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  • TariqZelzal
    6 posts


    Hi, I've uploaded a video below. The stutter occurs every time the autosave icon appears at the top right. This manifests itself as a visual stutter and momentary input lag. You can see a clearly visible spike in the frametime graph at the top left of the screen when this happens too.

    To summarize the video:
    0:03 first autosave stutter - moving through the gameworld
    0:31 second autosave stutter - picking up item
    0:34 third autosave stutter - picking up second item
    0:38 fourth autosave stutter - picking up third item
    1:03 fifth autosave stutter - moving through the gameworld
    1:18 sixth autosave stutter - picking up fourth item
    1:23 interestingly, picking up the granjero hat didn't trigger an autosave and there was no stutter
    2:03 seventh autosave stutter - moving through the game world

    This averages out to 1 autosave stutter for every 17 seconds of gameplay, which is far too much. If the issue cannot be fixed, please ask the developers to give us an option to disable autosave and use a manual save system instead.

    https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnRM_GGQAcDDgZNSytF8QuRuFNk9pw?e=eoQl5G: (https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnRM_GGQAcDDgZNSytF8QuRuFNk9pw?e=eoQl5G)

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @tariqzelzal THIS, thanks. Everything said, everything shown.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff Original poster 6075 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your experiences and reports regarding stuttering / low FPS when the game autosaves.

    @FriteuseBelge - Thanks for providing me with a timestamp! The issue wherein the game will stutter during an autosave after looting an item is due to be fixed in a future update. Once we have more details to share, such as an ETA on when the fix will be deployed, we will let you know within this thread and via patch notes posted within the News & Announcements forum.

    @TariqZelzal - Thanks for taking the time to capture a video for us, and for providing timestamps! These are always very helpful 🙂 The development team are aware of the autosave stutter that occurs whenever items are picked up in-game, and will be deploying a fix for this issue in a future update.

    I can see the stutters you're referring to when the game autosaves as you move through Yara as well. Would you be able to provide us with the following information? We can then include this in your report to the development team:

    • What are your system specs (CPU/GPU)?
    • Are you using the HD texture pack? If so, have you tried disabling this to see if the stuttering improves?
    • Can you please upload your affected save file to the cloud? This support article can show you how to do this.
    • Please can you provide us with an image of your video settings?

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • TariqZelzal
    6 posts



    Windows 10
    Intel 8700k
    Nvidia 2070 Super 8gb
    16gb ram
    nvme m.2 ssd 1tb

    I do not have the HD textures installed.

    I've uploaded the save game to the cloud.

    Pictures of my graphics settings can be found here:
    https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnRM_GGQAcDDgZNYX7SboeLzVrM7pw?e=FYUM4Z: (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnRM_GGQAcDDgZNYX7SboeLzVrM7pw?e=FYUM4Z)

  • dancefreak7
    1 posts

    Also having this stuttering issue.

    Seems to happen regardless of my graphic settings. Have tried many low/high combinations/resolutions and still get stuttering most of the time. Ubisoft Connect and game installed on same drive (Not my O/S Drive)

    GPU - RTX3070
    CPU - Intel 4690k (4.4GHz)
    Nvme SSD
    16gb ddr3 ram @2400 Mhz
    Windows 11
    Latest Nvidia driver installed (497.29)

  • philmyers
    2 posts

    The game stutters for me every time it autosaves. I am currently at about 86% completion and I loaded a save from early in the game at about 8% completion. I noticed there is no stuttering in the game from autosaves after playing for a while.

    I wonder if the Los Bandidos operations could be causing the stuttering? Because at 8% I have not unlocked Los Bandidos. Or maybe the save file increases in size after more of the game is completed, causing the stuttering? Just some food for thought.

    It seems to me that the stuttering relates to game completion percentage. Because it was the only variable changed in my troubleshooting, i.e Ubi Connect overlay, background applications, and game settings all stayed the same.

  • Ryjon.
    13 posts

    This auto-save stutter is still an issue for Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn, and now Far Cry 6 has the stutter. I will be genuinely surprised if this issue is fixed in FC6, considering how long it has been around.

    I recall submitting a ticket for FC5, and the support reply i got was that i should reduce my graphics settings. Which i did, but it did not fix the auto-save stutter. I still can't figure out how my graphics settings would affect the auto-save. There is a mod on a well known modding site that addresses the issue somewhat. But it should not be up to modders and paying customers to fix a full priced AAA game from a supposed AAA publisher.

    I have been through 3 P.C's Since FC5, and all of them have been affected by the auto-save stutter in Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6.

    That's 3 Games on 3 PC's all with the same auto-save stutter issue.

