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    Having multiple crashes when a save is being made / just made and I'm accessing anything that relates to the save file (inventory, skill, tattoo, armor, mission, etc), especially on inventory. Being experiencing this since launch I can tell the whole pattern now. The chances of this occurring are still high after the recent update. Crashed five times tonight.

  • S7igma957
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    Everyone who have Nvidia GPU should test new driver. GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 511.23 January 14, 2022
    I've testen not too much.

  • moolumbo
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    UPDATE AGAIN: Still no good! Same exact error after 10 minutes. What seems to help the game work the most is playing it first thing after a reboot. But the game is definitely bugged, probably DirectX12 memory leak or something.

  • longjohn119
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     I had over 70 hours of problem-free game time, but kept getting crashes after update Disabling the Windows 10 "Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling" setting fixed it for me. (if you're not on 10 or have that setting off already, then sorry)

    UPDATE: Well, that didn't last long. Had a couple lengthy game sessions since my fix above, but then the next day had the same exact error after a couple hours, which happened right after returning to the world from the "start feast" cutscene. So I enabled the "Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling" setting again, and based on the nature of the error I now set "prefer maximum performance" in the nvidia control panel (default is "optimal power"). So far I did a 4 hour game session without issue. But it probably really is something random with the game, as I did notice in that first 70 hours I said were problem-free, I actually did have the same error crash 2 times a few days apart. Maybe the "prefer maximum performance" will help since it keeps the gpu speed from fluctuating during play.

    I'd recommend enabling "Prefer Maximum Performance" in the Global Settings part of the Control Panel .... That setting is really for laptops and on desktops should be defaulted to maximum performance where you don't really care about battery usage .... Even if you are power consumption conscience the power savings are so minimal to be essentially worthless, you might save a buck a year in electricity costs

    The problems with this game is not your hardware, the original thread was started the day the game was released so this has been an issue for well over a year ...... It's just not worth beating your head against a wall trying to fix it, that's up to Ubisoft alone

  • SalonikiosGamer
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    • I play ACV and the game crash every 30-45 minutes without reason in any location. Now i have a quest in Grantebridgescire (The Stench of Treachery) and every time i go to the town it crash and the game close. The VGA is updated and windows to (windows 10). WHAT CAN I DO TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR GOD SAKE?

  • Vinovat.Turova
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    Dear sir/madam

    my issue is related to "Assassin's creed valhalla" crashing to desktop (without any option to send a crash report)
    I have bought the game through "Epic launcher".
    The crashes occure randomly and; before the crash occurs, the game freezes for a second before crashing to the desktop.

    When it crashes, it doesn't give me an option to send a crash report:
    sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times within the span of an hour, and other times i can go a whole day without any crashes.
    i may add, this didn't occure in the beginning stages of the game (during norway); it started appearing shortly after i entered england.

    it occurs randomly; by that i mean, i can't recreate what exactly causes the crashes. 
    Crashes can occur anywhere from me simply being in ravensthorpe, to me galloping across a field (upon which, the game freezes for a second, then crashes to desktop, with no option to send any crash report).

    I have followed every troubleshooting step i could find;
    -I have the latest windows updates (crashes occured on previous update, and latest one)
    -I have the latest GPU drivers (crashes occured on previous drivers, and latest ones)
    -I have the latest AC Vahalla update (i think it's or something like that, nontheless, it's the latest one as of this date)
    -I have verified all files, to make sure nothing is corrupted
    -And Incase the verification process didn't work, I have reinstalled the game, twice (as in, uninstall it completely, and remove any traces of it in my system, then installed the game again) 
    -My PC specifications are above the recommended setup for this game
    -Game has been tested on 2 PC's, one more powerful than the other, Still the same random crashes
    PC1: 16GB ram, ryzen 7 3700x 8 core , rtx 2080 super
    PC2: 128 GB ram, i9-10980xe, rtx 3090
    So it's not a matter of specification, since both pc's are above the recommended setup for this game

    i've checked system temperature, or rather gpu temp: i'm at 40 degrees (celcius)
    my pc at idle, is at 30; so it's not an overheating issue

