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  • Aldur2309
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    Some more great PR for Ubisoft and Massive's latest and greatest "content":

    https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/ur84ou/random_game_crashes_since_new_update/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/ur84ou/random_game_crashes_since_new_update)

    https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uqvk8d/the_freezecrashing_has_gotten_worse_since_the/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uqvk8d/the_freezecrashing_has_gotten_worse_since_the)

  • Agent_Ares
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    I verified game files and did what the page said.

    After Verifying it said found 3 files and made me redownload 30gb
    For 1 day there was no crash
    Started crashing again - but even worse than before. Now its 2 - 3 times a day

    Same Style Crash it suddenly goes into window mode and stalls.
    Verified files again - but this time 100% files were verified and no download req.

    So what ever is causing the crash it is not due to bad files - but likely some file that already exists in game.

    What I noticed when it "Stalls" is the Ram goes upto around 6.5gb

  • Agent_Ares
    168 posts

    @ubi-viral Also this may be unrelated separate issue but some more details that may help narrow down the cause

    1 - It seems to happen mostly in a multiplayer session ( haven't had it happen in single-player - but I also rarely play single player )
    2 - I notice before the crash that when I open map screen when I join someone else's session that I can't see their "Quest Progress" as in I join my Friends game none of the quests he is currently on is on my map. The only thing that is shown though such as control points and settlements, I can't see incompleted side quests, or pending main missions. I know these exist and are not completed since I am doing the campaign progression with them and they take me to the quest even though it has not appeared on my map

  • Redfeather1975
    43 posts

    The game randomly minimizes to a small window and freezes. All I was doing was navigating tutorial menu.

  • Ubi-Gizmo
    2297 posts

    Hey there @swe_haddock, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. I am sorry to hear that your problems are persisting after disabling those settings mentioned previously. Could you please also take the time to go through this technical troubleshooting article for me ensuring you have completed all of the steps? As these steps can help rule out many of the common causes for performance-related issues. I understand you have already performed several actions to try and remedy the issue, but we must cover everything in the article first.

    Once you have completed those steps, and if you continue to experience problems, can you please provide some additional information for me:

    1. Have you received any error messages? If so, what exactly does the error message/s state?
    2. What does the crash look like? (for example, do you receive a black screen crash to the desktop? Does it freeze? etc..)
    3. Could you let me know what your system specifications are?

    Should you have further questions regarding any of those steps in the article above, or regarding any other issue, please do not hesitate to let me know.  

  • Ubi-Gizmo
    2297 posts

    Hey there @marcoavll, thanks for getting in touch and sharing these details. I want to assure you that our teams are constantly trying to reduce the crashes caused in this game. I have just taken a look into it from my end and I am afraid we do not have any updates to share. Our teams are still looking into these crashes. We are continually monitoring the issue from our side and as soon as further information can be shared, we will post it below and let you know. 

    If you have any further questions or you experience any other issues, please do not hesitate to reach back out.

  • Aldur2309
    44 posts

    But wait, there's more: https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/ushfql/game_crashing_after_new_update/: (https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/ushfql/game_crashing_after_new_update)

  • Boothen
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    @Ubi-Froggard any updates as to when then issue is going to get fixed? And by update I don't mean the usual cut 'n' paste bullflop about how 'we're investigating', how about you start treating us, your paying customers, with a modicum of respect and telling the truth?

  • WrecK3rr
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    They would never confirm a fix. They haven't so far at least.
    I have been on this game since launch and on forums even before that.
    Haven't seen a single confirmation of a fix coming ever.
    You may see acknowledgments related to this issue every now and then though.

    But that's about it. Hope they prove me wrong.

  • dpfox86
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    I quit for years because of the crashing issue, but I recently managed to get a new GPU and wanted to see how it would work with this game because I remember it being very demanding on my 970. Still crashing. Years later, totally different system (previous intel/nvidia, current amd), still crashing. Crashes the same way it did before, too. I'm thinking whatever bit of code that is causing the crash is integral to the game engine on a game that's not making them any money, so Ubi doesn't see any reason to fix it. My worst fear is they pull a Bethesda and use the same engine for their next iteration and somehow make it even buggier than before.

  • echolecter
    Original poster 369 posts

    I think it is safe to say that after the latest update this game is broken beyond repair, if it wasn't already. You can see it everywhere, freezing, unresponsive NPCs, delay in updates when completing missions or activities, pick up loot, sounds, etc. Today there were some friendlies having a fight and few of them where shooting invisible weapons (or attached to back) into the ground or against their own cover. Hostiles are just standing there, you can get really close without reaction but as soon you place your crosshairs on them they jump in action, and (if to close?) teleport into cover or just somewhere else. Not to mention the ones that are invisible and can only be traced by where bullets are coming from.

