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    On the subject of the studio and their position on the mod... I suspect they view the overall game as a creative work, much like a director or producer would view a movie they had made. They did things a certain way because that fit their creative vision. Aspects of this mod may deviate from their vision for how they feel the game should be played... and that's fair. However, we know that the studio didn't even agree with the vision for how the game was to be played at launch as they fairly quickly offered a way to play it in immersive mode vs gear score mode. What I would suggest to them is that the game should offer three modes...

    1. Gear Score Mode - The original vision for the game and how it should be played
    2. Immersive Mode - Their next vision for the game with more immersive options
    3. Realism Mode - Expanding on Immersive Mode to offer settings found in the mod, and others we would like to see

    This way, they could say, we feel the game should be played in Mode 1 or 2 as that's how we designed it and if you wan't the "official" studio experience. However, we also offer Mode 3 for folks who want even more realism and less "game" from their Ghost Recon Experience.

    Yeah, exactly this, Chris. They set the game to play across a wide band of preferences. As it all works as one system, they tend to try and stay within a boundary that is not where the realism mod allows players to take things.

    I'd rather they forget about controlling the player experience and just open it all up.

  • MikeWeeks
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    Why is "3. Realism Mode" being tied to Immersive Mode versus a stand alone modification of the basic game world regardless of the other modes?

    Not that Ubisoft is even going to address the subject in the first place, but as a general question given the presentation.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Exactly, at least for me, Immersive Mode is nothing more than removing Gear Score but the inane teammates and enemies are still there.

    If they were to come up (their innovation of course) with a Realism Mode, they should leave it open for each player to decide what changes him/her wants to make to the game.

    Water under the bridge really, as the core of the game is what is rotten so if they give us the options and we end up with what the mod does (example, enemies see you from distance [GOOD] and attack having LoS or not [BAD]). They would need to restructure that and well, I have my reservations that they will do that.

    Now, being said that and knowing that it won't happen, at least for this game, I will settle for the option to change the values like we do now with the mod. Still lowering the bar but it is what it is.

  • Steven527
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    @fcac-no-moe " Immersive Mode is nothing more than removing Gear Score "
    Not entirely accurate. There is more to it than just the removal of gear score, but the rest of your point is on target. We are still stuck in a poorly designed game world with enemies that are really uninspired. Their penchant for stupid enemies continued right into OM with the bizarro helmets that apparently just need a stronger chin strap to make our enemies invulnerable.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Well, sure but I'm trying to be nicer for this new year. 😙 😚

  • DNH_17
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    @virtual-chris and @Steven527
    I like these posts you have published. They introduce a topic I would like to develop internationally.
    Like a place where we share standards so all the players that want to be "labeled" as Red team (and all our community, clans, or friends groups or unofficial crews will have a sort of "red labeled team members") if these respect and know how to play with such standards.

    It would be a cool initiative instead to call all ghosts, and most are not, but just arcade gamers.
    I am looking for tactical players that are interchangable in all time zones and ready to enter a more or in other cases less structured mission.
    So basically we become the game instead the game to be the only opportunity (unfinished and broken), we players become the game, we players are the game because some of us have decided to create a mod and also start to test different things.
    Some of you have also shared ideas and I have found so many posts of interpretations of the game to increase a plausible realistic approach story...

    It would be great just with 2-3-4-5- posts, or videos have standards (SOPs) that this red team (world wide) has and plays along of.
    -Like knowing the Controlled Pair Gaming now so trending basics of Surprise Speed Violence of action and how to use them, (corner fed, center fed, usually entering Left and then second goes right. anyway member with most view commands...)
    -knowing all the jargon or most of it.
    -how to speak milsim (role play) with comms, also maybe using VOIP and the additional discord as the radio (in game audio as voip - this is possible to do with GRW in game audio + additional audio)
    -movements and maneuvers

    Throwing in really easy standards, maybe also a Real deal load out section (just so that players that wanna really do this but have no idea can also learn and get on board as it is full of people that have no idea how real deal set up their equipment or still call it "outfit" I can't bare with that... or would set themselves up like xmas trees..., and just have all these things replicated in every group where members want to play really cinamatic strategical tactical.

    Enhancing then the story or not, or using various shades of immersion, realism simulation would be up to the cooperating players...

    But like this we would have hundreds of people ready to play with each other and exchanging effort and help...
    It' s a bit strange (maybe becuase it seems a big deal), nobody ever tried to put this.

    Like in the forums there was a SOP school, maybe even gamified: a sort of boot camp, ranger school, sf school, that's it, boot camp includes medical training, and ranger school medevac procedures.. instead the SF school will include extras like Tactical driving and aggressive driving stuff etc.

