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  • tony_the_shark7
    28 posts

    @f-i-x-e-r I know man I just went on the head and deleted it am most likely gonna just get rid of Ubisoft period this is not the only game that gives me issue but I really like it and cant enjoy it

  • tony_the_shark7
    28 posts

    @bittexin yea this game is doomed is crazy you buy a game and then have to do finish the developers job in order to play

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2456 posts

    Hey there guys,

    Thanks for sharing this @Mr-T-Magnum - may we please know more about what you're referring to by 'disabling Connect' in the launcher?

    @DialTon3 - a case has been created on your account for when you're next available, if you could please upload your system files to it as per Ubi-Milky's last post.

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • Mr.T.Magnum
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    @ubi-theberry ???...lol

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    126 posts

    I recommend for everyone with freezes in this game to open a ticket! Not because they will or could help you (my experience), but because to fill up their system with ongoing the same issue! Probably than something will happen...

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2456 posts

    Thanks for that @mr-t-magnum , it reads different in English and is instead to 'disable the overlay' so I wasn't 100% sure what you meant there, thanks for clarifying!

    If anyone else is able to confirm disabling the overlay helps, we'd appreciate it.

    In the meantime, the team are continuing to investigate these crashing reports at a high priority and we'll continue to keep you in the loop with updates.

    While this is ongoing, players are of course more than welcome to open a case on our Support Site and send over your system files.

    There we can take a closer look and see if we can help you get back up and running.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding guys!

    Official Response
  • iwontbeback
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    @haywardgg When u say months u mean years right?RIGHT?!!!!

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    Just bought the Division 2.
    At the start i noticed some noise flickering on the screen. Switched to DX12.It seems to be fixed.
    After this , the game started to crashed (tried on dx11 and dx12).
    I followed the 2 steps recommended

    1. Compatibility with windows 8.
    2. What magmum said, disabled the ingame overlay.

    So far after 50 minutes no more crashes. This afternoon i will play some hours, and comeback to edit the reply.

    Edit 1: I didnt realized i didnt applied the windows 8 compatibility. I was only playing with the ingame overlay disabled.
    Now this time with the windows 8 compatibility applied, still no crash in another hour of game play.
    Amd Rx 660 and Fullscreen Borderless.

    Edit 2. I got 1 crash today.

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    126 posts

    @marcoavll If you use Win10 try to dissable "Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling" in Windows settings (I had crashes in some games because of that...). I don't have set Win8 compatibility but I play this game on Win7. What is a RX 660...you mean 6600XT?

    4 posts

    @mr-t-magnum Thanks for the idea :-). Will try this if i get another crash. Just got home so, i will play later a couple of hours. Cheers.

    Edit. Yep,. i meant the XFX 6600 (not the xt). I just looked and i missed a zero there xD.
    Update. Just crash once just now. Gonna try your advice.
    Update 2. Just looked for that option on windows 10. I dont have it.
      Update 3. One more crash even running as a administrator, windows mode fullscreen and overlay deactivated.

    Trying another workaround from this very same forum.
    Right now in 2022, and after some years (since this happened to me also in the first division game, you have to solve this Ubisoft, stop gaining time with tickets and reports. The problem is still there, and by now you must have all the info needed.

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    126 posts

    @marcoavll "Update 2. Just looked for that option on windows 10. I dont have it."...???

  • Saqiw
    18 posts

    This is so insane on hardcore, I stop playing HC, crash is toooooooo much, Ubisoft is a crap company, they will never care and NEVER WILL
    First time seen a company being so USELESS

    Almost time to say goodbye, just waiting on Lost Ark 😄

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    I will continue here my updates.

    Update 4. Yesterday (sunday), i couldnt start the game, it showed an error when the anti cheat was loading Error 22 if i'm not mistaken, looking around here and there i did a Check Integrity files (nothing wrong and the end), and acorrding to a forum, i changed the Anti Cheat (in the services.msc) to Automatic (it was Manual), and after i restarted again the game, did the whole process of installing directx and everything. It seems to be fixed because i could start the game again.

    Update 5.. Back to my main issue, i had one more crash last night, and i thought if the game was gonna keep crashing randomly, well i activated the ingame overlay again, and when i started to play just after 5 minutes, crashed. So, i ended up deactivating the ingame overlay, after that i could play one hour, and this morning another hour.

    Conclussion: I think i'm not gonna improve anything more so at the end i got this:

    1. Ingame overlay deactivated.
    2. Windows Fullscreen Borderless (i read that could help because it can crash for using ALT + TAB constantly, and yes, i use ALT+TAB every 5 minutes).
    3. Anticheat in Automatic in Services.msc.
    4. Graphic setting on High.
    5. I updated my Amd drivers to the very last one (22.2.1, i had the previous one).

