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  • fredspekvet
    40 posts

    I was somewhat stable for a bit but after the latest maintenance , the game completely broke again for me. It's been crashing like there is no tomorrow. Mind you, this is the only game that crashes on my box, and I play a LOT of games.

    So yeah, here I am again, not being able to play one of my favorite games. This has been going on for far too long, ubi. really. get your stuff together and push this "fix" , ASAP. lets just hope this really DOES fix the crashes, since you've tried
    before to no avail. I mean what if this fix doesnt actually work? what then?

  • Shamy_Shunga
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    Please Ubisoft, Fix this [censored] game...

    Crash anytime
    (Not Responsing)

  • Ubi-Akatsirin
    Ubisoft Support Staff 666 posts

    Hey @abearded_clam, sorry to hear you are also experiencing the issue, and thank you for your report.

    Like it was mentioned by Ubi-Gizmo just above, our teams have been investigating this issue.

    Have you tried the troubleshooting steps that have been shared in the thread, as well as the workaround that was shared by Ubi-Gizmo ?

    Some users have mentioned that they have been able to reduce the issues by deleting the "The Division 2" folder in the "Documents\My Games" section. It is important to note that doing this will remove any settings which you have adjusted, and you will need to change them again.
    Official Response
  • WrecK3rr
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    This could potentially help with the crashes. Haven't tried it myself yet but I will tonight.
    Only reason I'm sharing this and think could be worth trying is because this is new and appeared on reddit like two days ago.


    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/uwzv6n/div_2_crash_fix_stopped_interacting_with_windows/

    87 posts

    @wreck3rr this didn’t work for me. I’ve tried it on two different PC systems and both eventually still experienced a freeze/crash to desktop window.

    As I said in a separate Reddit post, it’s hard to determine if it helped reduce the number of freezes as they are still so random and a complete lottery from day to day.

    All I know is Ubisoft and the Development team at Massive Entertainment continue to be SILENT and providing no meaningful updates to the community regarding this issue or an actual resolution.


  • V2K3B
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  • Caelin-01
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    @wreck3rr I tried it and it seems to be working so far. But I went from using DX 12 back to 11, which is more stable it just plays like crap. I only really have crashing issues when using DX12, which sucks because it is the only version that makes the game really enjoyable to play.

  • echolecter
    Original poster 369 posts

    @wreck3rr If it helps for some that is great, I played yesterday (event for 4 hours) no problems without any changes. During the weekend it will probably happen again frequently. Wonder if they also post another comment (or thread) and YT video when it turns out not to solve anything in the long run. Again if people can play longer that is good but I am pretty confident it doesn't solve the issue.

    On a side note, I am not trusting UbiSoft' software to either run as admin or create exceptions in Windows security for any game. And if this turns out to help then my next question is what are they doing that triggers Windows to shutdown the application.

  • morpheo2k
    2 posts

    sorry...i see now the reddit post up...this is the link to the yt video...if is not neccesary...please delete the post.

  • HaywardGG
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    @rndguy66 Have you had the NPCs suddenly popping in right in front of you, like they just TP'd to you. I've gone to control points and no NPC's , but then they just pop in like a super laggy 1990's FPS!

  • HaywardGG
    109 posts

    @morpheo2k Don't apologise for trying to help dude. At least you care enough to give a toss and are trying to help people fix this issue. Wish the same could be said for Ubisoft.

  • maniac213
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    Man getting back into the game I was like what the hell is going on. I have never had this many issues, but I did find Citrix WorkSpace app to cause a lot of crashing for me but even with that off like others I can get a full day of gaming in but then it will crash out of the blue. Also, not sure if other have had issues but everything will be fine but then Corsair ICUE will stop working to the point I need to end it and start it back up. I realy thought it was my work application causing it but after reading all the posts I am relieved it's not just me. Really hope Ubisoft starts chiming in on things.

  • NedGamer63
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    @ubi-gizmo, I will as the time allows , just finishing league on xb and ps then I'll look. Troubleshooting didn't stop random freezing.

  • Mister-Deluxe
    18 posts

    I am getting exactly the same thing down to the game going into windowed mode. Crashed twice on me last night during Legendaries! I did notice that I was getting stutters when the game called iCue and so I turned that off but it hasn't stopped the crashes.

  • Visualsun
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    Background: I experienced two main issues with Division 2 that prevented me from playing the game. Was experiencing random crashes / game freezing within 10 minutes or less of playing any activity / raid / open world mission / Countdown. I looked everywhere for fixes and tried Verifying game files, reinstall Division 2, changing EAC to 1 core, allowing permissions on the three game executables but was still experiencing game freezes / crashes.

    1. First, was the crash to desktop - the game would exit immediately, Division 2 would exit, UbiConnect will exit (no option to report the bug through UbiConnect) This was fixed by going into bios and disabling all overclocking options ( I did not overclock my PC, but by default some "auto-overclocking" options were on which I disabled). This helped stabilize the game which lead to the next game bug

    2. Game freezing with Windows 10 blue circle of death - The game would freeze randomly, the cursor would change to the Windows 10 waiting blue circle, and then crash - UbiConnect will allow you to report the bug. This is related to some audio bug with dialogue in the game that was fixed by reducing both

    • Music Volume
    • Dialogue Volume

    to 0 in settings. SFX Volume can remain at whatever setting.

    So far in 4 hours of gameplay (both missions and 2 raids) I have not experienced a game crash or freeze

    Edit: Ran more open world missions and another raid (roughly another 3 hours) and no crashes.

  • Visualsun
    7 posts

    If you are getting the game freezing followed by blue circle of death, try turning "Music Volume" and "Dialogue Volume" to 0 (can leave SFX volume to whatever setting). Let us know if that works.

    If you are getting a straight crash to desktop that even causes UbiConnect to crash, you need to disable overclock settings in your PC's bios.

    Let us know the results.

  • Jonis326
    2 posts

    @visualsun Okay no joke.. This [censored] is working for me. Came across this cause my bro has been crashing and asked me to look into it... I haven't played in a bit and also have a fresh install of Win 11 and this works on it as well.

    I know I have had issues with audio on Win 11 causing crashes, thought it was localized to that, but I am happy I found this post!

  • Jonis326
    2 posts

    @visualsun Works for me! Fresh install of Windows 11 and Division 2. Came across this because my bro was crashing and wanted me to look into it. Thanks for the advice. I will stand behind this temp fix. I've seen Win 11 crash games a fair amount. Its a SOLID fix for me.

  • Longbow830
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    Had the same crashing issue as well.

    PC build
    WIN 10 (still)
    MSI MAG Tomahawk
    Ryzen 9 5900x
    GTX 1080ti
    32gb DDR4
    M.2 1tb
    SSD 2tb

    I uninstalled my NVIDIA drivers with CCleaner
    Restarted my PC, downloaded off NVIDIA website the current drivers for my card, GTX 1080ti
    On installation I did not choose express install, I chose Custom
    Then selected Clean installation
    Restart PC and so far have been crash free.

    NVIDIA drivers on Express install do not clean out the cash or page files etc like AMD drivers so that could be a cause if it affects NVIDIA cards more.
    With Clean install old drivers are removed and new drivers have a clean install as it says. No overwriting of driver files so less likely to cause an issue

  • morpheo2k
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    @haywardgg Thanks...only tried to help 😜
    By the moment,this fix help me ...several days without window mode exit black screen and hangs...maybe casuality or is my "personal" case with the hangs...hope this helps others

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