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  • Noxious81
    861 posts
    (...) stop saying "Div 3 = Heartlands". (...)
    It's COMPLETLY different.

    I can't roll my eyes any harder than I currently am over this.

    I 100% agree to this. This false statement is in so many cases just used to express one's own disappointment with the current situation of TD2. And of course with how huge parts of the community would have loved to be kept in a much more regular information loop by the devs/the publisher. But that in no way justifies constantly putting out such misinformation.

  • blaykerea
    1 posts

    Would be nice if you can do more upgrades to building. It’s fun seeing the changes.

  • Avalanche81
    24 posts

    @battlemaster23 Funnily enough it doesn't crash at all on Xbox Series S or PS5, but the PC version has crashed 3 times, it seems to crash randomly for me, i can play for hours one day and maybe 10mins the next, it is entirely random....and yes, Dx12 is off.

    Right now, Division 2 feels like it has been edited to be more difficult with no added incentive to put up with it.

    For me, challenge only matters if the rewards are worth the stress and hassle.....which they tend not to be.

  • Finalplay342019
    2 posts

    I really liked d1. I played though the story 15 times, and still think about replaying it. I really liked survival, just wished there wasn't a time limit. I like underground and west side peirs. The incursions were ok, not big on team play. D2, I played though 1 time, try a second play though but quit on teir 4. I hated the raids and hardcore mode, Summit was good, but got old after a few floors, I like wony but the fact that the boss could throw skills out constantly, made me never want to touch it again. I hated how they changed the story line and factions from d1, I hated the fact that they never added a survival mode. So I probably wouldn't buy d3 if they make it. I am looking forward to division heartland, it could pull me back into the division series.

  • AgentRyzen
    8 posts
    Division 3 would be good idea Multiples Go Take places mutiples fly biggest missions (Walking driving Vehicles bikes Tanks)Get allies friend NPC rainbow six & Ghost recon. Biggest mission help rescue Help working international cuz Rebels working iinternational groups Frances Paris 🇺🇲 USA Miami Beach U.K London Canada Toronto 🇭🇲 Australia Melbourne Brazil Rio janerio 🇪🇦 Spain Barcelona Same appearance customize Division 2More clothing tattosMore Options Hairstyle Body types More weapons

    One word....


    to all

    No cars.tanks its apoctlyptic, there are no runing cars its bad enough they have Black tusk in div 2 with helocopters...... huh WHERE IS THE ARI FUEL COMING FROM HELLO!!! Duh...

  • Avalanche81
    24 posts

    @agentryzen Well, it is possible they had their own stockpile of jet fuel and when the governments fell, they could have in theory raided all the depots that have that fuel and stole it....but it would eventually run out.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    390 posts

    thank you for stating that the best in both game is “the city“. Exactly my view, basically the base game. A lot people apparently are happy with new gear, skill/progression stuff and modes and seasons. Which ignores the other players who love the game for other reasons.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    390 posts

    I could imagine that San Francisco could be a good setting because you have nice country side there, with ocean, hills, wood, …

    DC map is quite meh, to many uninspiring ugly government buildings and to much focus on tourist areas for missions.

  • hralex1951
    161 posts

    Division 3 = Heartland then DLC et al. I dare you to roll your eyes. Gets me every time.

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