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  • Agent_Ares
    166 posts

    @agent_ares More crashes today as well - This game used to work flawlessly - and now it is just crashapalooza. Always the exact same crash, goes from Fullscreen to Windowed mode then Freezes.

  • FearMyCrits
    8 posts

    So I found a fix that worked for me after some digging. For me the issue is the EasyAntiCheat program that launches with the game.

    After starting the game and get to character select, open Task Manager and look for EasyAntiCheat then click Go To Details. Click on EasyAntiCheat and change the affinity of EasyAntiCheat to Cpu 1 only. You have to do this everytime you open the game but it fixed all my crash issues, was able to run the game for 6 hours without a crash where as before I couldn't run for an hour with crashes and freezes.

    Might not fix it for everyone but worth a try

  • Artemis-37
    7 posts

    @adrian-11 Mine does this, it has for years both in Division 1 and 2 only, it switches to windows then freeze looking like windows background picture of my character in action.., I have to end the process in the task manager.

    Some years ago it used to switch to windows on it's own and I could continue playing, then this started happening. I have re-installed and even have an upgraded PC since I came back to do Season 9 and still same problem.

    The only reason I can keep playing is it only does it once (though it has done twice sometimes), then after it does I can go back in and it will be ok until the next day that I switch on the PC and start.

  • F0rty7even
    2 posts

    I got the division 2 on the sale a few days ago. It has been crashing non-stop every since. The crashes are random and not tied to any specific event/action in the game.

    The crashes happen while free-roaming, in a mission and even when opening the map or menu. The crashes happened multiple times mid-missions (invaded and normal pre-endgame) which is frustrating of course.

    My rig is RTX 2060 Super on Ryzen 5 and windows 11 rendering game with DX 11.

    Windows is up-to-date. Graphics driver is up-to-date and I have no issue with any other game.

    One thing I noticed is that every time the game crashes, it turns to windowed mode before fully stopping. not sure if that's helpful.

    I need a solution please or else I have to request a refund because the game in unplayable at this stage.

  • WimpMiester
    17 posts

    Before TU14 If I had a crash, it was because I changed graphic settings in game. Since then, it's totally random. Can play for days, get one crash and play for hours after. Some days if it would crash 3 times, I know it won't run so I don't play that day. I used DX11 because DX12 has never worked and would crash in minutes. After TU15, I got two crashes in about an hour of play, so I decided to try DX12 again. Game ran great for two days with only 1 delta3 error. So I applied NVIDIA recommended settings (ultra) and it crashed several times. So I compared my previous setting to these and found that Extra Stream Distance was set to 10 and I left that at 0 before. Only setting I never changed. So I set it to 0 and no more crashes. I played with it and found I can go to 3 without crashes. My HDD setup is RAID1 so my disk performance isn't the greatest and this game seems to pull streamed data real time as you move. So I would say my crashing is caused by to much disk usage. What has also been necessary from day 1 is running EAC at Below Normal Priority and leaving the game at Normal Priority. So I've been crash free so far on DX12.

    I'm talking about all crashes, including the current one switching to a window and has to be killed.

  • eilegz
    5 posts

    Same issue, the game dont even crash to desktop anymore, the game get stuck fullscreen to windowed and it freeze you have to end it via task manager, running it even on dx11 and same issue

  • Artemis-37
    7 posts

    @wimpmiester the problem was not that it switches the game to window screen and freeze or just straight to desktop crash?

    Mine just did it now in the main screen, the game started in windows mode (which it does allot) and this time I clicked settings to make it full screen and it freezed up, most likely it won't happen again until I turn on the pc again tomorrow.

  • F0rty7even
    2 posts

    Same issue. game goes from full screen to windowed mode and freezes. have to use task manager to kill it. The issue isn't consistent, and is not tied to any event/action taken in the game. It crashed with me while doing almost any activity from free roaming, being in a mission or even opening the menu. It's so sad that such a nice game is ruined by this.

  • BenchAndGames
    5 posts

    The crash issue is still happening to me, I could play few days without any crash, now again I just had the same crash as always, (game freeze and goes to window mode and have to kill process from task manager)

    Everytime I have a crash, its the same crash, freeze+switch to window mode

  • BenchAndGames
    5 posts

    I can confirm I have exact same issue, from full screen that I play goes to window mode and freeze. I could be able to play for few days without a crash, but today starting again, same crash.

  • suschunga
    612 posts
    The crashes are random and not tied to any specific event/action in the game.

    It's not your machine, and has been a known problem with the game for awhile. There was mention of fixes coming in TU16, but no release date has been announced.

  • Phatboy93
    1 posts

    Same here and its not just the random crashing for me. I decided to reinstall after a long hiatus from the game but i just can't get the game to run smoothly when before i was able to play for hours with no issues what so ever.

