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  • Christofor
    3 posts

    No problems with crashing , only thing different now is the long loading times . Its weird.
    I9 12900k , 3080ti , 64g ram , Windows 10 pro. Geforce Driver version 516.40 .

  • tmpn9x
    3 posts

    Not the same crash as before the update right? These are two separate crash bugs now?

    Yo dawg I heard you like CTD.

  • Colonel.Klink.
    6 posts

    @rogueh I tried this "fix" too and it didn't work.
    I've been away from my gaming PC for over a month because of work and was looking forward to playing. Along with the latest patch and the update (nerf) to the Heartbreaker gear set, I still can't play more than 45 minutes without a freeze/crash. The game stability has gotten worse with every update! [censored]!

    71 posts

    Game will randomly lag then permanently freeze. I am running nvidia gpu driver 512.96 on windows 11 with latest updates. I also have latest bios version
    Game is running latest title update

    System specs are:
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor at 3.20 Ghz
    Team Group DDR3 Ram 64GB
    ASUS STRIX Motherboard

  • Watcher_6
    5 posts

    @xxshadowcommand You are not the only one having this issue. They will tell you to verify your game files. I did, didn't fix the issue. They will also tell you to make sure your video card drivers are up to date. I always do, that wasn't the issue either. For added extra measure, I un-installed and re-installed the game. Didn't work either. Either way, this has been an increased issue since this latest title update. I have submitted a ticket, but don't expect they will do much in the weay of fixing this issue. I stated earlier this crashing thing "has been an increased issue" since this last update as freezing and crashing has always seemed to be part of this game. However, prior to the title update, it may have happened once, then everything was stable once you logged back in. They don't seem to mind this issue being an issue.

    As much as I love playing this game, this freezing/client crashing thing is almost making it un-playable. I haven't run across any "known issues" for this increase in freezing since the last title update. Who knows?!

  • Brushy21_HUN
    2 posts

    I can not play the game because the constant crashes to the desktop. Yes, my drivers are up to date, I verified the game files, cleared the cache, etc. The game was fine until the last patch. Now the loading times are just the worst, sometimes the games take 5-6 minutes to load on an SSD! Before the patch it was 20 seconds!!! And the constant crashes to the desktop is making me upset and furious the game literally unplayable since the latest big update.


  • Chunkylove9780
    1 posts

    I agree its become unplayable, i counted 10 crashes yesterday on PC i just gave up. FIX the game its infuriating.

  • dallersuk
    2 posts


    Yes today is unplayable. The testing and quality control for patching staff should all be sacked it’s embarrassing. Jokes on them they’re losing so much money from players leaving as it’s all about the store.

    5 minute to join game with laggy screens,
    5-10 minutes crash and another 5 minutes to rejoin.
    Starting a group of any type is pointless.

    Time to go play Elden Ring. This is garbage!

  • mr.noone...
    5 posts

    I think I have some idea what is causing the crash... not sure if anyone else have pointed this one before, but for me personally the crashes started to be quite a lot more common when I raised the difficutly. While I was on "normal" I had few crashes, but once I moved to "hard" it started to crash in like five minutes. Will test this further - might be something that needs me to restart my PC or checking the game files.

  • DrakeniWolf
    1 posts

    @watcher_6 Olso have the same problem but sometimes it happens early and than sometimes mid game for no reason kills ur run and u lose alot of progress.

  • ValldemarLiquid
    2 posts

    I considered my PC super stable for this game, because it always worked for me, even when my friends' game was thrown to the desktop. Well, now it's my turn (((((. Freezes during loading. Throws to the desktop about once an hour and at the most stressful moments. The game has become complete garbage. This is some kind of shame. I mourn.

  • Boothen
    38 posts

    Don't hold your breath. This random crashing bug has been going on for over two years now, and it's quite obvious that UbiSoft/Massive don't give a [censored].

  • Traumahawk
    104 posts

    It seems to have stopped for me for the most part. I did nothing, but I was experiencing the same thing. Constant crashes. Tried everything. Nothing worked. Sorry you're going through this. I hope it doesn't return for me. One notable thing I am doing is running the game in admin.

    71 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • F.i.x.e.r
    111 posts

    @mr-noone which probably goes right back to their servers i.e. very few players probably playing on normal compared to higher difficulty. Then again I am no expert in that area.

  • Rogueh.
    3 posts

    @tepnox So i tested some more again these last couple of days and what works for me currently with no crashes so far is that when you start the game and get to your character screen, open task manager and go to details and then look for the easyanticheat.exe and right click, select affinity and de-select "all-processors" and then select processor 0.

    So only processor 0 should be checked. Again do this when you are at your character screen, not sure if it has to do with anything from there but when i change it at that point i didn't get a crash so far.

    Try it, hope it helps.

  • Rogueh.
    3 posts

    @wreck3rr The page file didn't work for me, but changing the affinity did so far, but only with processor 0, tried it with processor 1 but then it crashed again.

  • Watcher_6
    5 posts

    @drakeniwolf I am already in the middle of the Tech support process with them and they continue to point there finger at my system instead of the fact all this started with the most recent title update. Splash screens and related sound freezes on loads, multiple crashes when loaded into the game with increased chance of happening when you join someone else's session/group.

    My latest response to their repeated attempts at blaming my hardware:
    Ok, you seem to think I am a novice tech person. I have trouble shot all possible issues on my end and I am telling you it isn't client side. I understand you can't discuss other play issues with me, but everyone I know who plays this game has the exact same issues at the same points in the game. For example:

    1) When the game is loading, during the splash screen for "Snow Drop", the animation and sound will freeze in the middle of this splash screen.
    2) Most freezes and crashes happen to clients who have joined someone else's session. For example: If I join a friends group, I will freeze and or crash at least once within 10 minutes of joining the group. If a friend joins my group, they will crash at least 10 minutes after joining.

    Although you can't discuss issues other players are having, all the evidence points to this being a server side issue. Your unwillingness to elevate this ticket, while continue to assume I haven't already trouble shot things on my end is arrogant.

    My intent and hope in submitting this ticket was to notify the Dev. Team of issues that are clearly on the server end of this game since this most recent title update.

    Please elevate this ticket to the next level as I have already trouble shot the issue with my hardware, and this most assuredly is not an issue originating on client side., Please cease from assuming the issue is on this end when this issue is happening identically to many people who have played this game since this most recent content title update. Elevate this ticket please.

  • Ma-chta
    1 posts

    Just came back to play division2. And all it does is crash and connection error. Trash game.

  • Sgt-Clubba
    23 posts

    DIV2 has had 4 CTD today all connected to the countdown mission.
    So I took a break and rebooted a while later to discover Div2 would not load at all, I verified files only to find some had been corrupted and resulted in a 32GB download.
    Low and behold the download won't install "due to lack of space" despite having 500gb free on a dedicated SSD drive (Tried it 2x same result)
    I have had to remove the original game files and install a full download of Div2.
    There are no issues with my PC... I've run Memtest, sysfile checker and checked dxdiag for errors.

    No real issues prior to the TU15 updates now I'm getting more by the day.
    Dirty and redundant code is wrecking this game.

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