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  • Aldur2309
    33 posts

    Another happy customer: https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/vb8slr/goodbye_d2_i_love_you/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/vb8slr/goodbye_d2_i_love_you)

    Constant crashes, insane load times, and now even this pos forum software keeps logging you out. Quality service here Ubisoft.

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    @ubisushivamp This is getting beyond a joke now! The game is completely un-playable can't complete a single thing without being returned to desktop.
    Please pull your [censored] fingers out and sort it ASAP. your killing a perfectly good game

  • Canadian.66
    2 posts

    The game has always crashed for years. It's the worst now than it has ever been. It's 2022, I think the devs should be able to fix their game code by now. I can't even do a full run of Countdown. I think it might be time to retire this buggy game and to dissuade others from playing the game until they fix the game. How many years has this game been out? You would figure that by now they would have been able to fix what is causing the game to crash.

  • Strayed.
    4 posts

    I'm done with this game for now. It's literally unplayable and all the response from the staff here are nothing but useless empty promises. I'll come back until it's all fixed or the game dies. I'm pretty much gonna bank on the latter.

  • Amkiller_nl
    12 posts

    at this moment my entire clan has stopped playing. we will be back when the game is fixed. (most of it) the crashes en loading times are worst ever...

  • Sock_Monkey
    535 posts

    Yeah, I know there's a pinned thread on this, but it has gotten so bad now it deserves to be brought to the forefront - repeatedly. If a mod merges this thread - so be it.

    First of all, all sensationalism aside, it's perfectly clear Ubi doesn't give a rat's a** about quality control, as the crashing is now worse than ever. Since the latest TU I cannot run the game more than 10 minutes without a crash to desktop. Not once. Sometimes it crashes within 60 seconds. Sometimes 5-7 minutes, but even starting a mission is pointless anymore since it has become impossible to run all the way through without a crash, and more often than not you will lose progress as a result.

    Second of all, what's with the loooong connection times now since the last TU? After all the splash screens and ads I sit on 0% for minutes now before it starts to load, now making every crash a 5+ minute affair to get back in.

    Do the math, and you'll conclude you spend almost as much time crashing and recovering as you do playing.

    Seriously Ubi, stick to video games, and don't even consider branching into anything else. It's the only industry I can think of where such an absolute disdain for quality control can be a core to the corporate culture without the company facing lawsuits or other legal action.

  • Rogueh.
    3 posts

    Same problem as most people describe here, currently followed this "fix"

    testing atm to see if it helps.
    Update - Didn't helped for me unfortunately, hope it works for someone else.

  • Tepnox
    2 posts

    @rogueh Thx. Will try that fix out. I agree with you 100%! As a consumer it should not be necessary to fix the spaghetti-code produced by Ubisoft and opening security flaws that should protect your PC in the first way. I will report back, if this helps. Division 2 crashes for me every 10-15 minutes straight. The funny thing is, it behaves the same even when streaming via Geforce Now. So it is clearly a problem in the game-code or on the server-network-side.

  • Tepnox
    2 posts

    @rogueh Did not work for me. Crashed in the first 10 minutes again. Sad...

  • KiRiASU81
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • KiRiASU81
    6 posts

    The fix does nothing for me, too! This game is unplayable and Ubisoft/Massive does nothing, NOTHING against it. I payed for the new Season and can't play it because of these constant random crashes. Wind 10 Pro x64, RTX 3080, i7 9700k, 64 GB RAM, all drivers and OS are up-to-date.

  • WrecK3rr
    325 posts

    Set up a page file. Preferably on a separate drive.
    Change affinity to a single core for easy anti-cheat after game launch.

    It'll help.

  • Bo3sman
    1 posts

    At least I get a lot more family time now with these new longer loading times after the latest update.
    Load for 4 minutes during which I spent time with the family.
    Play for 5 minutes then the game crash.
    4 minutes of family time.
    5 minutes play time.

  • loink1312
    2 posts

    wow seeing that the problem has been around for a long time I regret buying the game

  • Aldur2309
    33 posts

    More happy customers: https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/vd0776/the_division_2_is_unplayable/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/vd0776/the_division_2_is_unplayable)

  • Christofor
    3 posts

    No problems with crashing , only thing different now is the long loading times . Its weird.
    I9 12900k , 3080ti , 64g ram , Windows 10 pro. Geforce Driver version 516.40 .

  • tmpn9x
    3 posts

    Not the same crash as before the update right? These are two separate crash bugs now?

    Yo dawg I heard you like CTD.

  • Colonel.Klink.
    6 posts

    @rogueh I tried this "fix" too and it didn't work.
    I've been away from my gaming PC for over a month because of work and was looking forward to playing. Along with the latest patch and the update (nerf) to the Heartbreaker gear set, I still can't play more than 45 minutes without a freeze/crash. The game stability has gotten worse with every update! [censored]!

    69 posts

    Game will randomly lag then permanently freeze. I am running nvidia gpu driver 512.96 on windows 11 with latest updates. I also have latest bios version
    Game is running latest title update

    System specs are:
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor at 3.20 Ghz
    Team Group DDR3 Ram 64GB
    ASUS STRIX Motherboard

  • Watcher_6
    5 posts

    @xxshadowcommand You are not the only one having this issue. They will tell you to verify your game files. I did, didn't fix the issue. They will also tell you to make sure your video card drivers are up to date. I always do, that wasn't the issue either. For added extra measure, I un-installed and re-installed the game. Didn't work either. Either way, this has been an increased issue since this latest title update. I have submitted a ticket, but don't expect they will do much in the weay of fixing this issue. I stated earlier this crashing thing "has been an increased issue" since this last update as freezing and crashing has always seemed to be part of this game. However, prior to the title update, it may have happened once, then everything was stable once you logged back in. They don't seem to mind this issue being an issue.

    As much as I love playing this game, this freezing/client crashing thing is almost making it un-playable. I haven't run across any "known issues" for this increase in freezing since the last title update. Who knows?!

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