    All this seems to help, at least improve a lot, but is not a solid fix. And i've read around the division 2 has a hardcore mode, and i never tried hardcore on any game before because i dont have that much patience, but this game i really like it, so i would like to try hardcore, BUT, if these guys from ubi dont fix this once for all (which it seems they are not gonna do it), that experience will be ruined for a crash. It's up to you Ubisoft.

  • Bonelesschild
    6 posts

    At this point I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship. I crashed 5 times in 45 minutes yesterday. Today I've crashed 3 times in 30 minutes. I want to like the game. I want to play the game. I just don't trust it anymore. I keep coming back to the same scenario. How is this major problem not fixed or addressed? I sent my info in a ticket....nothing done. Try running in it as admin....that's the tip I got.

    Today might be the official break up.....

  • XMdead
    144 posts

    I have a suspicion for another possible cause:.

    Some people use auto-backup tools like Carbonite that momentarily lock a file when they are in the process of backing it up.

    Most of the time it is very fast and most apps/games have no problem blocking until it gets released.

    Could it be that Ubi games fail to block and thus end up in the hung/crashed state that we observe?

    This could be easily tested by installing Carbonite on a developer's PC that plays a lot but has been unable to duplicate the problems.

  • Sergey3396
    3 posts

    Не знаю как у вас. У меня каждые почти 5 минут было зависание игры. Почитал тут форумы делал все что рекомендовали, не помогло. Помогло одна вещь, а может и две. 1. Снял галочку с ограничении пропускной способности. 2. Я заметил одно, во время зависания у меня была надпись о подборе игроков ну типа кому-то нужна помощь. Просто отключил чат в игре, на всякий случи. Так что проблема может быть в первом и во втором варианте. Проблема в самой игре а не в железе. Играл больше часа. Первый вариант писали выше.

  • GILMoRe-UK
    15 posts

    Hi all,

    I recently started to get stuttering and what felt like low FPS even though the FPS counter was steadily above 60 FPS. I switched to DX12 and started to experience crashes ranging from 10 seconds to 5 minutes into a session. The few minutes I could get were buttery smooth, so this was really frustrating considering I previously racked up nearly 300 hours with no issues at all and it seemed I either had to stick with stuttering DX11 or give up altogether.

    I managed to fix the problem, not with any of the typical suggestions out there but by simply uninstalling the GFX card drivers and the entire game and then reinstalling on my C drive. I'm not sure which one fixed it, but if you have the game installed on a different drive to the OS then maybe try this. It sounds ridiculously simple and obvious but I can only speak from experience and haven't had a single crash since. Before, I could barely get through the bench test so clearly something worked with this process. Note: I also deleted all the settings from the game folder in 'My Documents'. Do this by going to my docs > My Games > Tom Clancy Division 2 and remove any setting related files (yes you will need to map any changed keys again when you reinstall)

    One final thing. I've been using Reshade since the game launched, which was also removed when I reinstalled. I tried to reset everything and keep the installation as clean as possible.

    I wonder if anti-cheat is the root cause but can't confirm.


    2 posts

    foreward: i only have 515-ish hours in-game (according to Ubisoft Connect), and most were during the last 12-15 months. i was also experiencing severe crashing issues with this game. i made 2 (maybe 3) tickets with Ubisoft Support to attempt to diagnose and possibly resolve the issue.

    the first ticket or two i had attached so many attachments (they asked for a myriad of images of in-game settings, dxdiags, msinfos, images of installed C++/VS libraries and .NET frameworks)... even went so far as to record a session with a streaming-capture software and upload to youtube.

    i had been trying to lower my graphics to make my PC make less heat. but if i lowered the graphics, then the game started crashing CONSTANTLY. 10-15 minutes.

    there were a few settings that if i raised, it seemingly disappeared. it sometimes would do 1 crash on the first launch after changing, but after that, it was fine.

    i have an 8 GiB NVIDIA GTX 1070. when i started troubleshooting, i had 16 GiB of RAM, but, later on in a vain attempt to see if RAM was the issue, i upgraded to 32 GiB.

    currently: i am able to play on DX12 for hours at a time without crashes. here's some additional info:

    i'm playing 1920x1080 at 85 FPS cap. my monitor is GSYNC capable. i have GSYNC enabled.
    im using Windows 11. NVIDIA driver: 511.65. i use a software called "NVCleanstall" to select the correct drivers.

    the settings in graphics that i find cause problems are
    DISABLING parallax mapping
    setting the SPOT SHADOW and other SHADOW settings (theres 3 or 4 of them) to medium or lower (any of them. they must all be high)

    when i have these settings in the 'incorrect' setting, my game WILL crash very often.
    upon launching the game, my character's hand will be in strange positions (looks broken).
    on top of that, when the splash screens are done, the initial loading wheel takes a VERY long time (7 minutes avg). it even takes about 60 seconds for my profile picture to appear.
    in "mydocumets/mygames/the division 2/" there WILL be 2 folders with shader files in them. even just getting to the main menu will have 6-7 THOUSAND files and use 50+ MiB of disk space.

