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  • nongenuine
    21 posts

    So I verified files, and that didn't work. I reinstalled amd chipset drivers because I recently changed the CPU and installed the latest version of the Nvidia driver. The game did not crash for 3 days and counting. My PC power options is high performance with turn off hard disk after to 0. Nvidia power management mode is prefer maximum performance.

  • Nihil31
    16 posts

    @ubi-viral and nothing gets done, as your user name suggests, ubisoft is a virus, it infects whatever game it touches and never bother to fix what they infected

  • LegioTX
    1 posts

    This problem not only related with DirectX 12, but DirectX 11 too. I can't playing this game stable about 3-4 months. Tried so many steps, but none of 'em worked. It's always crashing 5-10 minutes after getting into game. About 1 months, it's not crashing, but just hangs with black screen windowed state. Same with DX11 and DX12. I'm not even gonna try to play until a stable update comes.

  • Tekno909
    4 posts

    -I just played The Division 1 campaign with 0 crashes.

    -Started to play The Division 2 campaign: 0 problems till lvl 30, after that it's crashing now all the time. Still in Washington, haven't tried NY yet.

  • Z4mb3r11
    7 posts

    For those looking for a solution I posted it here. If you follow the steps you will be fine.

  • Nihil31
    16 posts

    So it seems ubisoft really isn't going to do anything about this issue and this crashing will remain ingame, But i guess you can expect it, Honestly ubi should just sell the rights to the series to microsoft, cd projekt or some other company, maybe they realize that this crashing shouldn't exist and would also be shocked that ubisoft have allowed it to remain in the game for this long, a week i can understand but a year? Seriously? especially for a $65 game

  • Tekno909
    4 posts

    @z4mb3r11 Doesn't help. This game is a crashfest.

    I have 0 problems with other games and I play plenty of other games. The Division 2 is the only one where I'm "scared" to play and just wait when it crashes again. Sometimes it works fine for 1-2 hours but the crash will always come. Just like few mins ago. I tried to capture a BT Stronghold and in the end it crashed. The game doesn't even save your progress so I should try it again. No thanks. I'm going to try New York next but my hopes for it to work are super low.

    I played TD2 1,5 years ago last time and it worked fine. I was super happy to enjoy the game again but sadly I can't anymore because I'm just waiting the game to crash. And the weirdest thing is that the crashes started only when I reached LVL30 in end of the campaign and now in the Washington endgame.

    So sad.

  • Nihil31
    16 posts

    @tekno909 It started with last year's update, before that, the game ran with no problems. The first game is a lot more stable, the fact that ubitrash have allowed this crashing to remain for over a year is just astonishing

  • rest030
    5 posts

    I tried replacing it with a 3060, but there was no change.
    The game crashes so often I can't stay motivated.
    Help me, I want to play.

  • Z4mb3r11
    7 posts

    @tekno909 Have you actually done it? Everyone I know has no crashes anymore with that.
    I have run 12 hrs straight sessions with no crash after that.

  • Z4mb3r11
    7 posts

    After reading a lot of posts regarding crashes that players are experiencing I thought best to give you a most likely solution to this issue.
    So far I have had no crashes after 2 weeks now with 8+ hour sessions straight and can enjoy those juicy solo farming runs with no issue.
    Please share it so players can enjoy their missions without getting crashed on the boss fight.
    These crashes are related to : AntiEaseyCheat, Incompatible issues, Inadequate page file size, Outdated or faulty graphics card drivers.

    Step by step. (You must restart your PC after this) :

    1) If you are running any Nvidia 30 series you will want to run with DX12. If files or drivers are corrupted (which most people doesn't even know they are) uninstall all drivers and install a clean version of latest (do not install nvidia game experience)
    You should do this step regardless because a fresh drivers install actually does more than you think. I know it sucks, but just do it.

    2) AntiEasyCheat:

    • Run Division 2 on PC. While running it:
    • Open Task Manager. Expand Task Manager. Under details tab, Right-click on this entry and click the Set CPU affinity option: (https://www.cputemper.com/set-cpu-process-priority-in-windows-10/), deselect all, except CPU Core 1.

    3) Set the size of you page file to System Managed.

