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  • locked topic_unsolved Crash to Desktop Issues on PC - Title Update 15

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    this issue is still happening after big update...so sad cannot playing the game, same crash to desktop and than game goues windows mode and freeze

  • Aldur2309
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    @Ubi-Froggard Some more great PR for this new patch:

    https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uor8wl/not_more_than_5_minutes_into_the_update_and_my/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uor8wl/not_more_than_5_minutes_into_the_update_and_my)

    https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uo42y6/tu15_shouldnt_have_been_released_in_this_state/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uo42y6/tu15_shouldnt_have_been_released_in_this_state)

    https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uosna5/the_game_still_crash_to_desktop_with_windows_mode/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uosna5/the_game_still_crash_to_desktop_with_windows_mode)

  • Ubi-Viral
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    Hey! Sorry to hear that you are all experiencing crashes.

    In order to troubleshoot this can we ask that you try the steps here.

    If the issue continues please let us know.

    Thank you.

  • mjay17492
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    @ubi-viral tried all these "fixes" and a million others, provided by your player base.

    nothing works.

    sometimes game crashes after 10 minutes, sometimes it can last a couple days without crashing.

    this has been going on for so long and nothing seems to be done about it?

    just got the new season pass and ten minutes later, old faithful black windowed screen crash. this is an issue with the game/anti-cheat/both.

  • Monkey_Vision
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    Still crashing for me on PC (sigh). I guess my $$ stays in my pocket.

  • Aldur2309
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    @monkey_vision Yeah they don't deserve money for this. Nobody should be buying the season pass.

  • sOops316
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    @mjay17492 I really love how Ubisoft continue to think this is a hardware problem, not a game client problem, google division 2 crashes/freezes we cant all have the same [censored] hardware. I have played since pre ordering div 1, and the division 2 is so bad for myself and so many others, I like many can get 5 minutes or an hour with out an issue, but it can freeze with out warning resulting in the need to alt tab and close the division... No wonder its UBI (soft) and not like UBI (good or hard)
    Well done..

  • Valkurie
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    @agent_ares I ran into the same problem, I reported it to Ubisoft and got the same reply with a bunch of useless troubleshooting steps. I saw some chatter about Nvidia's latest drivers and how they might be to blame... hopefully they will figure it out soon. I can at least play Div2 on my PS5 for now. I know Ubisoft will probably post more info once it's resolved but I would appreciate it if any players would also post any updates. Thanks all 🙂

  • Valkurie
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  • New-Way-Devil
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    Glad im not the only one. Prior to tu15 i was having no issues at all. Now if i even inspect someone, game freezes and i have to task manager/end task out OR i get lucky and get the pop up that the game isnt responding. I cant even play. Lost out on a few exotic drops in countdown too.

  • bennythewarlock
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    @ubi-viral I have been using these methods as well and this game is not working as intended.

  • CTFoxhound
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    @eilegz same here, I just came back to the game too after being gone for a long time. I start playing and it won't be long before I crash. It doesn't crash to the desktop but the game just totally freezes.

  • CTFoxhound
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    @agent_ares yeah game just freezes. It's more of like a stall and windows ends up having to force close the game so it doesn't look like a crash report happens.

  • CTFoxhound
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    @valkurie exact same thing happening to me, I can't play for longer than 10ish mins. I verified files hoping that would help but it happened again. So I literally uninstalled the game and did a fresh install. Happened again.

  • Capt.Meatshield
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    Same here. Nearly 550 flawless hours before I put the game down for a few months. Picked it back up yesterday and have crashed too many times. It's a shame.. I was really looking forward to getting back into it for a bit.

    I guess I got my money's worth, though!

  • Boothen
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    It's been years now and this crap is still happening. When are you going to fix it? It's hard to get into and enjoy a game when you're constantly expecting it to crash on you.

  • Raiden85OCUK
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    Game has been pretty unstable since the latest update, after 10mins or even 2hrs the game will lock up, enter windowed mode, game window will show a black screen and then peg my all 32 threads of my 5950x to 100% load until I end the game with task manager, game hasn't crashed to the desktop yet, just locked up in a window. Game was far more stable before the patch as I was playing it and a crash was very rare before this update, and this is with 2,474hrs in game so far.

    Also having an odd stuttering when travelling a decent distance on foot like it's struggling to load the world fast enough, runs silky smooth for ages then starts hitching, then returns to normal after a few seconds, could run for an hour before it happens, it's very random. Never had before the update either or even since the game launched, game always ran maxed out at 4K with very smooth frame rates and frametimes overall.

    System I'm running this on for reference.

    AMD 5950x
    64GB DDR4 3200
    Asus RTX 3090 Strix OC
    Asus X570 Formula (BIOS 4201)
    WD SN850 NVMe 2TB
    Corsair AX1600i
    Windows 11 Pro 21H2 (22000.675)

  • Jimmy_DA
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    @ubi-viral Hey ubi-viral, can we have a serious discussion here. Nigh time Division 2 players, especially those on PC dewserve some real answers here. These crashes are nothing new and have been reported continuously for years now, YEARS!

    It is clearly not at consumers end, a quick search within Ubisofts own forums is a clear indication of this. It's within the actual games coding. Its a damn shame Ubisoft beleives this is ok and too continue charging full price for a game which is clearly broken is just a insult!

    It is tiome Ubisoft actually takes this seriously and provide their customers with honest answers and solutions to this persistant issue. Awaiting for some faith restored upon a (serious) response, none of the cut & copy generic responses, but a actual mature discussion

  • mino823
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    Same here, freeze/crash at random times... Very frustrating, and disappointing. Serious mar on this game

  • alphatonic
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    Someone said it was server related. If that's the case maybe give us an offline mode?! I play solo like 80% of the time anyway.

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