    We master a game and well.. the knowledge transfer starts to pump in and we become a HUGE TRUE FAMILY that can transition between games any time any age...
    We are just Red label, we can lose it, and regain it.

    We have just to respect a standard and just play with it, teach it spread it enjoy it.

    I hope at some point somebody will open a TOPIC or even a forum section: I will do this maybe in GRW or just copy paste this post there...

    Some might call this milsim, role play some may say it's just a game "please!"... I understand not all might understand. I just know this is the way many would enjoy or left the game because simply think the game cannot have this kind of interpretation.

    At this point having modders that serve what we need in the various games, Ubisoft ones or not, is just a given and the second step... just like for Bohemia Interactive since 2001.


    This is exactly what I wrote before some weeks ago (in some thread)... Yes yes yes. This game should absolutely do that. I suggested that to ubisoft as that would be (\have been) the best form to respect all.
    All were so enthusiastic of this "Accessibility trend", and then quickly abandoned it not understanding that it counts for all not just for washing your own image (Ubisoft and other studios I am talking to you) for people that have less than 10 fingers on the hands or are special and just have a vision that make them look at things with other colours etc, but even if this is very clear to me, Ubisoft forgot that the accessibility trend works also for the "old school" player and the ones that love harsh challenging immersion or tons of details from tools for planning and briefing and debriefing or are addicted to simulative mechanics.
    Of course in that case the Accessibility trend is dead and never existed before. Such opportunism!
    But when the vision is to reach break even via DLC, MTX, NFT... what the hell do you think one game is about. You people still playing it should just be blessed as well as the modder|s.
    Do you think NFT wasn't planned (years) before (companies plan years ahead stuff, same is for game projects). Please let's not digress on it.


    Immersive mode is a joke compared to the rest of the game, just like ghost mode in GRW and tier mode (such a useless and EXTREMELY TIME DISRESPECTFUL FOR ALL: why I should grind point killing people IN THE ENTIRE MAP, in order to gain points and have stronger weapons and having anyway NPC that stay bulletsponges unless I develop the MK18 to max level ... and still enemies will be a bit too bullet spongy, why?! The best is MK18 because it reduces the headshots and body shots to the minimal level only if u develop at max the weapon... (but in the mean while one would have already played the entire game and why should I go around the entire map spoiling the game in order to have a strong enough "Tier" of the weapon ... it's just an unrealistic design: just make a connection to rebels shipments or care packages, stuff that was featured in the game actually, but never really written and used in a realistic way... what a poor choice also there in GRW...

    Ciao. ****** SORRY for "off" topic. *****

  • DNH_17
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    This post is deleted!
  • vahndaar
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    Hey folks, hope everyone is good!

    Quick question - haven't had a chance to test but there was server maintenance and a minor update recently. For those using the mod - is everything still working ok? I'll test over the weekend but just wanted to reach out.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    I believed I played a few moments after connect told me it needed to update and all is well.

  • MikeWeeks
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    @vahndaar -- The maintenance update did not appear to have impacted the mod.

    Are you planning on responding to specific detailed questions regarding the mod, either here in the forum or over on Nexus?

  • Rev09
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    I read all that you stated. From what I've experienced, the milsim or tactical minded people seem to be a small group vs. the arcade type players. That is why, if you find a couple people that can move in a squad, use comms, plan and execute missions and have fun doing it, try to keep them as friends. I've gone through a bunch of people. I've seen many different versions of what "Milsim" means to people when they play. Most of the time, it's anything but Milsim.

  • Rev09
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    Secondly, the only way I can see pulling people together that actually Milsim given a standard, is probably a dedicated GRB and Wildlands Milsim Discord. Not everyone would be able to join, as that would disrupt the very intent of finding said people. If people wanted to join and learn, there could be mock missions that could be designed to see how people fit in. If they don't grasp the concept in about a week of playing with a unified squad, well unfortunately they will be removed from the Discord until they are willing to learn. That may seem harsh to some, but that is how you can secure people that can form squads and move together regardless of who joins. Some people will naturally fit in and others will need to learn and work at it.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    I like creating or making a Ruckus as much as the next guy but yes, my main method of infil and exfil is recon the place first, see what the best approach is or could be, depending on the mission go soft until for whatever unexplained reason you have to go loud, then get the hell out of dodge unless, while finishing the mission you were able to get 3 or 4 Chevrons the ruckus has started and the getting is good!