  • B_Fuddle
    2 posts

    In the past I have had the game crash on my computer randomly every so often, but after the latest update, the game crashes very frequently. My most recent crash was about 10 minutes ago, but below are just a few examples with some information. This is a more prevalent issue, which began day 1 of this new season and has intermittently become a nuisance. I went through the general troubleshooting guide earlier and I did not need any game setting changes, but I did disable startup programs. After doing this, I restart my computer and decided to go to DZ west and encountered yet another crash. Note that I do not see any messages on the screen anytime the game crashes.

    Please feel free to suggest actions which may eliminate recurrence of these issues...

    Gaming Computer:
    Operating System: Windows 10
    CPU: Intel I9-10850k
    Ram: 32gb corsair...
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte RTX 3090

    Overview of Issues over the past 3 days:
    When: 5/21/2022
    Location: Entry area to DZ West
    Action: Attempted to access stash box
    Crash Type: Hard freeze with no repetitive sound. Alt+Tab and Task manager were not functioning.
    Immediate Remedy: Hold down the power button on my PC to force hard shutdown.

    When: 5/20/2022
    Location: Beginning of District Union Arena
    Action: Right directional movement to avoid grenade
    Crash Type: Windowed mode, followed by game freezing.
    Immediate Remedy: Alt+Tab, then right click close the game from the task bar

    When: 5/19/2022
    Location: Countdown
    Action: Don't remember
    Crash Type: Hard freeze with repetitive sound. Alt+Tab and Task manager were not functioning.
    Immediate Remedy: Hold down the power button on my PC to force hard shutdown.

    When: 5/19/2022
    Location: Capitol Building
    Action: Don't remember
    Crash Type: Hard freeze with no repetitive sound. Alt+Tab and Task manager were not functioning.
    Immediate Remedy: Hold down the power button on my PC to force hard shutdown.

    When: 5/19/2022
    Location: Control Point
    Action: Don't remember
    Crash Type: Crash to desktop
    Immediate Remedy: Alt+Tab, then right click close the game from the task bar

  • Brushy21_HUN
    2 posts

    I had enough! I can't play the game in this state! I can't finish a mission, a bounty! I did everything that the guide says, clear the cache folder, reinstall, etc nothing works! This is outrageous! Fix the damn game as soon as possible!

  • bennythewarlock
    5 posts

    @bennythewarlock Still not working this is ridiculous send a patch or something waste of money man

  • Greyfire
    2 posts

    I'd like to add my experience to the list also. I purchased Div2 about 2 months ago and didnt have any crashing issues until after the recent update and now its crashing at least once (depending on how long I play) everytime I play now except for last night. After reading more about the Div2 crash issue, which seems to have been lingering for year now, I decided to make a few adjustments. I turned off Vsync and ran the program as an admin - I played for 1.5 hours without a crash. Now, I have played for that long and longer without crashing, which is the randomness that doesnt exactly tell me that my two adjustments are working for me.

    Typically, after the update, the game crashes within the first 10 minutes. The game will sometimes crash 3 or 4 times in the first hour but then not crash again for 2 hours then it will crash a couple times again, and so on.

    The most malicious part of the crashing is the fact that only 2 of the crashes I've experienced did the the game shutdown and allow me to send a crash report. Every single other crash forces me to have to restart my PC because the game screen freezes and will not allow me to minimize it and view the desktop to end the game from the task manager. I can pull up the task manager, but I cant see it.

    I hope tonight I can have the same experience as last night and I can play for a bit without issue. There is nothing I loathe more than having to replay a lengthy section of a game because it crashed right at the end (I'm talking about you, Coney Island).

    Either way, get your damn act together Ubi. This is inexcusable, and unnecessary. We like this game, and we paid you money for it. Fix the crashes! It's that simple.


  • AndyBigPencil
    1 posts

    Lenovo Legion 5
    RTX 3060
    Ryzen 7 5800h
    Crash every 30 min

  • sansej4
    1 posts

    @agent_ares . Same here. It was crashing since release with better or worse times. Now I decided to jump back in and it's even more frustrating as it goes windowed mode and freezes, the only way of closing the game is through task manager. I obviously tried all available troubleshooting and workarounds but no luck. I'm gaming for +25 years and I know how to update drivers /windows etc... I upgrade my my PC regularly. Division 2 and Breakpoint had this problem. I can't believe that it hasn't been resolved after such a long time. Big disappointment.

  • DeadEyeDevil
    2 posts

    @b_fuddle This highly mirrors my experience. My PC is a medium-end gaming laptop (i7-9750 with a GTX 1660Ti) and I was having crashes only when my GPU had an overheat or something. Not really a big deal, and I've had it happen with Ghost Recon as well. But with the new update, my copy of the Division 2 literally crashes at least once or twice per mission. I cannot do two floors of summit without it crashing. As I type this to you right now, I've started up D2 and just had it running in the background. I've not even selected a character yet and the game just crashed.

    This is honestly more annoying than getting betrayed in a DZ.

  • Zebedee_73
    65 posts
    This post is deleted!

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