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  • Locked SOLVED [RESOLVED] [16 Nov, 2021] [PC] Crash or cannot start the game since Nov 16 hotfix, and problem persists after Dec 7 update | POST HERE

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    @sw0rdswip3 They could care less if they lose a few hundred customers here and there. Its been four months for me after shelling out $130, I traded in the game tonight. It was a tough lesson to learn but Im never purchasing another product from them again. Only thing you can do is remind potential customers of there poor support when their next release comes up.

  • RaylonnGaming
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    well i deleted the game and am probably boycotting ubisoft for that i aint buying it that they still cant fix it

  • SpreadThemLips
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    @Ubi-Borealis We going to get a response? Been unable to play since November? Imagine spending £50 on a game and not being able to play it... Just want my money back now, its becoming a joke,, you have had way more than enough time to fix these issues and still nothing, no new information no new fixes. Just took out money and run, its a joke. absolutely zero f***s given that a handful of your player base cant play the game.. Ubisoft is a f*****g joke, beyond fed up now Might as well be branded thieves because thats all you are, Take peoples money and just laugh at us. Providing f**k all information a dedicated team is working on it.. maybe you should change the team because looking at this they cant even work Power point, useless.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4087 posts

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the late response.

    @spreadthemlips I'm sorry to hear that the troubleshooting has not resolved the issue. I have created a support case for you so that our Customer Support team can investigate this further. You will receive an email explaining how to access your support case and what additional information we require from you.

    @L3-Nerd I'm pleased to hear that your issue is resolved.

    @Klimpi Can you please confirm when these crashes first began? Have you been experiencing these since the November 16 hotfix, or did they happen before/after?

    @roberto020304 @sw0rdsWip3 @andreww1081 @RaylonnGaming I can understand your frustration at being unable to launch Far Cry 6 due to the crashes that you are experiencing and I can only apologise. So we can look into this further could you please answer the following questions:

    • When did these crashes first begin? Have you been experiencing these since the November 16 hotfix, or did they happen before/after?
    • What happens when your game crashes? Do you receive any error messages or pop-ups? Do you experience a black screen, or does the game just close?
    • Have you been able to try all of the suggested PC troubleshooting steps? In particular, I'd recommend that you verify your game files, as this can help to repair any missing or corrupted files.

    Once you have provided this information we can then create a support case for you so that we can investigate this further.

    Official Response
  • cannock_wolf
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    This post is deleted!
  • RaylonnGaming
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    @ubi-keo already did and one was already opened sent the stuff and it got closed without further information and it still isnt working

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2882 posts

    Hey there @raylonngaming ,

    By this do you mean you've already sent these answers in the past via a case?

    If so, as some time has passed, could you please re-answer them here so we can update the team?

    Much appreciated!

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Gizmo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2225 posts

    Hey everyone, as we have not received any further reports of these crashes persisting in quite a while we will now be locking this thread. If you are still experiencing issues with this, please don't hesitate to create a new thread so we can investigate this further.

    Official Response

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