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  • MasonLongSword
    10 posts

    @ubi-nacho Thanks for the response im really hoping that something is done to this i have been seeing other players say the same thing as well.

  • Gabriel.Knight
    176 posts

    @masonlongsword your video shows exactly what happens. One minute everything is good, then ALL STOP, except that while everything is all stopped, the hard core character is getting killed. Thanks for uploading it.

  • CapStar362
    31 posts

    no it is not!

    I'm on a less than 2 day old fresh windows install and DX12 is STILL crashing repeatedly and consistently.


    Asus z270 MK1
    i7 7700k ( tested on OC and Factory ) OC @ 5.0
    64GB DDR4 3200 XMP
    2x 1080 Founders Editions ( Tested with SLi Enabled and Disabled ) even isolated a card by removing the SLi HB Bridge.
    Game is on a Samsung PM960 NVMe with IRST Enabled.

    Display is a 1080p Resolution a Vizio 42" M420SV ( yes, i know its a TV, but one with a 3ms panel and works just fine )

  • S3lll
    5 posts

    @capstar362 thanks for the info. Just to be clear, did you clear both caches and verified game files before you played?

    Performance & Stability
    Fixed an issue where the game will crash on a regular basis when DirectX 12 is enabled on PC.

    It sounds too good to be true tbh.

  • murdocklawless
    14 posts

    whatever I did, this game is freezing while playing and not responding. none of the other games have issues like this. I was played this game with same pc more than 500 hours, yes it was freezing rarely but was not annoying but now freezing is my fate.

    I tried dx11 and dx12 and nothing changed.

    amd fx 8350
    16 gb ram
    amd rx590 with lastest drivers.

  • CapStar362
    31 posts

    @s3lll yup, brand new windows install, new patch, verified files. DX12 still crashes

  • MobilTelefon112
    2 posts

    @murdocklawless Yes...i playing that game more than 4000 hours and every time an update is comming the freeze-problem is the same. i think it is a marketing-trick to buying that [censored] farcry-game. the support of Division 2 is more then bad. today in the last 2 hours i get 5 freeze. Its not your computer that bugs its the Ubisoft software. Dont change your configuration!!!

    Intel core I9
    16 GB ram
    Z390 AORUS Master -CF
    250 MBit connect

  • murdocklawless
    14 posts

    @mobiltelefon112 I will install game to the other pc, I will send the result.

    windows 11
    amd ryzen 7 1800x
    16 gb ram
    sapphire r9 290

  • echolecter
    Original poster 271 posts

    It's getting crazy ... I was a little bit hopeful seeing TU14 and some of the 'fixes' but turns out it didn't solve anything, again. First run I didn't crash within 5 minutes but was fighting invisible NPCs most of the time. Or they were in different location as their armor bar indicated, and simply popping up elsewhere. Likely this is to blame to server/network load (still no excuse) so will try again later to see if it improves. Normally running on DX11 and also tried DX12 to see if that was better, but it wasn't. Huge lag spikes and possibly due to overall server/network load, and crashed later on. Starting the game takes forever, and in the end it turns out it still crashes without closing itself this time ... again.

    If in few days I don't see any improvements it will be uninstalled for Nth time to make space for games that actually do run properly. Loading textures takes a very long time which has never been a real issue, except for specific locations, during the 3000 hours I have been playing.

  • murdocklawless
    14 posts

    @echolecter @MobilTelefon112 I played about an hour on the other computer and it didn't freeze. normally it should freeze in five or ten minutes. strange situation.

  • Slick8791
    3 posts

    Nope, I'd say it's now worse since I haven't had a problem until today's patch was installed. I can't even run the benchmark test more than twice without it freezing up.

  • Adrian-11
    896 posts

    Still crashes, but in a different style...
    Instead of being suspended, now it goes to a smaller window and not responding state.

  • Slick8791
    3 posts


    Agree, that is exactly what started happening on my end after today's patch.

  • Rich_N
    1 posts

    Also started happening to me today following the patch. I guess they've messed up somewhere.

  • KetoRay
    2 posts

    @adrian-11 Exactly what's happening to my game now since the update. I came home and the game was updated, after 2 times both with DX11 and 12 it freezes up in a smaller window and then doesn't respond. With both the news that the release of the new gear system is postponed and these new bugs I'm almost so far to switch to another game.

  • eilegz
    5 posts

    Still crashing here, but not the usual crash to desktop like before, now it freeze and you have to force close it.... so its worse than before.... back to Direct X 11 sigh

  • Nekhebu
    52 posts

    @adrian-11 Just had exactly the same. Logged into the game thinking I'd check what's new. Ran out into the rain and two minutes in the game went into windowed mode and just froze. It's definitely an improvement though because previously it would lock my PC so hard that the only way to reset it would to hold the power button down until the PC shuts down.

    Edit: tried again and same thing - 2-3 minutes in just crashed to desktop. Verified all game files and cleared DirectX cache prior to that.

    My system specs in case it's relevant: MSI GeForce 3090 GAMING X TRIO, AMD 5950X, 32GB RAM, Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER.

  • Kanaima
    13 posts

    I've begun consistently crashing within 20 or so minutes in both DX11 and 12 since this most recent patch.

  • CamoGeko
    1 posts

    Yeah same here!

    Weirdly it was actually working fine for me on DX12 before TU14.

    Now on DX12 it crashes after 10-20 mins into playtime. I've had to switch to the stuttery DX11, also expecting it to crash tbh...

    16GB RAM

  • Morganatic_Kaos
    3 posts

    Still having the same problem. It hasn't gotten any better, but neither has it gotten worse. The game continues to freeze completely unpredictably under DX12. These excuses to start the game in admin mode, install the latest drivers and check the game files are a guideline that has done absolutely nothing for over a year. Those 100 people who still play the game already know what they say if nothing has improved because they have been looking for a solution to the developers failure for over a year.

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