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    Whoa! Where can I get this mod?

    There is another thread about the Mod that Virtual Chris posted, the only caveat is that you must be on PC as it does not work for Consoles. This is a mod created by Vahndaar, one of the members here and we are yet to know what Ubi thinks about it since they have not bothered posting anything good or bad (it goes to show how much they care about this community and their own forums).

  • Virtual-Chris
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    @fcac-no-moe Yeah agreed. I like realism but I’m not about to rig a handgun to the top of my TV that shoots me whenever my character gets shot 🙂

  • martbloke88
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    @FcAc-No-Moe Oh and speaking of other issues, I am guessing this is going to be a LOUD NOOOO! but I gotta ask.

    Can this Mod help fix or alleviate at least the horrible horrible & atrocious audio issues where you hear the enemies talking like they are 10 meters away from you and the sound coming from your 6 only to find out that they are actually 75 to 100 meters away and to your North West?

    Yeah this is poop. The way I get around it is decreasing the volume of voices in the sounds options to around 80ish I think I have it set BUT this also affects the cutscenes voice volume.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    I am sorry but I am still not understanding how is lowering the volume in the settings will help alleviate this issue?

    Can you expand on your explanation please.

  • Fyr79
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    @fcac-no-moe I lower the voice volume (80%) too. I leave the sound effects at maximum, no music and I never use sound in night mode. I keep the master volume at 100% and always control the sound output in the headset. It seems to help locate enemies as I hear footsteps better. It seems more realistic to me too, enemies talk too loud in this game, at least in portuguese. The downside is that I hardly understand what my allies whisper, being forced to show communication icons on the HUD for synchronized shooting, in co-op it works extremely well, with squad volume at 50%.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    NO harm in trying I guess ... Thanks guys

    Now, another dumb question perhap?

    Is it me or this Mod has also brought more patrols on the roads? It seems like now I really have to pay more attention to crossing the road as my chances of being run over have increased. The issue is also that you don't hear the vehicle and by the time you do and you want to turn around to align some kind of shot to the gunner, the turret has already spun and by then that's all she wrote.

    Now, before Virtual_Chris bites my head off 😊 🤕 , let me clarify that I am not opposed to it , on the contrary it does add to the being hunted experience but, and again, to balance things out a bit, I would love to be able to hear the vehicles coming at a longer distance to give me time to seek cover or get ready for a battle, even if I end up dead, at least I went down with a fighting chance... it is all a quiet operator can ask for. (at least I imagine!).

    Oh and is it my imagination or now you can hear the sound of a 2 stroke motorcycle nearby and sure enough, there is 1 Sammy with another dude with a weird icon that I have never paid attention to what he is supposed to be making it sound like they just got there?

  • MikeWeeks
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    @fcac-no-moe The sound of the "nearby" motorbike spawning started in my game world with the last TU. Once you hear it, pull up the tac map, and locate it. Another hand-holding feature introduced by the studio.

    A general question to those who have loaded the mod - when you add the argument to the Connect Launcher, do you include the colon (:) before the forward slash (/)? The Readme line doesn't make it clear as to the exact specific start of the argument.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Ahhhh, OK, Thanks Mike, I thought as much but since I never pay much attention to those things I didn't know if they were trying something different.

    I am sure you must of have figured it out by now but, just in case ... it without the ( : )

    Ok so I had a small session this afternoon and the feeling I got is better but still a bit on the easier side , aka more arcade than realism. I do believe that in 2 to 3 more sessions I may have it just how I want it.

    Anyways, I am going to post my changes or values I changed for those taking notes or wanting to test things out a bit. I have used shorthand (so to speak) but it will be easy to know the process list I changed... here we go:"

    Description of the process ----- (Mod's value) ~ (My value)
    n e e d m ----- (3) ~ (2.5)

    p w a s m ----- (3) ~ (2.5)

    p w a s m ----- (8) ~ (7)

    D R M ----- (3) ~ (2.5)

  • DV20Katana
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    @virtual-chris @FcAc-No-Moe
    Thanks! Checking it out now 🙂 Looks very exciting 🙂

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Description of the process ----- (Mod's value) ~ (My value) ~ (Newer Value) ~ (Newest Value)

    New Enemy Engagement Distance Multiplier ----- (3) ~ (2.5) ~ (2.75) ~ (2.60)

    Player Weapon Audio Subsonic Multiplier ----- (3) ~ (2.5) ~ (2.75) ~ (2.60)

    Player Weapon Audio Supersonic Multiplier ----- (8) ~ (7)~ (7) ~ (7.5)

    Detection Range Multiplier ----- (3) ~ (2.5) ~ (2.75) ~ (2.25)

    I have decided NOT to be a lazy bum and I will write down the whole description this time around... I have edited to show what Values I have tried but I still can't find a happy medium to accomodate my gameplay. I need help trying to make sense what really the description of each one is, what it actually does and what side effect it can bring if I adjust to one side more than the other or, if one needs to balance it out with another thing that I have not adjusted (value wise).

