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  • Gabriel.Knight
    334 posts

    @Saqiw lmao

  • echolecter
    Original poster 368 posts

    New update, new test. Starting game and listening to audio recordings, all is well manhunt unlocked. Then open map to see where to go, game crashed. Time to change the title again, still crashing or better said not responding after deployment of TU16.

    Why am I not surprised ... restarting to see how quickly the next one occurs.

    87 posts

    @echolecter Mine was within the first 15 mins, which has been typical on my one PC setup. I managed to clear the Hostages.... running to my first Control Point and the now regular in-game windowed freeze occurred.


  • echolecter
    Original poster 368 posts

    @RAGE_THERAPY Apart from the initial crash after opening the map I was able to complete manhunt, two times. It does feel the game responsiveness has improved, although have to say that after maintenance it always is. If the game keeps running for a month I may be tempted to say they fixed something. First impression is okay-sh, will have to see if that continues in coming days/weeks.

    But now another issue has entered the game, an unfinshed task at WH, "Search for answers...". Probably triggered after first crash but I can't seem to find a way to get rid of it, so far only with first character.

  • sailonH2o
    1 posts

    after update to fix crashes: 1st Crash in 8 mins 2nd Crash in 5 mins. I'll try again later.

    I missed Season 9 because of this.

    I always had crashes here & there but also could go weeks without a crash before this started months ago.
    Unable to finish missions. After I crash I will restart in hope of finishing the mission but another crash
    within mins & I give up.

  • Saqiw
    98 posts

    I was right, it was FAKE NEWS 😛

  • Construga
    4 posts

    Today after the update downloaded in Connect, played it for 20 minutes or so and crashed again 😢

  • MisterFibble
    88 posts

    Completed the last apparel event and didn't bother opening the game until the new season today.

    After the update today I logged in and had the traditional crash after 10 minutes, wasn't too fussed as I was expecting it and was going to need to restart in order to get the server away from west coats murica and into europe where it should be by default for me as someone who logs in from there.

    Cleared the manhunt stuff and have just called it a night after crashing 4 times in a row during the final bounty, each and every time was in the bit with the drained swimming pool.

    These seasonal manhunts really need to have some kind of crash protection in place so that it progress isn't lost over and over and over due to a long running problem for the game on PC.

  • S3lll
    68 posts

    TU 16 is an absolute disaster. None of the crashing issues plaguing the game since years have been resolved. The game keeps crashing as usual.

  • DirtDiver29680
    7 posts

    I couldn't play the PTS for this update because of the crashing. It hasn't gotten any better with the real update. Playing the new manhunt it is crashing during each mission. Sometimes in the middle of it, sometimes at the start. Even crashed while the game was loading. I thought most of the crashes were supposed to be fixed in this.

  • cystalwings
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • UrbanChaos
    67 posts

    Game was ok yesterday, today complete nightmare, crashed 5 time in 1 hr. I sure its server side disconnecting players creating either delta error or just freezes. TU16 did not fix any crashes

  • antourar
    7 posts

    @Erakey-TwitchTV @Ubi-Froggard Disable Resizable bar/AMD smart access fixed the issue for me too. I'm also on an AMD system. 5600x & 6600XT.

  • Aldur2309
    43 posts

    Game still crashes after TU16. Goes from full-screen to windowed and freezes, needs to be killed in the task manager.

    I give up. They either don't care or they're incompetent. This thread started out with TU14 in the title. It's since been quietly renamed to 15 by the Ubisoft forum drones. And we're on TU16 now, more than 18 months later. What will Ubisoft and Massive do? Rename this thread and copy/paste the usual reply that it's being investigated?

    It's clearly never getting fixed.

  • TunaNoCrust
    8 posts

    I don't get these people, do they NOT WANT customers? It's been over a year ffs.

  • echolecter
    Original poster 368 posts

    Yeah, oh well. Two days after maintenance and back at square one. Starting to believe that someone was dreaming about how they actually fixed the crashing issue, unfortunately nothing has been fixed at all. Simply running around close to the WH and then not reponding. Starting to get the impression that aren't able to fix it. So anyone that thinks it will be solved someday, join the development team and dream on ...

  • KiRiASU81
    9 posts

    Nothing has been fixed! Already crashed TWICE within one hour after TU16. Why are you lying to us on purpose, Massive/Ubisoft?

  • psycotrompus
    4 posts

    Another crash, but this time game didn't go to "Not responding", it just freezes.

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    @Tauro-Ulti They mean - don't open / play the Division 2 hence wont crash!

  • Saqiw
    98 posts

    Crash................. .. .. . . . . . . . . . ..

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