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  • Visualsun
    7 posts

    @jonis326 Glad to hear it! I played over 6 hours in raids, missions, open world over the weekend. I had one crash in Countdown - a player suggested turning off all Third Party lighting/RGB settings ( I didn't even know they were on ) which allowed me to finish a session of countdown. Will try to do a few sessions again this weekend to check on stability. But much better than crashing every 10 minutes in the game.

    I don't think the sound problem is related to Win 11 because I am running Win 10. Reading in the support forum, they have known about this issue for a while, just haven't fixed it or provided workarounds.

  • Oatiecrumble
    947 posts

    Best way to remove Nvidia drivers completly is to use : DDU by guru3d.......Nvidia clean installation leaves traces.

  • WrecK3rr
    459 posts

    It may not work for everyone of course but give this a try.

    Thread Link: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/158871/pc-crashes-you-must-do-this/4?lang=en-US

  • PT_Frizzer
    124 posts

    In half an hour of playing two crashes, one of them with the error message to send to support.
    What kind of updates these guys do. The only worry is nerf and "balance" the game. Fix the crashes...no...I think they don't know nothing about it. Massive, use good devs to work in this game, not pseudo devs.

  • Ubi-Perseids
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1001 posts

    Hello @visualsun! Thanks so much for sharing what helped to resolve this issue for you. Are you still no longer experiencing any crashes or freezes while playing?

    I've gone ahead and also share this information with the team as it could help with their investigation into these crashes. 🙂

    Official Response
  • Boothen
    43 posts

    This is getting bloody ridiculous now. I can't even complete a mission or an activity without the POS dropping to a window and crashing with Division 2.exe showing as 'not responding' in task manager. How the [censored] are you supposed to get anything done in this game if it's constantly crashing before you can complete anything? And why are Massive/UbiSoft completely ignoring this issue, an issue that's been going on now for well over two years?

  • CptnSpandex
    11 posts

    @pt_frizzer Tell me about it, this is a problem that has gone on for years and years, some nights you can play for 6 hours straight and no crashes and another night every 5 minutes, but no, hell no this is not ubisofts problem as they do not acknowledge that it is even a thing and it must be a problem on your end, all them tens of thousands of people that get it, your fault ROFL, typical ubisoft, denial first and foremost.

  • NightRavenXI
    10 posts

    @cptnspandex Ubisofts response to it is.. "Will forward the problem to the devs".. (Years this has happend). Now "Oh sorry no we will try and fix it for TU16".. season reruns and no content for over a year then we get TU15 and I wish for TU14 again... 😞

  • Dethshayde
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    @cptnspandex Consider the new weapon named 'Bluescreen' with text that says 'Must be user error'... There is a perfect example of Ubi/Massives attitude toward their playerbase. Instead of fixing ANYTHING, make jokes and fob it off like it's OUR fault. It's extremely insulting and why I will literally never give this company another penny.

  • PT_Frizzer
    124 posts

    The only thing they say for years is that is adressed and under investigation. Maybe contracting Hercule Poirot to investigate is better. I think the worst was changing the dev team who wrote the code. Now a new team who don't know the inside of a huge code is not easy to get the problem fixed. But we have a great game, with a loyal comunity but a broken game day by day. Is good to have new content but with so many unstability is a nightmare.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    What devs?!
    Will be fixed in TU16789....0000 to infinity and beyond.

    87 posts

    Agents, check out my forum post if you happen to use Corsair hardware and the supporting iCue 4 application.... it may be the root cause of your in-game freezes/crashes on PC.


  • HaywardGG
    109 posts

    @rage_therapy I have neither and my game crashes randomly. Some days it wont crash once, other days it will crash every 10 minutes or so. I can go days without it crashing too. It's completely coincidence your "fix" worked. The crashes and freezing will return. Give it time.

    87 posts

    @haywardgg As I said, only if you "happen to use Corsair" and I agree there are no guarantees here. I can only share my experience after 5200+hrs in-game and this being the only extreme solution that has worked for me and several other Agents that tested it. And as I said in my forum post, I'll be the first to report a freeze when one occurs. Prior to this Corsair hardware/software change, I had session after session dealing with in-game freezes/crashes over 6 to 8 hours daily.

