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  • TheNorfolkian
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    @simplethumb The business model of MMOs definitely does lend itself more to the player/consumer knowingly accepting a subscription service with monthly/yearly payments in addition to shelling out more for additional content installments. While it is nice that you feel you can get something out of those for your money, I never felt inclined to do so, despite being a fan of WarCraft and the Elder Scrolls.

    I fear that as we move forward into the next decade, solo games will completely cease to exist as singular physical commodities. It’s already happening as game streaming services or online gaming platforms start to pick up more and more subscribers. Eventually, game consoles companies will do what Apple already did years ago... ditch the disc drive entirely. Both Microsoft and Sony have been testing the waters to see how well driveless consoles will fare with gamers, and it looks like they will continue to lean in that direction.

  • Kaldire
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    I mean bl3 was poorly optimized
    also had season pass.. then had the BALLS to do what ubi is doing with season pass 2... only ubi is going 40$ on every lame dlc
    ive heard the content in the 40$ dlc is 10hrs of play.. so stay away
    for now..
    once more reviewers knock it down.. which they will.. it has to be half or less that insane price.
    ffs ubi
    and same with destiny 2
    i liked that game and I loathe MP stuff..
    but they kept asking for money.. money .. money.. no .. I ended it.
    just like this will end AC
    already has ended it truthfully

    this should just be called

    Tomb Raider: Valhalla
    there is no stealth needed in ac valhalla.. stop naming it assassins anything.
    there is NO creed in the viking lore here for this.
    just oh hi.. fawk the creed i wear the hidden blade so its NOT hidden
    ugh ubi

  • Kaldire
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    again this is all going to happen to EVERY game
    just wait for xcloud uplay.. and xcloud epic and xcloud origin, xcloud rockstar/take two

    no games will install but stream just like tv
    all ala carte .. each game company being a subscription and TIER..
    oh I want to play new AC ok thats ubisoft Plat tier 19.99$ a month older ac? oh thats bronze ubi tier 6.99$ a month
    keep doing this to all devs and companies it will look grim
    this is the goal though
    no more consoles ever.. microsoft has said this, as well as sony. who are now both partnered up! no more console wars
    no more exclusives..
    just paying tons of subs per month and sometimes never using them
    we rent games .. we do NOT own them
    minus gog games.. those we own

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @kaldire “Tomb Raider: Valhalla”??? Hold up... Square Enix / Eidos Montreal / Crystal Dynamics does not deserve to be slandered like that. LOL.

  • longjohn119
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    @kaldire Actually you don't own any games ..... You only have a license to use them on your computer ... PERIOD

    Read the license for any game made in the last 30+ years ... Only exclusions are those licensed under GPL

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