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  • B00Mslang.
    9 posts

    @haywardgg Its a joke! this game is basically unplayable as it stands now, every person in our clan has CTD constantly, some have great rigs and others average rigs but all have same issues regardsless of OS/CPU/GPUs and windows updates or vid driver updates make 0 difference. Funny this happens with only the division 2 and no other games i play from Squad to Wreckfest to Arma have this laughable amount of problems persisting for months or years! Ubi had 2 years of work from home and apparently did nothing in that time, now they rush out half baked updates with pathetic issues like the conflict bug and how is it possible it went through 2 PTS runs and wasnt rectified then? as for the generic responses you get from Ubi you are not alone and my clan has started losing regular players just since last update for a few reasons.. 1- sick of constant crashes/pc restarts ( avg 5 per player in a 3 hr session ). 2- Same ongoing bugs/lag and lack of any real new content 3- nerfing peoples experience ranks they grinded their butts off to earn for no reason ( these are working people and cant sit and regrind 50 hrs ). 4- Hacking in the DZ is rampant and despite their claims of banning hackers the same old faces run about with no fear of being banned!
    Time to move on from this trash pile of a game which is kinda sad as its potential was immense but the Devs have now made it clear to anyone who can read between the lines that the Div2 is DEAD.

  • Visualsun
    7 posts

    @da_lilman I definitely think that server location has an unintended impact on stability of the game. I would crash playing on Asia/Europe servers (I am NA) - After making the changes above, I have completed raids on Europe servers (roughly 50 mins - 1 hr of gameplay).

    I think with the 3rd party add-ons turned on + server lag from Europe, the RGB lightning add-ons probably couldn't handle catching up when the lag resolved. A flood of packets would overwhelm the RGB software and crash the game is my theory. Thus, just turn it off to eliminate that being a potential problem.

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hello, @visualsun and @Da_Lilman! Thank you for sharing that you were able to improve the crashes and freezes. Also, thank you for sharing that you think it may be related to the data center you are connected to. Our team is investigating the crashes and freezes players are having with the Division 2 and sharing how you are able to resolve them helps the investigation. It is much appreciated. 😊

    Official Response
  • Visualsun
    7 posts
  • Amkiller_nl
    14 posts

    so after the update...CTD are worst...more often then before. Loading times..do not get me started...6 minutes and after 3 retry's i finaly get in game...for 5 minutes...ctd.
    -yes i did verify..but still the same

  • Gatomon-_-
    1 posts

    @ihtg-rogerd2227 Me too like every 5 min freeze and crash ...seems to be a good patch or a good way to deal with this game...

  • HaywardGG
    109 posts

    @amkiller_nl Same for me and the clan member I was playing with tonight. I crashed 4 times within 2 hours. The load times are ridiculous now. I'm sure there's something else broken or they've done this intentionally (but why?).. After 4 crashes it worked fine for another 1.5 hours before I logged off. This issue is never getting fixed!

  • HaywardGG
    109 posts

    @b00mslang The game just keeps getting more and more buggy. You're right, this feels like they're intentionally trying to shut it down. I've been saying this feels like a "pump and dump" move since they started putting it on sale for stupid money. Just making as much as they can before it becomes totally unplayable. I've felt like they've been giving us the middle finger for the past 2 years. This feels like a kick in the sack. Nobody from my original crew plays this any more, not even my son and he loved this game too. Nobody I know who still plays this game has anything good to say about it.

    If ubisoft don't take this seriously now, they never will. RIP Division 2.

  • Crackcarlsson
    3 posts

    Note that this will delete your ignore list and game settings, so be sure to backup your IgnoreList.txt file first before you mess around with anything in there.

    Navigate your way to C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division 2.
    Delete everything in this folder.
    Open Ubisoft Connect and navigate to The Division 2 properties section, and select "Verify files".
    Wait until it's finished and then go ahead and have at it.

    I have been running the game without any crashes and freezes for around 4 days now, with 3-5 hours of game play each day. I used to have multiple crashes/freezes in one session, and to tell you the truth... It's been working perfectly fine so far, for me at least.

    I'm not sure, but maybe something in that folder makes the game go bananas? It only seems to occur after a major game update, since I've done this a couple of times before I've always thought it was a driver/update issue with Windows or something in the end, so I didn't pursue the issue any further. Now, I'm not so sure.

    Hey, fingers crossed that this "fix" will work for all of you!

    /Agent Crackcarlsson

  • txsquarebear
    7 posts

    @ihtg-rogerd2227 After downloading the 6/9/22 patch I had the freeze/crash happen three times after getting into the game within 4 minutes.

    A few weeks ago I saw in global chat someone mentioned lowering the affinity for EasyAntiCheat.exe down to 1 CPU. I have been doing that but never really noticed if it worked with the freeze/crashes that happened every now and then. Today though... Could not stay on for more than 4 minutes without freeze/crash.

    So I checked EasyAntiCheat.exe and found the affinity was set to EVERY CPU! I changed it to one CPU (CPU 0) and was able to play for an hour after that with no freeze/crash. Is that the fix? No idea. But seemed to work for me.

    You can set affinity for the process in Task Manager on the Details tab. Find the process and right click on it.

    This has NO EFFECT on the increased load times of the game since the 6/9/2022 patch. The SnowDrop logo has a very significant pause now when it loads too.

  • Pick_Lock
    1 posts

    This is the only product that crashes ALL THE TIME, fix your garbage game.

  • Maril0w
    1 posts

    since the last update my game crash every 5 min, cant do the event stuff....gj

  • Boothen
    39 posts

    This company is a [censored] joke. Every time there's a patch or an update they introduce a shitload of new bugs that they never fix. And if you report them all you get is the same [censored] cut 'n' paste respone.

  • BroHoodMan
    10 posts

    crashs comes back, dont play this game no more, uninstall !

  • Undead-Aquila
    1 posts

    @txsquarebear having the same issue, the logo has 2 pauses before the main screen. I thought my pc was playing up. Also crashed 4 times trying to do the same mission.

  • Ubi-Auron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 328 posts

    Hi @aorus2017 and thanks for the video!

    Glad to hear you managed to fix your issue! Thanks for the link to video, we'll forward the information to our team! Let us know if the issue reappers or if you have any other questions 😊

    Official Response
  • Avet.
    2 posts

    Today started crashing to the desktop every 5-10 minutes. Unplayable 😠
    Before it was Ok, the only issue was a very long time to load after the last patch but crashing happened after the last maintenance. 😞

  • Aldur2309
    37 posts

    So with this latest patch not only did the crashing get worse, they also added a good 3 mins to the game's already ridiculously long startup time.

    And here the community manager parrots come with their copy/paste scripts that the 'developers' are looking into it.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2757 posts

    Hello @Maril0w,

    Sorry to hear that your game keeps crashing following the latest update. I can see that this issue has been already reported to the development team and it's currently being looked into.

    Can you please confirm your full PC specs? Secondly, can you please perform all of the troubleshooting steps listed in this article, in order to check if it helps with reducing crashes? This will also help you to eliminate any potential software conflicts.

    Many thanks and apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • Mystiq_hawk
    14 posts

    I had no problems before yesterday maintenance... today game is totaly unstable:
    Loding problem: loading i taking x5 longer to load
    Game is chrashing before it starts
    If the game starts i have lag and sound problems after a few min of play game crash or disconnect
    FIX the game please....

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