    But worst of all, play an activity and then you see 'pick up key' or 'talk to'... move one step and the game freezes. What is point of doing any when there is no way to complete them and get some XP for it. Having to restart the game frequently is bad enough. Besides all this I also noticed that more and more (flat) weapon crates (in DC) are replaced by (higher) ones that contain gear, why? Are we not allowed to pick up any weapons, they're 95% purples anyway and useless. Found new one today and seen several being converted in the past.

    Personally am just speecheless how anyone could think that current state of the game or any of the updates are acceptable.

    87 posts

    @echolecter I have to agree with you and I'm also disappointed that after all the talk about being excited to engage with the community again with the release of TU15.... Yannick and the team continue to not even publicly acknowledge this PC game-breaking issue. Yes, they acknowledge the broader Delta issues, but NOT this PC only in-game freeze/crash issue. I've attempted to direct message him on Twitter a few times, but no response. I have a lot of respect for what he and the smaller development team continue to be passionate about, but sometimes feel they talk the talk and not walk the walk.

    And the Ubisoft support team pretty much leaves this pinned forum thread alone, given that there are no updates they can pass along - as it has been for a year now. It seems that the PC users are simply being left behind in terms of the stability of the game application. With Xbox and Sony honestly, they wouldn't have a choice but to tackle a game-breaking freeze/crash issue or the game would be removed.... but PC is stand-alone and on their side only.

    As we all say, such a great game that continues to be hampered by stability issues on PC with no resolution in sight.



  • HaywardGG
    109 posts

    Can confirm, still crashes for me. Even after the recent update.

    Also crashes for my friends, one friend said it crashed every 15-30 minutes the other day.

    Some evenings I don't get one crash, other evenings it will crashed 2 or more times within half hour.

    Someone asked about this issue during their live podcast and the two speakers just brushed it off with vague words.

    If they would just acknowledge it and not keep pretending it's our rigs .. I'd probably respect them again.

    Good luck everyone , this issue has been going on for years. I don't see it getting fixed any time soon 😞

  • Saqiw
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    @boothen fix is coming mate, around 2030

  • Temido02
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    the game is crashing for me also

  • FearMyCrits
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    Just came back to the game after a year off and was looking forward to the new content but damn the crashing is bad. I play 10 mins and crash or I play for 2 hours then crash. Its so random that I've given up running any mission because of the random crashes. How can you hype content and draw players back if you can't fix an issue that's persisted this long? I guess I'll go play something else and wait another year to see if its finally addressed and fixed. Shame.

  • HaywardGG
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    @fearmycrits Your complaints will fall on deaf ears.

    I've lost all faith in Ubisoft and from what I'm hearing in the Division2 community on Twitch, so has everyone else.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    I highly doubt it... I didn't even install Geforce Experience and it still crashes. Plus, there are people on AMD cards with the same problem.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts

    This could be another entry in the series of potential "solutions" like if you drink water while you play the game won't crash but maybe worth a try...

    I was intrigued by a number of older posts talking about CPU affinity and other weird stuff.
    Went through the BIOS settings and found under AI Settings (this is on Asus, on other brands could be called something else like overclocking, tweaking, or their own brad for such stuff), and on the CPU there was something about performance, Intel default, BIOS optimized and No limitations. Again these could be worded quite differently on other MB brands, they love this kind of marketing crap that is all the same in the end.
    Mine was set on BIOS optimized, which I have no clue what it really does. Switched to Intel default and played without any issue for 4 hours. There were still server issues, with teammates and NPCs "skating" or going in slo-mo at times, some lag etc... the usual. Also, in the beginning, I was placed in a queue to get into the game proper, which I have never seen before (only for 2-3 seconds tho).
    This morning I switched back to BIOS optimized and crashed within 20 min while browsing the stash... Back to Intel default and in for an hour with no issues... 🤞

    Later edit:
    Okay, so I butchered the names of those settings...
    In my particular case, it is called Asus Multicore Enhancements. See the pic below, with the options described at the bottom.

  • WrecK3rr
    459 posts


    This is basically an auto-overclock feature by Asus.

    I personally would keep this disabled always as I always do overclocking manually.
    Which is the best way to do it if you are gonna do it.

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