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  • topic_solved Anno 2205 Global Market - All prices are 0 Credits

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    @ubi-karl Hi there again.
    Yeah, its working fine. I've toke more time to check it to not spam all the time: works/ works not and i can confirm everything is okay since Monday. Thanks and good job!

  • Ubi-TheBerry
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    Fantastic news @myrtanvakarian , glad to see it's working as it should be at last!

  • Bernz27938
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    @ubi-theberry, I have to say that it is sadly not working for me. I am in Germany and just reinstalled the game on Sunday. World market seems to be working, the council is not.
    All the other npc company leaders keep bugging me about the election, but I cannot click the button. It is simply greyed out. Same goes for the external resources button on the bottom.

  • Tiamatis
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    Same problem. Anno 2205 (Steam)

  • mavna1
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    @bernz27938 Same here, since last week.

  • Ubi-Milky
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    Hi everyone, I am really sorry to hear that some of you are having an issue with the World/Global market again.

    Could you please upload a video or screenshot showing the game's update version, as well as this menu being unavailable to you or greyed out in the game? We will need new footage of this not working, in order to open a new investigation with the Anno and IT team.

  • Th05324
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    Hi Ubi-Milky, the comments are a bit old and is problem was solved since then. There was a pending issue with former club rewards not being unlocked (since ubisoft club rewards system changed a while ago) but I released a Fanpatch that should solve this issue -waiting on answers from the community to know if everything's working as expected (LINK1, LINK2). Thanks for continued support !

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 4158

    Hello @th05324 thank you for the update.

    As for the Connect rewards, thank you for sharing this patch you have created with us and the community, I will forward this to our devs to look into also, thank you.


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