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  • Stardust.One
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    This post is deleted!
  • Adrian-11
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    Brian Eno re NFTs: "I mainly see hustlers looking for suckers."
    Well said.

  • echolecter
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    This makes no sense. Ubi can already identify who is the owner of the account via their credit card.

    That maybe so but doesn't make it valid to use the private data collected with sales for purposes other then the purchase itself.

  • dagrommit
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    That maybe so but doesn't make it valid to use the private data collected with sales for purposes other then the purchase itself.

    Please explain how you plan on identifying the owner of the account then. The NFT is only linked with an anonymous wallet identifier on the blockchain. The ownership of that wallet is not public.

  • As1r0nimo
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    @dagrommit it's connected to the Blockchain, that is owned by the devs/publisher. So they will know for sure, who bought what.

    As for other people - the same way, as credit cards got stollen. A leak

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 894 posts

    @as1r0nimo that blockchain is not owned by Ubi. Without the credit card info, there is nothing on the blockchain that allows Ubi to identify who really owns a given Ubi account.

    Much easier for Ubi to specify in their terms of service that payment information (which they already have) will be used to investigate fraud or other violations. No need for NFT's or the blockchain.

  • PedMM
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    Bad news UBI ceo Yves Guillemot is the one that loves NFTs and even when ghost recon breakpoint devs criticize the idea of implementing this in the game some even saying that this is scummy he doesn't care. It's only a matter of time before this spreads to more games and devs can't do anything.

  • Ken_Koerperich
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    NFT's =

    "FARMERS & HARDCORE PLAYERS" grinding out levels/hours/rare drops, then going onto the "marketplace" and jacking the price up....

    Your real $$ for "whatever" bit/credit/coin UBI or whomever is running the NFT site is needed to buy. BUT FIRST:

    You must be a registered player of said game(legit)
    You must buy/have an account with credits/coin/bits
    You must pay the outrageous price whomever wants, for the item
    Just to say you have it because you were to lazy to get it yourself.
    Next, this will become P2W as this WILL NOT stop with just cosmetics, it will eventual include actual in game rare/legendary/epic gears, which in turn, will net people $$$

    And then the company who takes a cut of every item sold.....

    This has unlimited potential...yet, only whales will use it, as they use their money to win, not their time.....

    And again, the company WINS.....

    And YOU go broke trying to buy the translated, 1k coin/bit/credit item into real dollars of $5000+ for just one item.

    Read what has already been posted carefully. There are items worth $10k+ in that POS GRB market....

    Wake up people, you're being herded into another version of MTX, that has no price tag on it.

    Seller demand is what this will be....Sky is the limit for pricing....

    These games need to be shunned/uninstalled as it's just making companies richer, while breaking your wallet....

    Enjoy the ____ show forthcoming...

  • Adrian-11
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    I don't think he loves NFTs per se, he loves money... and he seems okay to sell Ubi's soul (whatever is left of it) for that money.

  • xcel30
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    @ken_koerperich Why are you talking about Diablo 3 auction house? That was an astounding sucess


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