    I'm sure there is no ONE solution to the application/server issue, but all I can do is share my experience as part of the Division Community.

  • Minda666
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    Alright so i decided after a very very long time to return and try playing division2. Let me just say it has left a very sour taste in my mouth...
    I'll start from all the bugs that i have found in no particular order.

    • Game freezes and drops to desktop without any error (sometimes after 20minutes playing, sometimes after 2 hours) (if i get Ubisoft connect poppup to submit crash log i always do, but by the looks of it nobody looks into those, since there's so many forum comments in regards to similar issues)
    • Game freezes and i have to CTRL + ALT + DEL and force close it.
    • Today whilst playing first time i had BSOD
    • Not receiving specializiation points!!!! So i have reached LVL40 with my old character that was at LVL30 with gear score... (as i sad i haven't played this game for a probably a year or 2). Never the less i've been roaming killing doing dailies, weeklies, main missions, side missions, just about everything even got to floor 30 on tower thing, never the less i have not received not even 1 specialiazition point!!!!! Maybe some explanation how to get them ? Online people suggested doing daily quests, weekly quests etc. Done everything suggested no points for me i guess... Also reached lvl 37 SHD (what's the purpose of it? apart from watch lvl up, why is it going up? im not getting points, nor that i'm getting stronger in any way, so why?
    • when i go to progression tab it says i have completed 70 or 80% of main missions. Clearly it's not a 100% (problem is i have no more main missions outstanding) ? bugged?
    • NPC's that spray that sticky foam that covers you and you have to hold F to escape. If i get covered in that foam, my FPS drops from close to 100 to single digits... whole screen starts freezing. Similar thing happens if surrounded by heavy fires etc etc. ( don't thing it's my pc's specs that are unable to pull )

    FIX the game! whatever devs done to it, please FIX it! i do not remember it being at such a [censored] poor state when i payed it last time.
    Ohhh forgot to mention i even reinstalled Windows fresh and all drivers are latest and up to date

    My specs for those that think maybe my potatoe unable to do the job.

    CPU: Ryzen 5900X
    GPU: RTX 3080 10Gb
    Mobo: MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi
    RAM: 64Gb HyperX DDR4 3600Mhz
    Windows on M.2 NVME PCIE4
    Game On Samsung 870EVO SSD
    PSU: 1000W Platinum

    Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome!

  • Boothen
    43 posts

    @rage_therapy I currently use a Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 and a Corsair Glaive RGB Pro with iCue4 and the crashes were happening long before I got these and they still occur if I use my old Logitech gear, so I don't think it's Corsair peripherals/software that's the problem here. Just for the record, the crashes also occur on a second PC that has never had any corsair hardware and/or software installed on it.

  • GNqDFSDKd-tZp1
    93 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • S3lll
    69 posts

    True, got a lot of hard freezes/crashes since TU15, game is not fun.

  • Imagine_Brata
    881 posts

    If you want to play flawlessly, you should have a GL502vsk gtx1070 laptop like me. Now I have almost 5000 hours with it in Division 2, and have always played with dx12. I might have 8-10 crashes a year, and that's because of overheating. A little cleaning and it works again.

  • Strangepepper
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    A freshly installed Trial/Demo (or whatever an 8-hour preview of a game is called, really) won't seem to load until I delete/rename the Certificates folder (under the Tom Clancy's The Division 2\EasyAntiCheat\Certificates path). After deleting/renaming it the game process seems to load further (which corresponds to bigger memory allocation according to Task Manager - compared to launch without deleting/renaming the Certificates folder), then it goes to splash screen, hangs there for a sec, and then proceeds to silently crash without an error.
    I tried numerous ways to fix this, cleared caches here and there, re-installed both the UConnect (UC) client, and the game (from both EGS and UC), uninstalled and re-downloaded from EGS and UC, etc. etc. - I even tried what suggested @morpheo2k- to no avail. The game refuses to launch and I find it pathetic tbh.
    I can't even launch it for the first time. And it's not a F2P game, you know. I have no words, really.

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