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    @zolirevesz and me

  • Bacheh_Mosbat
    Original poster 79 posts

    Does everyone with glitched club profile have 3 extra skill points on their screen?
    maybe unlocking those 3 extra unreleased skills back in December event have glitched our profile.

  • m1au
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    I can't complete the weekly challenges as none of the kills, drinking/board games and jormsviking recruits do count.
    Same for river raids, I'm stuck at 5 (this is where I have been yesterday) and I don't wanna miss the last Jackdaw reward!

    Already tried to restart the game, new internet connection etc, nothing helped.

  • Et4hiel
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    So another day, another bug - this time as mentioned, challenges are not working on PC. Any single one of it...

    Restarting game, restarting Ubi Connect, loading another save doesn't work at all. It was all good yesterday, because I have 1/5 on flaming arrow kills - unfortunately after some of your "fixes" I can't progress anymore...

    Waiting for a response.


  • Ajct2019
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    Same here. No hammer kills recording, no flaming arrow kills and no river raids counting towards the challenge. This is on PS4 - annoying considering the 2 large community ones have failed the past 2 weeks. Maybe this was why 🤔

  • Izi_
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    Same here, also on PC.
    Yesterday it works, today Time Limited Challenges are dead. Tried every last one challenge and none work, even River Raids are not registered.

  • llanynys
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    Same here, won at dice, won at drinking, went on a river raid, none if counting towards achievements.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6075 posts

    Hello there!

    We're aware of some degradation that took place earlier today that may have affected your time-limited challenges from updating correctly. This has since been resolved. Are your challenges now progressing as normal, or are they still not updating?

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • AlexiosM7
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    I'm experience the same bug on PC (uplay). It's the 2nd bug this week after the spartan bow / moonlight downgrades... Why does a new update add more bugs every single time? I'm happy I could finally uncover the last order member and watch the cutscenes but now I'm experience more annoying bugs like these.

  • addytang
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    just tried couple of minutes ago, the kill count still not reflect in the challenges, everything in the challenges not working, PS5 user here, thanks.

  • KenpachiHRO
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    The kill count still isn't updating, neither in the weapon usage statistics nor in the challenges. (Xbox One)

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6075 posts

    Thanks for providing us with an update. I'm sorry to hear that your challenges are still not updating correctly.

    Just to confirm, did this issue only start today for you all?

    If possible, would someone be able to send us a video that shows their stats not updating correctly? You should be able to view this by visiting the Ubisoft Connect overlay whilst in-game. We can then pass this along for a closer look.


    Official Response
  • Salfoxx
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    I have just tried and I can confirm that the ubisoft connect problem is not yet fixed.
    Luckily yesterday I completed 4/5 challenges but today the hammer kills and river raids counts don't update.
    Please fix as soon as possible because the challenges are time limited

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    Still happening right now for me, no challenges updating. Did a bunch of river raids and have recruited a lot of other players' Jomsvikings and not getting any challenge progress

  • Salfoxx
    30 posts

    I can confirm that it is a general issue for ubisoft connect because I have just tried also the Immortal Fenyx Rising weekly chalenges and also that don't update.

  • fun_shine
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    Challenges are still broken. I've contacted support who gave links to fix my internet, router, and launcher, implying that this is an issue from MY end. This is definitely a Ubisoft problem.


    as proof.

    Excuse my underwear for clipping through my pants. This is yet another side effect of the new patch.

  • mrtoxicice
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    @ubi-borealis ye started today

  • Pho3nix1986
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    Playing on Xbox Series X. Time-limited challenges on Ubisoft Connect are not updated. Tried 10 min ago....

  • MK_2014
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    @et4hiel Same here on PS4 , I almost killed an entire camp with flaming arrows and hammer but nothing .. clearly not tracking .. unfortunately this update broke a lot of things in the game .. almost unplayable ..

  • MK_2014
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    @ubi-borealis Won't track or update , I almost killed an entire fortress of enemies with flaming arrow but didn't count , even though it needs only 5 .. clearly some issues with tracking on Ubisoft connect .. + I didn't have issues in the past about it .. this is on PS4

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