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  • Zebedee_73
    65 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zebedee_73
    65 posts

    Wild stab in the dark, but there are more players on the server than there have been for a long time. Would a server overload possibly cause these issues?

  • BorrieTheBlade
    33 posts

    I'm adding to this so it gets a little more traction.

    I'm getting crashes since the last maintenance, NOT since TU 15. I did have those day 1 but Nvidia had a driver update and windows had 2 reboot type updates push out that week so once I did those, it took care of the Delta 03 crashes I was having that first day.

    Now? It's like every 15 to 30 mins. I can barely do a countdown run, I can barely farm a CP, I can't run a stronghold.

    Same thing as most reports EXCEPT my game doesn't go into windowed mode. It stays at windowed fullscreen and eventually it does the "program is not responding" pop up from Win 10, then I chose "close program" to get back to desktop.

    I verified my files Friday night as I noticed I was crashing WAY more than I have in a long long time and that seemed to do the trick for almost 24hrs. Now, it's back.

    Temps are fine across the 2 components, CPU and GPU. The GPU hitting it's hottest during gameplay of 76C*, air cooled.

    It's getting very very frustrating as the game is experiencing a lovely resurgence in players, then we get this issue. Some came after the free weekend and spent hard earned money only to get crashes just 1 week later?

    I hope they're taking the many many reports seriously.

    I'm going to try their "guide" for the crashing but I'm 99% sure it will not solve anything, just waste my time is all.

  • Zebedee_73
    65 posts

    Likewise going to add here experiencing the same issues.

    Dell laptop 9750h with 1660ti.

    Recently cleaned up and applied new thermal paste and all drivers up to date. Everything is throttled (throttlestop and msiafterburner), all lowest setting in game and experiencing random crashes. Sometime windowed, sometimes full-screen.

    One happened just a minute ago trying to fast travel back to the main base.

    My temps range between 60s and 70s tops.

    There is nothing in event viewer that stands out.

    The game could be a lot of fun without these regular crashes.

  • GiantGamesEver
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    @sansej4 The Division 2 is a total tragedy today.It's a pity to look at UBI today.

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    @agent_ares Can you read? As i stated you can't file a official crash report, it hard lock freezes the whole computer!

    And what other information can i include, the game literally at random just hard freezes the whole computer. This is an issue thats been reported for a couple of years now, by multiple people. Yes I understand your statement but really - I don't care how its "broken" that isn't my responsibility to figure out. All that matters to me is I paid for this game, with the intention to enjoy and wish to enjoy. As it stands this cannot occur as the game keeps randomly crashing. Giving the period of this issue being reported to Ubisoft how is it my problem? It's something Ubisoft needs to address and stop ignoring

  • DEDloc
    157 posts

    I didn't read the 16 pages of replies. Not sure if this is common knowledge or what but if you have a bunch of RGB stuff (keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc) it needs to be plugged into a USB-C (USB3.0) or greater slot. The regular old USB doesn't supply enough power typically and the manufacturers are terrible about informing folks.
    It causes a low power situation for the windows kernel and while the application hang for div2 will not provide a reason, the kernel tracing error will always coincide and for me, this was the cause.

    Hope it helps someone.

  • Caelin-01
    11 posts

    Years later and this game is still an unstable turd in DX12. Just contact MS and have them finally fix your game. It is clear this issue is something that you are not going to solve on your own and it is the major reason I will not buy another sequel to this game. This is the only game I play that has any issues with DX 12, in the last hour I have had the game hang three times.

  • LT.Mitchell
    99 posts


    if you have HDR capable monitors, turn on HDR in the graphics setting of Division 2. That on automatic. To do this, activate DX12.

    There was only one crash and the game has been running ever since. Only the lags in the government bunker, DZ and District Union Arena cannot be prevented with it.

  • Ubi-Karl
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1534 posts

    Hey guys, thanks for getting through, welcome to forums and sorry to hear about your experience with the game, as I fully appreciate how frustrating this may be to deal with.

    After having a closer look, I can see that we've had a number of contacts regarding the exact same matter, which has resulted in investigation being opened, however we're yet to hear any updates, I'm afraid.

    We will try to keep you all in the loop as we go and if we'll have any additional information to share with you, details will be posted here, in our official forums, so keep an eye.

    Until then, appreciate you for bearing with us and if you have any further queries, feel free to drop us a message at any time.

    Official Response
  • S3lll
    69 posts

    @b_fuddle Lots of crashing for me too since TU15, either hard freezes or crashes to desktop with the "Oh no the game crashed, report crash?" window. My last crash was 5 minutes ago in Countdown. It happened the exact moment the power grid mechanic put a shock status effect on me. In this case it was a CTD.


  • BlackWidowUAE
    1 posts

    @ubi-karl really hoping to fix this issue. I came here to report is but i see its already reported. Only on countdown I only finished it 3 times without a crash. rest of times game freezes then goes to not responding 🥺 I just did a file integrity and was excited to try one more time and yup it crashed few minutes in the countdown. so sad about it.

  • S3lll
    69 posts

    A lot of crashes since TU15, especially in Countdown. Fixing these should be first priority.

  • S3lll
    69 posts

    I'll take a break of the game until I see something about fixes to the constant game crashes. It's not fun playing like this.

  • N3mB0t
    1239 posts

    with this thread in mind:


    you guys should regularly check in what region you are playing when the lags , stuttering and disconnects happen the most , especialy after or during a countdown match.

  • CowboyKillerX6
    2 posts

    @echolecter I love the game but it just happened to me twice in 30 min aggravating it happens EVERY time i play

  • CowboyKillerX6
    2 posts

    @ubi-viral RESOLVED????? LMAO!!!!!!

  • ToRoGaming
    2 posts

    Same happens here. Just installed it on a fresh windows 11 install 2-3 days ago.
    Freezes and goes in a unresponsive window state after 10-20 minutes. Every single time I launch it.
    Tried the EasyAntiCheat workaround to set affinity to core1, but crashes anyways.

    Only after 1-3 crashes, it will be stable for several hours.

    Also submitted a case report about it via Ubisoft ticket system.

    Ryzen 3700X
    Asus RUF 3080 10GB
    32GB 3200Mhz RAM
    Windows 11

  • ToRoGaming
    2 posts

    Same here.. Freezes and crash every 10-20 minutes.
    Only game I have with issues, and by the amount of google hits I got from searching I'm not alone.

    Please have your devs look into this issue.

  • BroHoodMan
    10 posts

    I tested a lot of possibilities. Everything I've read on the internet already, for a good week, and more, reinstalled everything etc... nothing worked, random crashes, return to desktop, frezzes... and after reading this post, I I deactivated in my BIOS the optimization of my processor and my ram, put everything "by default"... it works! No more crashes for hours of play now! I only lose a few Mghz of ram speed, but the game is stable again like before this last patch!

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