    -i5 7600k, GTX 980, 16gb 2600mhz memory, Samsung sata ssd 500GB
    -i5 8600k, GTX 1080, 16gb 3000mhz memory, Samsung m.2 ssd 500GB
    -i7 10700k, GTX 3080, 32gb 3200mhz memory, Samsung m.2 ssd 500GB

    Surely there has been "more than enough" uploaded videos, game-saves and directx/system info reports by now.

    When i say "more than enough", i mean that this issue has been reported extensively for Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6.
    That is 3 games over a period of 4 Years.

    FC5 and FC New Dawn have been effectively abandoned, they will remain "Unfinished". I feel like i've paid full price for a video game, only to become an unpaid and unwilling beta tester, "again".
    No other retail industry would tolerate this amount of faulty product being sold to the public, EULA not withstanding. And the EULA is not a valid excuse for selling unfinished products to paying customers, even if it says so in the EULA.

    Now i can only speak for myself, but that is not the kind of message i would wish to send to current and potential future customers.

  • Tomas_Jari
    7 posts

    OMG, eveyrone have autosave stutter. Disable this god damn autosave feature. I have M.2 PCI Express 4.0, 12700K@4700MHz and 4000MHz DDR4, 2070super and have Looting autosave stutter. Is it that difficult? omg, amateurs. put those DLCs behind your hat. Just do not buy ubisoft games. Why do you asking for PC specifications? EVERYBODY HAVE IT. it's whole internet about autosave stutter. even on other far cry games.

  • xtracker85
    55 posts

    I really really hope they fix this in the next update because this autosave stutter is the biggest thing that is ruining my experience with the game. I only recently bought this game during Christmas and now I have to set it aside due to how jarring and annoying it is (it becomes really noticeable when spamming pickup on multiple items in the same area. Game starts going crazy with the autosaves and causing fps drops). It's a shame.

  • ronniearnold
    6 posts

    @ryjon This post is perfect and exactly how the community feels.

    FAR CRY DEVS: This autosave/item pick up issue has been a problem for MANY years. What is it going to take to fix it? I can tell you that I've preordered all of your games but this is the last one. The next ones, I'll be waiting to see if you have actually put out a polished game. Look at Doom Eternal for an example.

  • Biffa999
    4 posts

    I bought game at release. It stutter like mad when looting and doing it's crazy autosaving thingy that you can't turn off. Thanks. So i uninstalled. And reading it still doing the same... Let us turn off the darn auto saving!

  • Necronomicon999
    4 posts

    Greetings.. 2022 still not fixed this annonying issue I am a big fan of Far Cry series but GOD like can happend this kind of issues on a triple A game? your guys dont test the game with a lot of different machines , video cards, etc,etc if this happend too on the Far Cry New Dawn, because do not learning the lesson from past mistakes? it's something scary...


  • Necronomicon999
    4 posts


    Greetings..well I have reinstalled the game no stuttering auto-save on "santuario" but when leave the island/prologue stuttering appears again not so strong like before also I have turn-off ubisoft overlay.

    I have to say than this is the best Far Cry since Far Cry 3, would be perfect if it weren't for the auto-save stuttering issue.


  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @necronomicon999 I have to agree, this is the richest Far Cry game since Far Cry 3. But the stuttering, the brainless AI, the way AI respawns everywhere all the time, the auto-save system and the repetitive gameplay across that huge, gorgeous and rich map, are ruining the experience... That said, I'm enjoying the game, I have 45 hours and since the blurry textures are gone, except the stuttering which became "part of the experience", I have a decent experience.

  • philmyers
    2 posts


    Thanks for posting this, I was considering restarting the game and hoping the stuttering would go away. I would have been so frustrated doing that just to have the stuttering persist.

  • FB_Om3gaPrime
    3 posts

    @sparhawk122 i didnt have this bad of an issue with the resources in new dawn or F5. But its really bad in this one to where i quit playing until they have a fix or atleast a workaround.

  • UKstu99
    1 posts

    So im getting an average of 83 FPS until a save happens then I get 4 to 7 FPS. this game is completely unplayable. I should be getting a refund or something. Seems like all the AAA companies are releasing unfinished games these days. Does no one care anymore about the customer?

  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts

    @ukstu99 They don't hire people based on merit anymore. It's all about the diversity checkboxes. And as such you have people doing jobs that are significantly less competent so as the company can maintain a political correct image for the Twitter public.

    You will notice a decrease in quality of new released games. This is why the decrease in quality is happening.

  • RedRalph
    1 posts

    Maybe instead giving us auto save each time doing action (pick up ammo,resources,etc) , please consider to make an interval autosave that we can adjust..
    Maybe every 5 minutes,10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.
    Like autosave from Anno series..

  • TariqZelzal
    6 posts


    This would be a good compromise. The fact that the game autosaves so frequently is the real problem. I wouldn't care much if the autosave caused a stutter every 10 minutes, but several times in one minute is really distracting.

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