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  • Oh dear. The crossover event REALLY exposed how much better Odyssey is than Valhalla in every conceivable way.

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    @tomius777 Turn off Dynamic Resolution and Adaptive AA because you don't need those settings with a GTX 1660 @ 1080p and neither work right anyway and those settings are for old GPUs like a GTX 1050 or older .... Your problem is your CPU not your GPU and those settings will mess with your CPU when it switches resolution and AA quality because a 8350 is really a 4 core/8 thread CPU : (https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/8/28/20837336/amd-12-million-false-advertising-class-action-lawsuit-bulldozer-chips)with a broken version of SMT

    Also you have a FPS limit of 60 but a Refresh Rate of 144 Hz ...... If you are going to set a FPS limit of 60 FPS then your Refresh Rate should be set to 60 Hz

  • tomius777
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    @longjohn119 Thanks for the succestion, i will try those, still its odd that Origins and Valhalla both runs without any problems but Odyssey not..Also Valhalla has not crashed on me than a few times throughout the 256 hours I’ve played it, Odyssey has crashed considerably more though i only has played it 151h, as well as there have been no freezing in Valhalla, in Odyssey they occur daily,,, I am aware that my processor is old but still it runs just fine other games, even those that my pc only meets minimum requirements... Like Mafia Definite Édtion 1,2 and 3.. Or Borderlands 3 that run just fine although it has heavier requirements and even though it is a multiplayer online game...

  • brightnessbrr
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    Yeah, but they are different settings, time periods and characters. The experience of each one should not be a copy paste. It should allow the player to be in boots of the character.
    By "heaviness" of the game I mean
    1.) Eivor moves realistically for their body built. They should not be agile like a ninja for example.
    2.)Climate. Both weather and sociopolitical. Rainy, cloudy, damp, less sun = moodier people (which even causes people to be heavier drinkers too). War, food shortage, corruption, illnesses, etc.
    I think they did a fine job presenting the culture, portraying an area of the world which I very much never looked into until now. I don't really like Eivor/Odin, but I can enjoy other aspects of the game.
    Ubisoft creates beautiful worlds and music to go along with it and even teaches you cool stuff too! (history, mythology, language, traditional customs). I want to see what else they are able to put out in the future.

  • pesto.
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    Nonsense. Can you kick a bunny in Odyssey? Blow up a squirrel?! Ride up a hill with the horse’ legs vertical?!?!? Thought not.

  • TheCosmicBob
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    I totally agree. I was unsatisfied with Valhalla when it came out. I played it to the end, but didn't do to completion, because the of all the things you mentioned. I only played a little bit of the River Raids DLC and didn't even bother downloading/installing anything past that. When I saw the new crossover, I did an update to my Valhalla and it was 56GB, that's how much I missed downloading.

    My update to Odyssey was about 5GB.

    I started the crossover in Odyssey, because I loved that game. I nearly wept with joy hearing Melissanthi Mahut back. It was such fun.

    Then I went to Valhalla and Kassandra being there exposed just how boring Eivor is. Eivor had virtually no sense of humor, and Kassandra even mentioned it (sort of). Though I did like Kassandra teaching Eiver "malakas". It would be funny if Eivor continued to use that phrase. But "funny" is not something I would associate with Valhalla, while Odyssey had some really funny bits. Like Kassandra sticking the glass eye up the butt of that pig (I think it was a pig, it could have been a goat - funny in either case).

    I finished the crossover DLC in Valhalla, then figured I would stick around and see what's going on. But I played about two or three hours and now I am going to go back to Odyssey and Korfu to finish that up. And then maybe some story creator games.

    But really, the highlight was seeing and hearing Kassandra again. I am hoping they do another crossover with Odyssey and Origins.

  • longjohn119
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    @thecosmicbob She stuck it up a goat's butt ..... If you go back to the island later in the game and start killing goats (It's actually a good place to go and gather leather for upgrades, tip: use multishot and you can kill several at a time) you will eventually kill a goat and be rewarded with the obsidian eye in your inventory. It doesn't really do anything but it is a collectable

    I know what you mean about Valhalla, I finished the 4 main story arcs and bought the Season Pass back in November but still haven't been motivated enough to play it, choosing to do a Game+ in Odyssey instead and as I was most of the way through the 3 main story arcs this new add on dropped so I did it. Thought about going back to Valhalla but ended up playing Tales of Arise instead which actually turned out to be surprisingly good for a JRPG and am about half way through and haven't had a single crash or major bug yet ..... Combat took some getting used to because all fights are in an arena type setting and you can't use the environment as an advantage like in AC games, Witcher games, Skyrim or HZD .... Using the environment to my advantage is always a big part of my play style but once I got the hang of the systems in Arise the combat has been pretty engaging even with the hit sponge bosses because you can trigger big power moves by all members of your team. There is also a nice sense of progression with the weapons, armors and abilities

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