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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] [Yule] Yule festival is not loading | POST HERE

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    Not working for me either. Playing on PC. My latest save is synced to the cloud.

    I loaded an old save to see what would happen. The festival is a repeat of last year's festival. Cutscenes and quests are the same. The festival contests are the same (archery, drinking, and brawling). The festival store has the same armor as last year. A new hunter bow replaces the dagger and shield from last year. There is one new hair style in four colors, and a matching new beard style. There are seven settlement cosmetic items available, but only two are new. That's it.

  • Simplethumb
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    This seems to be affecting people who played the event last year (not me, I'm new to the game)

    Another way to look at this is it's affecting the people who bought the game when it was a new relase (or close to) . So it's affecting Ubi's/AC's most loyal fans/customers, the people who trusted their product would work, and didn't hold off on buying it, and if the fix is delayed much longer...well that speaks volumes about how they feel about those fans/customers.

  • Kormac67
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    @sidsixt Yuck. No big loss.

  • SidSixT
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    @kormac67 I agree. And the bow's damage stat is near the bottom of its class.

  • WildShadowFang
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    Mine not loading too. When will this be fixed??

  • Kormac67
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    @wildshadowfang Well - in Far Cry 6 people have been locked inside a dog kennel for 2 months, totally unable to play (without restarting the game from zero). To give you an understanding of the glacial speed Ubi reacts to critical bugs.

  • ChuckKatse
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    @sidsixt Yep a repeat from last year and a complete waste of my time. Got one of the hair styes to see what it looked like and as far as i am concerned "Forget it". Bow not that impressive. Already had the Armor.

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @simplethumb As a new player, how does it feel knowing you’ve bought a lemon that can’t be turned into lemonade? I am one of those players who pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game at full price and have played some Valhalla almost every single day since its release. These days I really only log in to do the daily Reda stuff and complete any challenges or limited content (like the festival... or not from now on). Why do I bother? Because I, like many others, are still holding out for the day when Ubisoft will eventually fix all of the ridiculous bugs that have plagued this game... hopefully before a New Game+ is implemented. Some bugs have persisted even since day one, and the plethora of improvement possibilities continue to be squandered. Despite our optimism, there’s that lingering feeling that this flagship game will never be truly fixed because the company can’t seem to properly manage its resources. It’s no wonder AC3, Liberation, and Rogue were remastered graphically, but the controls or other mechanics were never polished.

  • Soekster666
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    @thenorfolkian well spoken. I to am in possession of a pre-order edition, and although I have mad love for this game, it pains me to see how Ubi squanders the wishes of the fans in this way.

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @chuckkatse I agree that the bow is not that impressive. Ever since Ubisoft rolled out the second leg of River Raids, we’ve seen more and more new gear items, both free and in the store, having features that seem to require some extra step or condition to trigger the bonus. It’s pretty lame, honestly.... especially for the stuff that people pay real money for.

    Edit: For further thoughts on that bow... “greatly increases headshot damage”... which is just +30!!?? If only the average player knew just how little such a modifier actually matters when calculating real damage output. You’re better off socketing Range Damage runes into your gear.

  • matajuegos01
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    the issue happens to me too, my save file is on the cloud (ps4)

  • irshansk
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    Have the same issue. Latest save is on cloud.

  • GreenTea13121
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    I have snow in Ravensthorpe but no Yule Festival. From what I hear the only "fix" is to load an old save, I assume from before I participated in the Yule Festival last year. I really, really don't want to do that. So game devs, do you think you can fix this? and maybe not take 5 months with fixing it like with the Sunniva being dead in the "Under the Skin" quest bug??? please?

  • nash_trickster
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    Same here. Snow but no festival. Save is on the cloud.PS4

  • Hao_Ming_Yue
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    @ubi-orion My save is also on the cloud now (PC)

  • Daarxis
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    @ubi-keo no festival for me either

  • Zekumas
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    Also have same issue on PS4, both autosaves are current and on the cloud.

  • furbe8
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    @ubi-orion No Yule festival nor snow. Latest save is on the cloud and synchronized.

  • PlumLoco
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    Same bug for me, this is my first time loading the game up since the latest content update and I have the same problem as many others: I can see the snow and area where the festival should be going on but nothing is there.

    I’m on PS4, latest save is in the cloud. I’ve had the game since launch so I did participate in the festival last year, I’m pretty sure I’ve participated in every festival that’s been released so far.

    Also all of my Festival Tokens that were left over from the last one are back, it’s like loading the content for the new festival is just stuck or something.

  • zhaliwangzi
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    @ubi-keo I have this problem too and my latest save file is synchronized with the cloud (PC).

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