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  • AgentMikel
    222 posts

    Yeah.... now the game is even crashing or heavily lagging on GeForce NOW! Great! 😠 Uninstalled GeForce NOW! 😞
    (At least I had only used the free version of GeForce NOW so I didn't lost any money at all...)

  • nongenuine
    26 posts

    I had random crashes too. The game would show in windowed mode, freeze, and be unresponsive in the task manager. I would need to end task with task manager. The crashing is ridiculous because the game is so old. How can you play raids if the game is so unstable? Ubisoft please fix this crappy crashing. This is top priority!

  • i_Wolf3r
    3 posts

    Exactly! Before TU14, I rarely get Delta error on my level 40 account and no error at all on my son level 30 account.
    After TU14 both accounts are being hit of "Not Respond" after few minutes after starting the game. It even worse on level 30 account as there are more frequently crashes happening during game play.

  • Tauro.Ulti
    14 posts

    Also decided to give the game a shot again just to come back to it crashing the whole time? Don't really understand how make a game unstable without even giving it a big update, but Ubisoft things I guess.

    Seems like changing the Affinity of the EasyAntiCheat.exe in task manager helps now and then, though still have 0 clue whats causing these crashes as it seems completely random. Also playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it doesn't seem to have this issue.

    Hopefully there will actually be some news soon, but HIGHLY doubt it

  • Beastie1929
    2 posts

    Have you guys try deleting shader cache after the update? Anyway delete the content in the folders below might help with the crash.

    USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division 2\ShaderByteCode\

    USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division 2\ShaderCache\

  • Piucas
    1 posts

    Been away for well over a year, came back to Divison 2 and it's just a crashing pile of garbage. What the H happened? And why isn't those french people doing something about it?

  • tony_the_shark7
    28 posts

    @beastie1929 i went and upgrade my SSD from 250 gigs to 2 TB hoping that would help il trie this when I reinstall it all back

  • Bonelesschild
    6 posts

    This has got to be the most frustrating game to play. I've been playing for just over a month. It is a fun game when it works. The last 2 weeks have been exhausting. I just got dc'd/crashed 2 times in the last 30 minutes. I've done every possible tip/trick I could find. I've spent more time researching how to fix this game than I have in any other game......WHAT GIVES?! How is this possible? Would never have thought it could be this bad. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It was fine for 2 days now it's just a coin flip if you can play....I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

  • Bonelesschild
    6 posts

    @dgibbs0911 Just happened to me 2 times in the last 30 mins. Spend more time trying to log on than gameplay.

  • Tauro.Ulti
    14 posts

    @z4mb3r11 The only one I found somewhat helping is the Affinity for Easy Anti-cheat. Game takes longer to crash, but still does. This is probably the most frustrating issue I've ever had to deal with and this absolute dead silence from the devs aren't making it any better.

  • Gasolgbg
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Olonne32
    2 posts

    I have the same crash issue. My game crashing, tabbing to window and freezing permanently. Only way is to shutdown the process in the Task manager.
    But I have to say, that with Nvidia GPU drivers 466.77, those crashes are not so frequent.

    Unfortunately, looks like Devs won't do anything about it, because this game lifespan is almost over.

  • iwontbeback
    4 posts

    @haywardgg When u say months u mean years right?RIGHT?!!!!

  • iwontbeback
    4 posts

    Dont uninstall launchers,disable overlays,reset oc's and what not this goes on for years and the same thing they told us then they are teliing us again now '' its being investigated '' u wanna spend some more time in this game like i do then switch to dx 11 and try not to get mad when it crashes again cause IT WILL crash again,there is no epiphany no divine intervention no [censored] clue on their side not a single [censored] given for 3 years it is what it is and is sure af wont be resolved now nearing the game's end days,they know what it is and just cant do anything about it and sometimes its better to say i dont know if what u know makes u far worst than an ignorant dev,just keep in mind the 3 year charade next time u reach in ur pocket for 59.99999999999 coins

    P.S on the bright side this kind of situ sure af wont happen in division 3 right?RIGHTTT??????

  • Tauro.Ulti
    14 posts

    @olonne32 466.77? Dude we're at 511.23 already😂 No one would downgrade that far for this game

  • Olonne32
    2 posts

    @tauro-ulti I was at 511.23 as well, but saw a topic on reddit, where some guy made an "investigation" and made a conclusion that 466.77 is more stable GameReady driver for the DIV2. I am not sayn' that it's an ultimate solution, but it's works for me. As I said, I still have crashes, but they are way less frequent.

  • Saqiw
    52 posts

    almost die on hardcore because of the SHITass crash. thank god i was in a group
    This is UBIsoft dev saying : 2018 bal blah bha bang bang "going to fix it", 2022 still going on with bah bah muu muuu bang bang lucky luke "fix on the way" bah bah ding dong! ggwp

  • Tauro.Ulti
    14 posts

    Absolutely unreal that these devs are just dead silent about a serious issue like this.

  • str33tbomber_PT
    10 posts

    How is this possible? The game keeps crashing like crazy since latest update. Everyone I meet during gameplay suffers the same...people are getting fed up with this. I would bet my money that Ubisoft is now commited to make all players quit the game.
    Since the damn Seasons rerun the game has not been the same as before. I hardly had any crashes prior to the rerun.
    How can Ubisoft behave like this? How is it possible for Ubisoft to allow this to go on and on?
    What do you people do there? Do you even care about the game?
    I have tried all suggested solutions (the ones from the Official response are a joke!) available on the internet. Nothing solves the issue.
    I would be ashamed to be part of Ubisoft right now as you people keep treating players like garbage and do absolutely nothing to solve this issue.
    I will now stop playing this damn game and move over to something that can actually be played without crashing.

  • P3drix_PT
    5 posts

    @str33tbomber is sad,i want my money back,this game is so bad,omg pay me and i resolve this bad game..

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