    • Go System > About > Advanced System Settings.
    • A new windows (System Properties) will appear, here click on Advanced Tab > Settings.
    • It will open Performance Options here again click on Advanced Tab > Change.
    • Under the Virtual memory section, checkbox “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and click OK

    This may be already ticked but always check.

    4) Run compatibility troubleshooter.

    • Go to the Folder where you have installed the Division 2. Right-click on the file Division.exe and select Properties.
    • Click on the Compatibility tab and then click Change high DPI settings. In the new windows check the box next to Override high DPI scaling behavior and select Scaling performed by: Application. Then click OK to save the changes.
    • Tick the box next to Disable Fullscreen optimizations and click OK
    • Apply and OK

    5) Restart your PC

    6) Always Verify game files for files that might be missing. From Uplay launcher, or wherever you playing from, steam, etc. From local files Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

    7) Optional. Try this only if you still have crashes. Disable Ubisoft / Steam overlay. I have not done it since all other steps worked out.

    • Open Ubisoft Overlay
    • Click on the “Menu” button on the top left corner and select “Settings”.
    • In settings, click on the “General” tab and uncheck the “Enable in-game overlay for supported games” option.

    As mentioned previously, this has helped me and other players running the game with no crashes at all since last patch so if you still have issues then you will have to check your PC and make further checks as any minimal thing can be the cause and not necessarily the game's fault.
    If you have a big list of updates in Windows update, then most likely that is the problem. Do that and then do all these steps from above.

    Shout out to this link providing some of the information: https://www.cputemper.com/division-2-keep-crashing/: (https://cputemper.com/division-2-keep-crashing)

    72 posts

    @z4mb3r11 your link is a very good summary of KNOWN troubleshooting steps however, everyone I know still crashes even after completing all of the steps you've noted. Glad that it seems to resolve your issues, but all of these steps have been noted previously in the hundreds of forum posts here in the new forum and previously in the old Ubisoft forums.

    Unfortunately, I'm confident that most users will continue to crash simply due to a combination of the actually Division 2 application and the live-service servers. I say this with almost 5,000 hours in-game and an SHD level of 18K.... across multiple desktops, laptops, etc...

  • Tekno909
    4 posts

    @z4mb3r11 Yes and none of them worked for me but after I deleted ShaderCache folder (it had some old files even from 2019) from my documents the game has now worked couple days with 0 crashes. Hopefully it stays that way.

  • AgentMikel
    180 posts

    Well..... at least I can play this game via GeForce NOW!
    It is not a problem for me that one session is only 1 hour long if I use the free version of GF NOW!
    Okay... Maybe I reduced the quality of the graphics for a more lag free experience.
    So my agent is ready to fight again!

    72 posts

    No crashes since the emergency server maintenance was completed on 01-21-22. We'll see if two days of multi-hour sessions remain crash-free. I'll post an update as soon as a crash to desktop is experienced. I feel like this is too good to be true but, fingers crossed Agents.

  • Z4mb3r11
    7 posts

    I understand that most are known issues but this fixes have helped many players so far with no crashes at this point anymore.
    Also, if you have done all steps and this keep happening try to set the CPU affinity for the anticheat to core 1 every time you start the game as some players reported it goes back to all cores on restart.
    There needs to be a middle ground as some of us never have crashes and some non stop.

  • apsingh1
    42 posts

    Crashes have started for me again. I don't know but why these issues re occur after some maintenance?

  • Nihil31
    16 posts

    @z4mb3r11 frankly i don't know why they haven't fixed it yet, i mean its a year later for me and we are still dealing with it, any other company would have focused on fixing it, but ubi seems to just not give a damn

  • HaywardGG
    95 posts

    A few of my replies on another thread have been shadow banned. They also closed the official "update" thread, without so much as an actual UPDATE!

    Good luck getting them to take your issues seriously, especially ones like this which are effecting thousands of users.. They don't care , simple as.

  • HaywardGG
    95 posts

    This is the only game that I play which requires me to fiddle with system settings, every time. No other game in my 100+ gaming catalogue require me to do anything but start up and play. I've got games that use way more memory and GPU than Division 2 , which run smooth and haven't crashed once during several hours of non-stop gameplay.

    The truth is that they simply don't care enough to fix this. It's going to cost them money to fix it and they are not going to do that.

    I see why people are leaving Ubisoft , I wouldn't want to work for this company either!

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