    But again, This is not ALL the time but from time to time. 🤠

  • DNH_17
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    @rev09 Thanks for the posts, good wisdom shared. We should create a Red label school that does this.
    I completely find myself in your words, it's like a narrator was telling what I saw or what I feel, it's good wisdom shared there. Hope it benefits also others.

  • Rev09
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    Hey np. I get where you are coming from for sure.

  • Steven527
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    @vahndaar yep all is good. Just wrapped up for the night.

  • Virtual-Chris
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    Started a new character play through with the Mod last night. The opening sequence at the crash sites is much more interesting, even though I know exactly where all the enemies are by now… the added detection and quicker response really is a game changer.

    I imagine that whole sequence could have been so much more intense the first time around if the game was using modded values.

    The mod makes this game worth replaying.

  • Steven527
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    @virtual-chris and you can do it without the belt!

  • DNH_17
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    @steven527 Ok.. I am #beltless. You are #betlessing.

    The idea of Chris is the SERE experience I told about in a topic (I imagined indeed it's a worthy one, true hardcore, truly meaningful - I am talking, to be clear from the beginning, to be played also in Co-op, simulating the true crash survival, people in map will all join together and then leave 10 to more minutes of delay before starting... and eventually after some hours, aka multiple sessions reunite...). The idea is indeed to play like that in my approach to this game I never installed. Bridging the two Bolivia and Pacific island into one story between which the players can jump in various sessions also to avoid "burn out" from always same-game playing beneficiating of a very well grounded story (all explained in the topics or hypotesized indeed in my posts grabbing at full hands from what others have produced).

    5th SFG or anyway SF group is in Bolivia and under cover, I strongly am against this "tier 1" looking players that dress up like there was a everyday going on DA and no tomorrow... that's not realistic, it's strongly stand-alonish.
    The players would be operating for some months in the ghost mode of GRW, no HUD etc. and around 2nd SBC operation shut down (which should be logically Security and then Smuggling, followed later by Influence and Production... as real deal would operate, following money - Honoring anti mafia magistrates Falcone and Borsellino, nowadays a normal praxis to find out about criminals), moving to the third (influence dismantling) will hear that a SF (5th) or same\fellow group members operation has encountered a crush.

    Soon a window for SERE would open when playing GRB session and then slowly move towards a insurgent forces support and reobtaining of figthing capabilities for them, while Bolivia team are promptly informed and moving in (only in these cases in "tier 1" setups) in the pacific island on Intel obtained from the survived members on the island...Main ops would be still in GRW (the story is simply followed with some of course player created mission, done for (immersive) "reasons"), anyway every now and then, the players would progress (the shortest chronology playthrough of GRB, the best has been suggested in the topic by Chris and others, after SERE there will be stuff like Ultra realistic missions to recover indeed fitghting capability and also crucial to be able to unlock stuff (similar to how in NHT we played some UGC missions to recover weapons in some locations, simulating we came to know a smuggling of weps was happening in SBC camp, exploiting the poor\simple loot mechanic that is unfortunately\fortunately left streamlined and undeveloped in GRW and that is abused instead in GRB with loot boxes left everywhere... but here I would digress, my specialty)

    Of course after the mod has been created I think it would be cool to play GRW in first person anyway.
    Co-op operation including intel gathering each time and discussion and briefing etc would take at least 6months or 1 year with 4 meetings a month to complete GRW.
    While for GRB I don't think more than 6 months in total with the shortest chornology and most realistic approach. Make it 2 years in total of gameplay in co-op which would leave a team of multiple friends bound together and experienced enough to coordinate in other settings.

  • JaRuTo7
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    Me and my friend are still playing this mod! We absolutely love what you have done.
    Here's another ideas for you worth (in our opinion) considering to implement in the future.

    • The farther away is your character the less accuracy enemies have when they start to shoot at you and their accuracy is based on each weapon they carry.
    • Redesign the structure of classes so the player can carry, for example a smoke grenade (previously as a Panther ability but this time it will work only as a gadget instead of special ability for specific class). Class system should be disabled and every ability (as gadgets) should be allowed to equipping by players, (it would be nice to have a limited amount of those gadgets if possible). 
    • But if someone wants to play the old fashion way allow him to do this as well in option of modification.
    • Make it so each vest is more bulletproof, no matter if it's an enemy or a player who's wearing vest. Maybe it's possible to translate the damage of vest from "a heavy", (this guy with heavy minigun) and transfer to enemy and a player's vest respectively? 
    • Depending on how you are dressed (if you have darker colors) you will be less visible at night (there is an Echelon class in the game that the opponents see less than the other classes). Maybe this skill could be transferred to individual colors of uniform?

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