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  • AnimusLover
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    @tcarlisle2012 I've not mentioned anything about the "live service" element per se. This isn't a live service game and I haven't said it was. The game, at its core, is simply broken. Bugs, glitches, crashes in the base game and then every patch breaking what was there before. That is all.

  • DuskDragon56496
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    How you doing Animus, good to see you back!!! Personally, I have no intention of buying the Ragnorak dlc mostly because of the bad will Ubisoft has presented the gamers through the entire Valhalla money grab. The game's not just loaded with bugs but the dlcs were shameful ! Now, Ubisoft wants us to dust off Odyssey and Origins to play an hour or so of dlcs they could have put in the games WHEN THEY WERE RELEVANT. and not years after. Twenty dollar packs while we get constant reskins as new armor and weapons. Oh no no, Ubisoft has shown nothing but the middle finger to the players with the entire Valhalla fiasco. By the way aoro or whatever your name is...I've noticed quite often that people who don't have a valid argument or response to a topic quite often lead off with....Ohhhhh quit whiniinnng!!! How can people not think that's from a 12 year old.Also, he asked people not to buy the next expansion he didn't order them to (you can find the difference in the dictionary)You'd do well to remember Ubisofts policy on the discussion forums that all opinions are welcome! Maybe instead of trying to be insulting and starting arguments you have a logical useful opinion about this game, and maybe an opposing opinion of why people should by the dlc, although stating to the world you urinated three hundred dollars on this less than mediocre game probably blew any chance of that out of the water...lol

  • AnimusLover
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    @duskdragon56496 Hey, I'm good, thanks. You?
    And yeah, tbh I am more interested in the Basim standalone game that has been leaked than this Valhalla DLC. I might get the DLC when it's on a very deep sale and all the inevitable bugs have been ironed out so that my trophy completion remains at 100%, but there's no way I'm paying full price for it. They still haven't even fixed the game-breaking bug in the Siege of Paris DLC where you can't interact with Toka in Melun. They've made enough money from players through their MTs and yet they still want more while the game is broken as hell. Ubisoft really has some nerve.

  • iDotKill
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    Dont purchase? Sheesh I preordered it. I see allot of people on here complaining. Almost every post actually. I have about 140 hrs game time logged. And I’ve fallen through the world maybe four times. That’s about the only glitches or bugs I’ve seen. This game is amazing man. I’m not even an AC fan. I’m a Viking fan. Tried to play an AC game many years ago never got into it. The fact that this game has ventured into its own special version is what’s made it so popular. The only thing I’m bummed about is the fact that I’ve no quests yet to do, I’ll probably literally just play through again while I wait for more content. If you dislike it or things about it, more power to you. But I’ll be waiting for this to drop, and every dlc and quest and play through that comes after. Skal!

  • Thamhuz
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    @idotkill ahh the usual logic that drive the world. Who cares about the other if I am not affected!.
    Well, there are far far worse example of this behavior in the real world that I do not really care when it is applied to games.

    What really puzzle me is you wasting money in a DLC thinking this game is a paragon for Viking mythology.
    Let me guess, are you a fan of Thor Marvel comics/movies and treat them as documentary?

  • AnimusLover
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    Before you buy...

    IGN review:


  • GhostAgent14
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    Thank you very much for posting these!! These are very helpful, and they do a good job of listing the pros and cons of Dawn of Ragnarok. I continue to feel good about my decision to wait in purchasing this until it goes on sale. I'm still baffled as to why Ubisoft is asking $39.99 for this.

  • guest-Xki2pgXG
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    @animuslover Anybody else had the problem where you lose basically all your most valuable runes when downloading the expansion? I’m not very happy and I don’t even wanna start it for fear of being too weak now! Thanks Ubisoft, I love how I put in almost 300 hours of work for you to take it all away! At least let me put on some lipstick before you [censored] me!

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