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  • locked topic_unsolved Excessive Skill Points

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    @squareenixgamer You are missing one skill. The current max power level should be 409. 🙂

  • captainnemojr
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    It has been almost a year since this was first reported, and the issue hasn't been fixed. I'm hoping maybe v1.4 fixes it. I now also have this problem with the latest v1.3.2. I was at 463 skill points (all assigned) and defeated Suttungr to receive 4 skill points. It gave me 466 with one extra Skill point, not a Mastery one. The next subsequent point became a Mastery one. I still am unable to assign the lonely skill point.

    Unfortunately I have completed the single skill point quests that would be able to get it to 466 evenly.

  • captainnemojr
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    I can confirm that the v1.4 update opened up a couple of more skills to allow me to place those excess skill points. I'm now level 469 and have used all skill points. Everything extra is Mastery Points.

  • Kelvarin
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    @captainnemojr I have the latest update as of today - 11/14/2021 - and am at level 469 with 2 unused skill points. There are no spots left on the skill map for me to place them, auto-assign doesn't do anything, and I have 0 mastery points. I even unassigned all of my skill points and let fate decide, which ended up not spending 5 points - 3 of which I scrolled around the entire map very very slowly and finally found a place to spend 3 points.

    I have not completed the main story yet, so I don't know if more spots to spend points open up or not, but for now, I'm stuck with 2 points I can't spend.

  • HddnDrgn0321
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    @kelvarin I have 469 skill points as well and i am about to earn another. I have not yet undertaken the mastery challenge. Should I do that asap?

  • bielik01
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    @hddndrgn0321 you'll get a Mastery Point, that's a different story. Mastery Points are not tied with Mastery Challenges at all.
    But having used them makes you slightly stronger, just like with Warrior/Hunter/Seer ability points in Origins.

  • Ubi-Auron
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    Hello @HddnDrgn0321,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    As @bielik01 mentioned, mastery points are different from skill points, so you don't have to rush here! 😉

    If you have any further questions, or require further assistance, let us know!

  • Ubi-Mushy
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    Apologies to everyone in this thread. While merging posts for an emerging issue, some older posts got looped in. Please disregard this thread, and feel free to reach out if you run into any other issues.


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