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  • DutchLMB4ever
    161 posts

    I wonder if we can upgrade even faster if we would use 6 pieces of 1 gear brand.
    Or if 3 is the max amount.

    Same with 2 Rifles, AR's, Smg's or 3 shotguns...

  • xcel30
    414 posts

    @imagine_brata Here's the problem every other shotgun is a better choice over the double barrel, you are not really proving anything if the double barrel shotgun has no benefits of the others. The point is that while you will get stronger with expertise, all other shotguns will keep being stronger, faster or carrying more ammo than the double barrel shotgun in the same proportion

  • Noxious81
    487 posts
    (...) In essence, we don't need to gain more power. Most of us are comfortably playing legendary and raid content already, so if there's new power to be found, I assume we will get something juicy to use that power for.

    Indeed. An increase in power will only make the game even easier than it already is for players feeling comfortable at higher difficulties.

    I am really concerned how challenging and heroic – and maybe even legendary – content will still remain meaningful and playable for experienced players. Especially when looking at the open world, as there is (currently) no option to set it to a higher difficulty than heroic. If a heroic open world would thanks to Expertise become as lame as a hard open world currently is, then we might just lose the entire OW as a playground. And as replayable content.

    The Specialization Revamp and Expertise could both be really good ways to further progress our agents – just as they have promised. Now I just really can't wait to hear how they are planning to adjust the game's difficulty to even more powerful agents. And how the new game mode will fit in there.

  • Adrian-11
    799 posts


    Most of us got (or will get) to a point where we can do Heroic with ANY weapon, even the sucky ones that we hate. And which ones are "sucky" is quite subjective.

  • As1r0nimo
    162 posts

    @adrian-11 FFS
    Also, with new content being added to the game, the pool of compatible items will increase and therefore, your capacity to develop your Expertise level further! Another good reason to discover and enjoy new equipment introduced with new seasons!

    Read before posting.

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 786 posts

    @as1r0nimo to be fair, I think he's referring to new/extended maps, missions or activities when he says "real new content".

    And yes, it would be nice if people were more precise about what they mean instead of using broad terms like "content". From a dev perspective, "content" is an umbrella term for anything in the game. This includes progression systems, seasons, gear, cosmetics, missions, and activities.

  • Imagine_Brata
    230 posts

    @xcel30 I use double barrel shotgun more and more for the challenge, because it's starting to get too easy with the other shotguns on heroic for me

  • moesuvious
    12 posts

    They can change up anything they wont but changing this type of stuff is kinda lame without actual new content. Its just like them saying, i know you guys are grinded the F out since we havnt released anything in over a year but dont worry, we are working on giving you an option to get even more powerful even though you are breezing through the available content with your current sets. Without new missions or game modes, other than Heartland which is standalone, the changes will mean nothing except further grinding the same crap youve been tired of for a year already. If i never see another CP after the manhunts that would be just fine with me.

  • Kanaima
    13 posts

    Sounds kinda like the mastery system in Warframe except better in my opinion. It's a good foundation for potential new content and suddenly new gear that I'd normally not have had any interest in (most skill gear in my case) becomes relevant to me, with options available to bypass actually using said items if I just really can't stomach using them for whatever reason.

    If the kill XP extends to accolade bonuses then it could also be an incentive to roll HS/handling instead of crit (not that there's anything stopping you from headshotting with a crit build, but still.)

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 786 posts
    Sounds kinda like the mastery system in Warframe except better in my opinion.

    Trick (the designer responsible) confirmed their system was an inspiration on twitter. She also noted that they're adjusting various gear sets

  • hralex1951
    62 posts

    I still don't understand why they can't implement open world legendary. I do not see why any testing and balancing needed because it is already in 3 strongholds. Just replace existing mobs with white tusk. It would still be optional.
    I would have liked to see the exotics damage increased and the original 3 talents restored. They are so underpowered they are not of any use. It would be nice to use an exotic at the highest levels other than a scorpio.
    They could increase the damage of grenades because they are so weak. If they doubled the damage you could kill a red with 2 or 3 on heroic.
    Fixing the armor kit so it works immediately and you do not have to dance the twist is a good idea.
    They could have alternatively simply reduced the cost to optimize and allow multiple categories to be optimized.
    Still, it looks interesting. No new maps and missions so running the same stuff. I mostly play on leg so it would be amazing to have all the missions available as well as cps. Even if it were as hard as you know what.
    And what is this new game mode? Still, glass half full is good. Would have been nice if they fixed the freezing. I would be content if they simply admitted it could not be done and live with it.

  • xcel30
    414 posts


    Ongoing Directive (when grouped)

    Now we are talking, just making it so any kill of a enemy you tagged gets you ammo back would make things miles better

  • TxDieselKid
    205 posts

    The thing about the double barrel is that with only 2 bullets, it's not as strong as the m870. m870 is actually stronger, which makes no sense to me.

  • xcel30
    414 posts

    @txdieselkid It used to be stronger, but in the last shotgun rebalance the others got a damage buff that made them outclass the double barrel and at the same time it got a heavy range nerf, i don't think it will ever be a good weapon again

  • LateNiteDelight
    539 posts

    @xcel30 DZ Meta that Bruce didn't like 🤡

  • TxDieselKid
    205 posts

    @xcel30 Makes sense. I wasn't aware of that.

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