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  • There aren't enough active players for this barely 2 months old game to even complete the weekly challenges

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    @unhappylawbro Same number of dice games in Valhalla is no problem, but that is actually fun or at least bearable. Dominoes is just awful. They made a lot of effort to make it visually pleasing but that doesn't help if the game is garbage. Is anybody actually playing this irl?

  • Lysvander
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    @unhappylawbro There just isn't the right amount of care. If you implement community based challenges if should be followed up.

    Monitor your player base, adjust targets accordingly. And when it "dies" out, set an achievable target, like 10k kills in AC:Origins. Eventually it will be to high as well, but it will stop at one point.

    Iv'e been asking for several weeks now to adjust the target for the WD:L community target, it -never- get's achieved, but besides the usual "I've passed this on to developers" response, nothing happens. Even a change to a personal fifth target instead of a community one is to much to ask.

    It was done right once, like in ME3 mp. Personal goal and a community one.
    When the community target failed, there would be repercussions next week. Good times.

  • Kormac67
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    Finally, we have been heard.
    This week we have to take out FOUR soldiers. All together. We can totally do that.

  • Sleezure
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    @kormac67 The process is likely automated. I don't think there are any developers actively supporting the game anymore.

  • RobertEmerald
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    @kormac67 Indeed!... Unless it's an automated misprint that means to read 4 trillion. 😁

  • Kormac67
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    @robertemerald It actually worked so it is really 4. They have some script with the challenges prepared and this was a typo obviously. We all know they never test things like that beforehand.
    Next week it may be 4 quadrillion soldiers, or 5 animals or whatever.

  • cavveman
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    Oh, so I wasn't the only one that reacted to the 4 solders for the community to kill.
    I don't really care about the moneda, I can just farm it in the special ops missions that Lola has.
    And those weekly uprises also gives a lot of moneda.

    But I do care about the xp earned in my ubi account. 50xp is 10% of each level up(only level 83, maybe its different the higher you are).

    And I also agree that the valhalla challenges are much easier(the community ones). The last one, recruit 35k jomsviking. It takes, uhm 10 seconds to recruit one in Ravensthorpe.

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