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    @drwest644 Indeed - it’s just bloomin rude!

    We pay for these games; so @ubi_milky please update us as to the progress of this extremely annoying bug. The game is broken. It needs a fix, and we the players deserve an update!

  • Mr-Bulldozer
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    @ubisoft: maybe there is something new that you can tell us??
    we've been waiting for a while now...

    i bought the game for 80 euro (gold edition) - so I actually want to play it without that annoying bug.

  • shawn_dougherty
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    Same here since the early December patch. Game ran great before it, now its unplayable. RTX 2060 Ryzen7 3700x cpu with 16 gigs ram. Very dissapointing this is still happening 2 months on and no real answers from ubisoft.

  • angelnieto07
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    We have been reporting on the problem of FPS falling.
    The technical service of Ubisoft has asked us for a series of data that they have only served to continue dilating the problem over time without giving us a solution. I paid 60 euros for a game that is unplayable and Ubisoft refuses to return the money claiming that I have already played the game (normal, if not as I could see that it does not work properly). I consider that by Ubisoft is a mockery and a scam.
    I have thirteen games of Ubisoft in my account and more than ten years of age as a client. But I promise that I will never buy a Ubisoft game again. For my part they can burn in hell.
    Do not wait for Ubisoft no solution, they will not solve it. I have uninstalled Farcry 6 and I am playing another game of the competition.
    Goodbye forever ubisoft.

  • mickharnas
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    I have same feelings, I love Far Cry series and I have all games of series but with Far Cry 6 my patience is wearing thin. Waiting like others players for fix 1 and half month and again ask, what we waiting for? Ubi if you not repair game to end of january I want my money back and Far Cry 6 will be last game from your company. Time is running out.

  • issi5
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    Or tell us how we can get the money back?
    This is game UNPLAYABLE

  • sonicwim
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    @issi5, same issue here but only after more or less 30 minutes or so...
    It does run properly on my RX 580 4GB in full-HD with VSync @60Hz on my Core i5 4690K with 16GB RAM, I used this: (https://exputer.com/guides/settings/best-far-cry-6-settings/) tutorial as a guide and I'm about 3.5GB VRAM usage but after a while performance drops to a crawl. Benchmarking is always good and as far as I can see there aren't any heat related problems, everything hardware related is on stock settings.

    I can quit the game and relaunch it but then it takes even less time before stuttering. So it's very annoying as well and as I see it now it would not make a difference to make another ticket for this that probably will never be solved... 😞

  • JigSaw941605
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    Same issue here.

    New Laptop bought yesterday, so everything is fresh on it, graphics card 3050 TI. I Installed Far Cry 6, and after about 20 minutes of playing very smooth, game suddenly start to have a very bad drop of fps, always I have to exit de game and re-enter.

    To be honest, feel like after couple of minutes of playing, somehow I don't know how, the game manage to change the main GPU proccesing to the Intagrated Grapichs, or something like that.

    I'm glad I've found this forum and Im not the only one with this problem because I almost believe the new Laptop has an Issue and wanted to send it back.

    Anyway, I'm a little disappointed, I have kinda buy this laptop to play the last Far Cry 6, also paying for the game, and this thing happen, bad irony. 👎

  • Mr-Bulldozer
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    It can't be that difficult to give us feedback. Anything else doesn't make the situation any better.
    In my opinion the behavior of Ubisoft is not very professional.

  • CostaBunny
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    Does anyone see a fix for this issue yet?

  • mickharnas
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    AFTER TITLE UPDATE 4 => STILL SAME ISSUE - during the gameplay when I enable photography mode or exit to menu for example graphic options game hangs on 8 - 13 FPS and nothing helps, only reload game. This is unbelieveable... Hands down UBISOFT

  • Alex_ShKID
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    Game version 1.4.0. error not fixed! Ubisot is the worst company. My biggest mistake is buying Far Cry 6

  • Mr-Bulldozer
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    I don't know if ubisoft will solve the problem. I hope so but don't expect anything.
    Definitely the last game I bought from this company.
    based on the current situation i have to say: goodbye ubisoft and welcome dying light 2

  • mickharnas
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    Yep, definitely my last UBISOFT game EVER. Hope read this. Time to Dying Light 2. Truly feelt CHEATED.

  • slimbase
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    sorry for my English, but I managed to solve this problem in the following way: I set the texture settings to "low", and the rest to "ultra" and the FPS drop problem was solved.

  • mickharnas
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    Nope, help only at the begining but when you exit to main menu, graphic options or appear some cunscenes FPS still drops. The problem is HD Texture Pack for 1000000 percent.

    I wanna play with HD Texture Pack and I don't wanna buy card with 12, 16, or 100 GB VRAM. Ubisoft you jerks go to optimize your faking game or go to hell. Bastards!

  • TheLastElite
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    @mickharnas So you are saying the HD texture pack is causing the random frame drops to single digits?

  • mickharnas
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    Yes, when I played without enabled HD Texture Pack game working fine, any FPS issues, of course textures are inferior quality. The problem is probably VRAM issues because HD Texture pack eating massive VRAM and GPU suspended at 100% FPS drops to single digits and playing is impossible. When exit to main manu to graphic options you can see VRAM needed - the values of VRAM are every time other - check this. Once time show 5,45 GB, other 5,75 GB next other 4,92 GB - completly variable... and that is the cause of out problems.

  • altenbach
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    @thelastelite No, the problem is independent of the texture pack and occurs on all levels of hardware.

  • altenbach
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    The latest update (few days ago) definitely did not fix any of this!

    • I get about 30 minutes of gameplay before it happens. (4GB VRAM, no HD textures)
    • If I leave a few chrome browser windows open before starting the game, it happens faster (10-15minutes).
    • If I go straight to the Pagan DLC from the main menu, things can last a few hours, but I've seen the slowdown at least once in this scenario. Since at least four missions (3 masks and final battle) need to be done during the same play session, this serious bug can lead to a scenario where the DLC cannot be completed at all.

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