    I do hope I have gotten my point across which I know is not that easy. For example, I am a bit confused between Engagement Distance vs Detection Range (for starters).

    Ok so If I use the My Value or Newer Value I still think it goes to much into the vanilla values but, if I use the Newest Values then it tends to go to the Mod values and I well, that is not how I want my gaming fun.

    My issues as expressed here and on the other Post is that Realism is ok but I need to assign some Gaming Realism to it and a Full ON firefight ALL the time is not my cup of tea.

    I would love to be able to take a long distance shot from 150 ~ 200 meters away (suppressed or loud) before alerting the whole Island (when in Rural Areas) and perhaps shorter distances even if in Urban areas where sound can be muffled by structures, AAmon driving about, machines working etc, etc. More so if I single out an isolated enemy on 1 side, I don't want the whole base or complex immediately going on alert, let alone pin-pointing my position when clearly the guy is dead and they may have an idea where the shot came from.

    I also want to try to eliminate (if possible) the fact that they are now shooting at you going through foliage, boulders or trees and causing your player heavy damage and, well, you can't return fire because of the obvious obstacles. Again, NOT blowing on the Mod, just asking for help if this is possible, if not, well, no harm done in asking is there? (Looking at you Chris before bitting my head off 😨 😇 )

    Now, if we can also fix the audio issues a bit, that would be awesome even though I do believe that we landed in the "The Studio crapped on that one so there is no fixing it unless they make a new game!" or did I misunderstood that one, which BTW, I hope I did LOL.

    I am thinking and hoping, that the values between 2.60 ~ 2.75 will yield a better outcome but if not, well, I have enjoyed playing the mod a whole lot better than what the vanilla provided, that is for sure and I may even finish the rest of the campaign and learn to play it a bit more real like Chris is doing... why not!

    OH and Also, if you happen to know another thing that may help what I am trying to do, by all means, tell me so I can add it to my list. For all I know, I am not utilizing the CT as it should be because I don't know nor understand what it does fully.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Ok so I have played with a lot of variations (fractions) and I can't seem to find the sweet spot for me but it could very well be that I am not Understanding the meaning of what I am changing or they have dual meanings? Perhaps they even do something different than what I am thinking?

    Anyways, Vahndaar or Chris or anybody, can you tell me exactly what this does? I need the actual definition of it . I will describe what I think it does.

    New Enemy Engagement Distance Multiplier ----- (Mod value 3) I believe this is the distance in which the enemy will see you and engage you with shooting at you if you don't quickly hide.

    Player Weapon Audio Subsonic Multiplier ----- (Mod value 3) This means the distance the enemy will hear a suppressed weapon even if we don't have subsonic ammo present.

    Player Weapon Audio Supersonic Multiplier ----- (Mod value 8 ) Same as above but with std ammo so it makes sense the value is almost triple.

    Detection Range Multiplier ----- (Mod value 3) This is where the thing gets a little hairy because I am not 100% sure what to expect from this since we already have the one above but I am sure it has to do with distance that is why I played with it.

    As stated before, I have played with fractions of the Mod Value but I am either thick headed or I don't see fractional changes but more whole changes, as in, if I choose Mod Value 3 is to much but if I chose Mod Value 2.5 then it goes too much in to the other side but 2.60 doesn't change and 2.75 goes too much into 3. Does that even make sense to you all? 😢

  • MikeWeeks
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    Here's my impression of the referenced modifiers -

    "Enemy Engagement" - the distance when they will open fire, period. If the value is the same as "Detection Range" it's self-explanatory. If the value is less, then in theory they can spot you, go on alert, but not open fire until they reach the appropriate distance.

    "Subsonic" - the distance those weapons classified in the mod as firing subsonic ammo (with suppressors) will be heard.

    "Supersonic" - same as above for the other weapons (ASR,DMR,SNR).

    "Detection Range" - tied to "Enemy Engagement" by default - it's the specific distance your character gets spotted. Test various values by going to open fairly level areas and start walking/crouched towards spawned stationary NPCs, starting at least from 250m, and note the range when detection(s) start. For testing purposes you can nerf "Enemy Engagement", then change the latter's value(s) to see if there's really any significant changes.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Thanks Mike.

    So I got those correct.


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