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  • echolecter
    Original poster 354 posts

    @echolecter And crashed again, took about 2 mintues. Can't even leave safe houses anymore. Keep it up guys ... doing great job.

  • F.i.x.e.r
    119 posts

    @echolecter Downloaded an update this a.m. and wishfully thought to myself, maybe they just rolled out a fix. Played a couple of hours so far and smooth with no crash, so I again thought to myself maybe just maybe they finally did something. You have just burst my bubble.

  • Zewer1111
    8 posts

    @F-i-x-e-r downloaded patch too today, got crash in 5 minutes

  • BattleMaster23
    31 posts

    @echolecter On the Known Issues Board, it now states that the patch for this issue is slated for TU16. Hopefully not too long to wait for a permenant fix.

  • F.i.x.e.r
    119 posts

    @BattleMaster23 That's what they promised for TU15.4 If we have to wait until the next TU each time they don't meet their commitment, It could a frosty day in July before we see a fix. Tomorrow never comes.

  • F.i.x.e.r
    119 posts

    Yup, finished my day smooth as butter no crashes, go figure. Totally unpredictable game.

  • Yankee_LT
    17 posts

    What seems to be in the heads of these damn devs when patch after patch NEVER solves the issues of the game HARD crashing after 10-20 mins of gameplay? No need for console players to comment on this subject because you never have these issues. It seems to me and the rest of the community using PCs that Ubisoft has no intentions of resolving this issue. Instead, they all act like magicians using the ploy of misdirection. So here's my question to ALL the PC players. When will enough be enough to have us say, "No more. Fix the issue or lose our portion of the community." I mean, we have been filing these issues for a little over twelve months now.

  • S3lll
    39 posts

    Crashed today within 15 minutes while inspecting my inventory. Game remains extremely unstable on PC.

    Edit: Game just crashed again, this time just went into window mode and showed up as not responding in the task manager. Game crash happened after 5 minutes while just running around in the BoO.

    Since the launch of the game, these instability issues are the worst they have ever been. I cannot play the game anymore.

  • MassiveVijayjay
    87 posts

    @Ubi-Lucipus your priorities are in the wrong place. stop putting out patches for horrible looking apparel.

  • V1D30
    7 posts

    See the link - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/127188/crash-to-desktop-issues-on-pc-title-update-15-post-here/1101?lang=en-US&page=56

    All the ubisoft support staff have no idea what they talking about...its pointless asking them for help as they are just cut and paste bots

  • echolecter
    Original poster 354 posts

    @F-i-x-e-r Had similar experience after last weeks update. Two days went by without issues (as posted earlier) but on 3rd day they were back again. They also introduced a new feature, the Delta-05 that pops up when you start the game after some time, like next day. Maybe their next installment will be The Division 5, who knows... and this error is actually a secret message, or advertisement.

    As for TU16, they planned a fix to be released with it a long time ago but not so sure they will actually manage to fix anything. And as the name suggests - Title Update - it only changes/update things, not fixing any bugs like the good-old patches used to do. From what I've seen it appears they are using Amazon servers (not sure about past) and when those are causing all of this they will never be able to fix it. Outsourcing has its risks and you're not having any control over that part anymore.

  • echolecter
    Original poster 354 posts

    @Yankee_LT Have reached that point a long time ago already. If they want me to play any other game that is not in my library already they will have to give it away for free. And even if they did, I'd probably pass. Not buying anything anymore, to much BS statements coming out of that company in last few years.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    553 posts

    @MassiveVijayjay The character/apparel design team have nothing to do with fixing crashes. It's like asking a vehicle upholsterer to fix issues with the engine.

  • Nerfed-Again
    58 posts

    @Yankee_LT I came back about 2 months ago and found the crashing annoying but it stopped for a day or so and then it started happening again. TD2 is now uninstalled and staying that way, I will not bother to buy another Ubisoft game until they sort themselves out and treat the whole community as a whole in the same way. I have 13 other PC games and a few Series X games to play. I doubt I'll return to this game ever again. They'll probably kill the servers soon. This game is old now.

  • BlueCollar
    8 posts

    @V1D30 I have heard a lot of people say that about Windows security. I'm from the old days of DOS and it's hard to let go.
    Even though I've only had one actual virus in 35 years of BBS and surfing the web, I've had a ton of malware attacks.

  • BlueCollar
    8 posts

    @knivestv Actually worked for me. I set to 80fps and havent had a crash yet. Thanks!

  • F.i.x.e.r
    119 posts

    @echolecter Oh yes, I have no doubt it will be back, I have been around this game (and this dev/publisher) too long.

  • Brasetvik
    4 posts


    Jupp that's why I stopped playing D2 2-ish months ago, the game crashed over and and over again forcing me to restart my PC because I couldn't shut down the game.exe..

    I'm so done with this game, I feel a little bit sad unsintalling it after 1000+ hours of gametime..

    Oh btw this is the only game that are crashing for me, all other games run flawlessly:
    Dead Island Definitive Edition
    Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
    Insurgency Sandstorm
    Sniper Elite 5
    Guild Wars 2
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    The Elder Scrolls Online 

    Only the division 2 that crashes, I tried different drivers, and I'm always on the newest w10 update etc.

    Oh well, GG BB D2 ❤

  • Saqiw
    57 posts

    @HaywardGG Just dont buy anything from UBICrap!

  • Robert-of-Hague
    13 posts

    Are you refering to the disconnect-problem?
    Because that has haunted me for months now.
    Tried every tric I could find on the internet, but notting solves this problem.
    And it seems to get worse lately. Playing Count down is nearly impossible.
    Sometimes 5 - 6 of the 8 players get disconnected during a 10 minutes session.

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