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  • MikeWeeks
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    @kamorgone --

    Have you read thru the readme file that is included when you d/l the mod as well as a few of the beginning pages of this thread? If not, it's worth your time. Plus read the early NEXUS forum posts (Nov/Dec).

    Here's a snap of how to change a record's variable:

    Let's say the .45 ammo is to be changed; once the mod is loaded use up/down arrow keys to get to the record, right click on it. Then click on the blue high-lighted lines (from right to left) as the two additional menus popup on the screen. Once clicked they disappear and the value in the mod turns red. Then using the delete key, replace the default value.

    If more than one record is to be changed again just use the up/down arrow keys to get to a line and it will show up in red; change it. When done with any and all changes, press the ENTER key to close the edit function.

    That's really all there is to it. After a few trials and errors you'll see the sequence.

    Not sure how to save for your own use any changes that you'll always want to play with, but if you have just a few (detection distance for example), it doesn't take long at all when you fire up the game and load the mod.

    Hope this helps.

  • OCRG10
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    Thank you! helped me a lot...

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    I firmly believe that in retaliation of said sad announcement from Ubisoft, you should disolved any friendship you had with BP and gear all your efforts towards making a good Mod for Wildlands... that'll teach them!!! UH Huh!!!

    That is what I firmly believe and I'm sticking with it! 😚

  • Lauer_Gammer
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    @vahndaar and everyone else, I think we need to move discussions about modding into a modding discord server for wildlands and breakpoint, I've contacted the first person mod creator and unfortunately he has given up modding for wildlands, so really vahndaar is the only dedicated modder we have left. Look at the watch dogs and far cry modding communities, they have so many dedicated modders and successful modders all communicating through discords and sharing progress, I think we need to do the same, and make a modding community for WL and BP on discord, so we can coordinate the modding effort for both games, what do you guys think? If successful, I think we can revive both games as ubisoft has long dropped support for WL and now BP

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