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  • TheNorfolkian
    1430 posts

    @moriatii That’s nuts. All that money and they couldn’t hire enough people to fix the bugs in a timely fashion. I know Origins and Odyssey still have some small issues, but most of the problems were dealt with before the first year anniversary of their respective launches.

  • nerex33
    12 posts

    @sikittoya It's a 'season pass', not a 'lifetime pass'. The way I see it, the season pass covered the first yeat of content, so I'd say that it has ran its course.

    It's also worth pointing out that no, nothing legal could possibly come of this since the season pass clearly states it covers three DLCs, which it did, and the Ultimate content already came with that specific version on day 1. I know because i got mine on Launch. The three DLCs were all that wasn't included at the time.

    None of this was obvious enough?

  • SiKiTtOyA
    49 posts

    @nerex33 Season passes have always been marketed as covering all DLC for past and future content unless otherwise noted.

    Quick example. I have Snowrunner on Steam. They make it very clear what each season pass has and what you will get. So far they have released 2 season passes. There is nothing wrong with season pass having only selected amount of content, but that should be made very clear to the consumer.

    If Ubisoft said it was a single season pass for only 3 upcoming DLC it would have been different. At the time I got game their was no indication of this at all and it was not how the season pass was marketed. They have also removed Gold Edition from the Ubisoft store entirely to make more $$$. This is very misleading and anti consumer practices. Which yes, can be taken to court over.

    Here is another example. If you look at season pass on EGS it tells you nothing on what that season pass includes. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/assassins-creed-valhalla--season-pass. You are pretty much taking a gamble on what content is included in that season pass.

    Here is a snippet of how the season pass is being marketed on EGS. "Get access to epic new content, explore new lands, and discover new gear with the Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Season Pass." Isn't Dawn of Ragnarok being marketed as new content and new lands? It sure is. Again, that is very misleading and anti consumer. How is that not obvious?

  • TheNorfolkian
    1430 posts

    @sikittoya I hope you have learned your lesson then... don’t preorder or purchase ‘new’ content from Ubisoft ever again. Wait until a ‘complete’ version is for sale at a price that will not bother you when faced with bugs that never got fixed.

  • SiKiTtOyA
    49 posts

    @thenorfolkian I bought the gold edition toward the end of last year. So it was over a year since game came out and thought it was safe to buy. This is first time Ubisoft has ever pulled this sort of thing where its Gold Pass did not include upcoming DLC. I have played all FC games and AC games. Its not the price that bothers me. Its the shady marketing and the way the consumer has been mislead.

    So yes, I will just wait even longer now. Or I may not buy another Ubisoft game in the future from them at all.

  • TheNorfolkian
    1430 posts

    @sikittoya I have the Gold Edition too, and I’ve typically sought out the ‘gold’ version of other recent AC titles because the Season Pass content is automatically included. It is true that this is the first time the ‘gold’ label did not imply ‘all’ released content, like it did for Syndicate, Origins, and Odyssey. However, historically a Season Pass has been limited to the first year after a game’s release, and this is the first AC game Ubisoft has continued to release content into a second year. I think that if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, Valhalla would have been released earlier as an included expansion. Greed is very much at the heart of the problem, though. Ubisoft is content to squeeze as much profit out of their franchises whilst forgetting what made their franchises popular in the first place.

  • azullFR
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    sorry all but I will add my grain of salt (sorry also for my approximative english) 😉

    what I did : I pre-ordered AC-Valhalla Utlimate Edition
    what was told to be sold :

    • 2 missions : "Monster" and "Berseker"
    • a set of runes (with no single information about what it contains and how it works ....)
    • 2 DLC

    I bought it knowing that I won't have a third DLC after a bunch of research on internet because :

    1. it was the first time Ubisoft didn't stated clearly that all DLC will be included in the Game Pass
    2. all Game Pass I previoulsy saw from Ubisoft were for Far Cry or AC and were always including all DLC
    3. I didn't found in any Ubisoft comm any clear statement about this "new" Game Pass

    What I have :

    • 1 missions : "Monster" that was ok
    • 1 missions : "Berserker" that was bugged
    • a set of runes = 3 minor runes that where added to my inventory more or less once a day, then, that stopped to pop-up with no warning...)
    • a still bugged Berserker Set that finally I gave to my Jomsviking to avoid the gear reset ( = bought for not using it ...)
    • the SoP DLC that I still didn't started because to bored to manage, document and investigating bugs
    • and ... top of the cake .... the WoD DLC that nobody can play twice without having the "All trade Posts are already taken" bug !!!

    So, I wasn't expecting that I will have a "one time use" DLC ...

    Note : for the people who are saying that it was clear that a Game Pass is for Year one, and mostly for Ubisoft arguing it was a "Season 1" Game Pass... there is still no "Season 2" Game Pass but just a DLC instead ...

    Also, after playing Call Of Duty some time, I can say that everything was perfectly clear with no missleading communication about what Game Pass are in COD ... I won't say the same here for Ubisoft and this precise Game Pass ...
    ( Additional note : in COD after buying one Season Pass you could get the other ones for "free" = by playing a lot and earning enought to buy the next one ... = tested and verifyed : I had to spend real money only for the first one 😉 )

    ( of course I've been dumb to pre-order Valhalla, even if it was the first time, and of course, I won't give any royalty to Ubisoft for the 10 next years 🙂 )

  • AORUS2017
    259 posts


    I read what you said, but why was it mislead? I understood it and the gamers who brought DoR did too😳

  • FelipeCTavares
    3 posts

    @generalxiv do you know what is even more disappointing? It is that if you purchase the Ultimate Edition now (the same Ultimate Edition you and me own) at this point, it will be included...

  • bielik01
    1771 posts

    @felipectavares I thought Ultimate edition was removed, and replaced with Complete edition.

  • TheNorfolkian
    1430 posts

    @bielik01 It was. People can still find it being listed, but it won’t be ‘available’.

  • azullFR
    2366 posts


    you are right 🙂

    ( now people can buy the Complete Edition = 3 bugged DLCs in a row 😉

    note :
    "Complete Edition" means there won't be any "Season 2 Pass" ?... (means somehow that a "Season year 1 Pass" never existed...) ... or ... if they make an other Season Pass maybe there will be an "Ultra-Mega-Complete-Ultimate Edition" ? 🤡 😂

  • TheNorfolkian
    1430 posts

    @azullfr Yeah, there will not be a Season 2 Pass... a ‘complete’ edition means that they’re done making ‘paid’ expansions/DLCs.

    If there’s gonna be an Ultra-Mega-Complete-Ultimate Edition, we deserve to have all of the plot holes in the many storylines filled and concluded.

  • OdyssOne24
    16 posts

    Please Ubisoft tell us what is that "METEOR PRE-PURCHASE ENTITLEMENT" (for PS4/PS5), if I have the right to get it, I want to know what it is... or what it should be...
    A new DLC in the future? Free for all Ragnarok customers?
    Or was it the code name for Dawn of Ragnarok?

  • RCDeschene
    145 posts

    @odyssone24 It was the code name for DoR.

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