    if i have those settings in the 'correct' position?
    the character is normal.
    the loading screen is less than a minute. profile picture appears nearly instantly.
    and there isnt a SINGLE shader file in that location.

    i have a ""preset"" that seemingly is guaranteed to cause these issues. i sent them to my friend who also owns the game. he launched with those settings and had the EXACT SAME ISSUES.
    huge amounts of shader files, broken models in the menu, and a VERY long loading screen. he has twin RTX 2080s and 32++ GiB of RAM.

    graphic settings.cfg - Pastebin.com: (https://pastebin.com/jEuwqsUM)

    that is a link to pastebin with the raw contents of the [dot] cfg file that belongs in the "mygames/the division 2/" folder.

    ["parallax mapping2"] = false,

    can be seen in the file. it currently has custom FPS as 65, but feel free to change that if you do test it. BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL ONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. simple copy and paste to another safe location.

    these files can simply be opened and edited with NOTEPAD or similar programs. however, i only ever change settings IN THE GAME and NEVER in the file with an editor.

    however, looking at all of your stats for PC, i DOUBT many of you would have these settings lower than what i have (or have parallax off).

    i gave up on Ubisoft Support actually taking my MONUMENTAL AMOUNTS OF TROUBLESHOOTING with any weight, so i'll throw it in here.

    2 posts



    an imgur link to an image of my EVENTVIEWER in windows.

    like CLOCKWORK, every 5 minutes, there is this error.

    that error ONLY happens when im playing the division 2.
    i followed the "session" id down the rabbit hole and it landed on easy anti cheat.

    even other listings online for games like New World and Apex Legends show that EasyAntiCheat causes this error in eventviewer.

    whether this error actually causes anything bad on its own: i dont know. im not crashing, currently, but this error happens ONLY when playing the division 2 and is tracible to EasyAntiCheat.


    imgur to my mass amount of documentation supplied to UbiSupport

  • Sgt.Multipass
    2 posts

    Hi Massive / Ubisoft,

    I have played "The Division" and "The Division 2" since their respective launches. Jumped over the TD2 when it launched, had a break for a while and so on. I recently came back to TD2 and I am very sad to see that the random crashes are still happening in this game.

    First of all wan't to point out that this is not a hardware or Windows 10 issue. The reason I say this is because back in the day I was running a completely different Windows 10 build, since that a good while ago, and I have also since replaced my old computer with a new one.

    So to put it simply, "Windows 10 version whatever it was long time ago" vs Windows 10 21H2 fully patched and up to date today.

    Previous computer hardware: Intel i7 7700K, GeForce GTX 1080Ti, 16 GB RAM, no overclocking, all drivers kept up to date.
    Current computer hardware: AMD Ryzen 5800X, AMD Radeon 6800XT, 32 GM RAM, no overclocking, all drivers kept up to date.

    I have tested all the different "fixes" out there, but none of them solve/remove/fix the freezing/crashing. The one that has the most effect is to run the game in DX11 mode, but that doesn't remove the issue completely. On top of that, DX11 runs like crap compared to DX12.

    Things I have tried:
    Regular troubleshooting through the Ubisoft Connect applícation (and back in the day "Uplay"), like verifying files, disabling in-game overlays and such.
    Running Ubisoft Connect as administrator.
    Running the launcher, game and EAC exe-files as administrator.
    Disabling "fullscreen optimizations" on all the above exe-files.
    Specifying DPI scaling to "application" on all the above exe-files.
    Running the exe-file "thedivision2.exe" in compatibility mode "windows 8" and "windows 7".
    Changing the pagefile settings to a very large static page file (64 GB - 128 GB).
    Change the pagefile to be "system managed".
    Disabling all application/game integration in iCUE software.
    Set EAC to use only one specific core.
    (and actually various combinations of the above aswell)

    What happens when the game freezes / crashes: I can be idling in a random safe house, or anywhere. I can be in the middle of a battle, or doing literally anything else in the game. The game just freezes randomly and instantly. No prior stuttering or lagging occurs, the game just halts full stop. The game never hangs my computer or causes issues with Windows 10. I just have to bring up the task manager and kill thedivision2.exe, restart the game and play again. The task manager either says that the game has stopped responding, or it doesn't. Either way the game is frozen and I have to kill the process.

    To be perfectly clear: The Division and The Division 2 are the ONLY games I have every had to do any heavy troubleshooting on, in order to try and fix a game-breaking issue like this. Everything else just works right out of the box.

    Since this is the case I would very much like to hear from Massive, since they are responsible for the game-code, what is being done about this issue. Especially since it has been around literally for years.

    Since TD and TD2 are the only games I know of that use the Snowdrop engine, I highly suspect the issue is there, deep down in the core of it.

    Please Massive, I really love the game, please fix this.

    Best Regards,

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