will fall on us in next decades, unless all get a shot on the next virus every month.. but people do not read nor have critical skills, and can't understand often, but will later).

    There are amazing studios in central \ eastern EU fortunately. No need to mention them, which are since Operation Flash point always a good place to look at.
    Anyway... good games are really a few. maybe 1 or 2 or 3 good games come out every year. The rest is just FOMO\hype...

    What I want to say as this is in this Mod topic and is definitely relevant to say even if I wrote it often:
    putting masks on enemies is the wrong thing to do in a warfare game, it's glorification of death, you don't see u have killed a human.
    You are cherished with ligthness and non-thought. It's like creating a manipulative game (and probably Ubisoft has money from some military fund to do this) To instill in people the idea warfare is cool and killign is cool.
    Even the knife animation thing and stuff, is extremely violent and I don't understand why Ubisoft went that way while all the rest has not been taken care of.

    Unfortunately these clandestine operations with videogames exist despite many would think this is just a conspiracy theory.

    I mean COD entire saga is like this. It's about depicting good and bad... ahaha don't let me even start. I am not saying I won't play it (I won't play for sure Yakuza and Mafia which are maybe good games especially the former franchise, but to me it's an horror to be using those things for a game... sorry if it sounds too "puritan" or orthodox...)

    Going back to the game, using masks and not put faces on all enemies is the worst thing to do. I got hard times to accept that.
    I am so glad I am not alone seeing how down we got.

    I will still look for those realism based simulation in the shooter games and especially to complete GRW campaign together in 2022 and to immerse in other games in a hardcore way with house rules or else...
    However it is becoming hard and rare to find people like this or like you guys, people with passion and respect, it's super rare, and game communities need these people.

    Let's stay strong together as many of you, us, we are doing. And let's try to spread the knowledge around as we can grow all together purpose.

    @Red2smok Consider that in 2024-2025 a new GR should come out. \ with this mod and playing as after crash stranded members that do some player made missions and then join the resistance and fall into episode 3 and then move to a more realistically redefined \ reskinned Conquest mode, I think people can be busy until 2025... also considering other games are out there and in development...

    What I am gonna do when I am back is focus to completing GRW campaign ghost mode and also have a universe connection with GRB as a contemporary thing, dropping to play it just sometimes depending on availability of team mates...
    I explain it here well in brief (second half of the intro: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/it-IT/task-force/profile/pc/330492/no-HUD-team: (https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/it-IT/task-force/profile/pc/330492/no-HUD-team) )

    They must introduce also in Conquest mode

    • No tank looking trash please
    • No Adaptive camo stuff
    • Choose what enemies types u want
    • make the trooper multi purpose if one wants to play only vs anti tank,MGunner, and simple soldier enemies
    • make the seeker operate in 4 so they feel like "us against us"... (seekers are the spetznats)
    • Remove from all enemies the masks loading new realistic skins (faces for all)
    • Remove the capes from enemies, I feel like in a ET game looking at them... They look the escaped from a mega chess game real size simulation (Wolves are all bishops)

    I would like to have realism based effects in game: one shot and down, .. especially a good hit box system.
    If shot to the leg it goes down and there is a quick loss of blood... (at least have that on enemies), just like ground branch that they move on ground, not die immediately...

    So we can start playing with additional shots on downed enemies to finish them... stuff like this can become extremely immersive.

    @Flanker1Six I fear that all the Karolyna Stachyra are busy now... with the few games that will come out in this "winter of the markets"... The problem is that this bad situation will last the more USA and China fight.
    China is starting to leverage over its 97% of control over all the mineral mining sites of the world, while the world population suffers and will suffer of the effects of pollution\climate change...
    Sorry if I play with words but here you got a very quick injection of "realism mode", and now we all vaccinated on the topic. (Check source: Sophia Kalantzakos) Sorry for the digression.

  • AgentMikel
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    Is there a no belt mod!? 🤔

    Edit: I would really give that person a No-Belt Prize! 😀

  • Hugo-FOU
    174 posts
    @agentmikel Is there a no belt mod!? 🤔

    Edit: I would really give that person a No-Belt Prize!

    No-Belt Prize!

    😂🤣😜 Brilliant!

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    Yeah that made me laugh. Are there any scenarios currently where the belt doesn't show up?

  • CrazySunDog
    6 posts

    Is there a mod that lets me play offline?
    Would love to try this mod but can't keep a constant connection to Ubi Servers.

    (I can't keep constant connection to the forums it seems even tho wifi is fine!)

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1130 posts
    Is there a no belt mod!? 🤔

    Edit: I would really give that person a No-Belt Prize! 😀

    C'mon UBI, give this man a prize... Bravo to you Sir! 🤠 😆

    Oh and @CrazySunDog You are not the only one, the constant connection issues with the forum did a number on my powerline devices so I have had to resort going back to Wi-Fi and it also does a number on my network but it is easier to fix than resetting the powerline devices

  • Hugo-FOU
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    @vahndaar I don’t think so. Last one was the Scott Mitchell shirt which they inexplicably patched.

  • LateNiteDelight
    992 posts

    @hugo-fou Future Soldier Costume lacks our belt, looks to have a slimmer, of kilter one?

    I really wish equipping a vest that can hold a sidearm would drop the belt/holster.. well, I just wish I could drop the belt mostly..

  • Flanker1Six
    228 posts

    In the natural progression of widely and passionately requested cosmetic changes (based on previous fixes to such requests)------------------they'll fix THE BELT in the next update by making Nomad naked and wearing nothing but THE BELT. 🙄 🤣

    Be careful what you ask for. 😉

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