    My current theories are:
    1- game has denuvo protection? so everytime it checks to sync with server, perhaps that "check" lags, causing crashes
    2- game is unstable, and needs further updates to ensure stability (i believe this is the case)

    i wish you a wonderful day
    Sincerely; Vino 

  • Leotaurus1995
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    You know this is prettmuch nonsense . Ubisoft hasn't in the more than 1 year after the game release looked at this issue on pc . God forbid something like this happens on console . There is always an excuse about systems being diffrent . Yet everyone reports the exact same issue . You play the game . It stops for a second or 2 and just closes like you hit alt+f4 . You seriously can't tell me how people who CREATED THE WHOLE GAME can't solve this issue ? I'm sure one of the devs should've picked up why the game stops communicating with the system . Blaming our computers is nonsense too . You know since God of war launched on pc 3 days ago I've put probably 16 or more hours into it . There hasn't been a single crash . I've played GTA online . Deathloop . AOE4 . halo infinte and countles other games for hours on end without 1 issue . Yet the last time I opened a ticket Ubisoft blamed my pc for hardware failure ... Ubisoft should pull up their socks for [censored] sake . This game isn't cheap at all yet it barely works . This company is up there with lazy on fixing issues on pc . Sure Ubisoft support replies . But they can't do anything about it except feed us the latest garbage from higher up . I mean Jesus . They launched a whole update to extend their broken festival instead of fixing the issues that causes it in the first place . They can't come up with the excuse it's too hard to find . They have millions at their disposal . They're one of the largest gaming companies to exist . I'm sure as [censored] not gonna fork our $40 for the next DLC . Fix the God damn game first

  • LongLiveRNG
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    @ubi-borealis Just got 2x crash after like 1 week no crashes at all.
    This because I have itchy hands in changing my graphic settings.

    The first crash:
    Changing Texture and Character in ACValhalla.ini file to 4, texture defaulted to 2, but Character defaulted to 3.
    I was doing the Ottoman Brotherhood Tattoo challenge in Calleva Outpost, after assassinated 2 or 3 enemies from the zipline, I run away from the Outpost and try to come back again, and BOOM the game crashed to desktop. This has made me unsure of whether my settings (above) is causing the crash or the synching of the challenge achievement/progress to Ubisoft Connect that is causing the crash.
    I did revert back the settings (Character to 2 in ACValhalla.ini file), then I finished the last assassination from the zipline. After that no more crashes.
    But bear in mind, I need to restart the game to get the tattoo in game.

    The second crash:
    Changing the Sharpening for NIS in NVidia Control Panel from 20% to 40% and changing the Power management mode from Optimal Power to Maximum performance mode. Not just my gpu is working more than usual (hitting the capped GPU core speed and core voltage, where as with Optimal Power, most of the time it just stays at half or 60-70% of the capped core speed & core voltage).

    I did a fast travel to the checkpoint near Grantebridge city (Duroliponte), jump down using leap of faith, and try to get across with the zipline, while zipping then BOOM it crashed.

    I did revert back the settings (Sharpening back to 20%, and power management mode to Optimal Power), then did the same thing as above, and no more crashes after that. Where as previously, I would just crash at the same spot until I restart my PC.

  • Avonites
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    @longliverng Out of curiosity, what settings are you using in the .ini that seem to have been giving you more stability?

  • LongLiveRNG
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    @avonites I changed back Character and Texture back to 2; I didn't tampered with everything else other than TobiiEnabled I changed to 0.
    If you want to know what I did to prevent the crashes was to uninstall XBox Game Bar from windows using powershell. Disabling it from Windows Settings didn't help at all, I still can open the Game Bar Overlay by pressing Start+G.

  • Avonites
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    @longliverng Great, thanks for the help. I did play Valhalla last year but it was just a crashfest in England. Hopefully this will work once I've finished Odyssey!

  • Allysonflb
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    Hi, i was trying reply my support ticket but it got closed yesterday so i will post here, maybe this help someone.

    I was getting crashes every 20min~1hour long, but after reinstall valhalla and ubi connect in the same hard-drive it got a little better, but the thing that finally stopped my crashes was removing from my PC the Razer Synapse and Chroma SDK program's, in the ubi ticket the support told me to do it, i did kinda skeptical but when i removed and cleanned my registry to wipe any traces, the game never crashed anymore. I was testing this fix since the last 5 days and i'm glad that it worked. In both my PC's my game stopped crashed after doing this and since i have the razer program in both.. i can see that maybe this was the problem after all, so my tip is: If you have razer synapse installed in your pc or the chroma sdk or something along this lines.. Unninstall and see if helps.

  • Vinovat.Turova
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    @longliverng Thank you for this

    i've removed the AC valhalla.ini (the one in documents) such that it would recreate a default/vanilla one for me, once i open the game
    i've also removed the xbox game bar, using the powershell method

    i'm playing the game without any crashes anymore, i'm even modding the game, and it's going well
    finally, a method that works, thank you

  • S7igma957
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    @allysonflb So only one game have problems with Razer Software. Sure i will not uninstall such software for only one game.

  • HaunXSolo
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    If the crash / freeze you are experiencing is not linked to any of the above investigations, then please can you provide us with all of the following information:

    • Have you been able to complete our basic PC troubleshooting guide? These steps help to tackle a number of common causes behind crashes / freezes, and provide us with a basis for further investigation.
    • What are your system specs (CPU/GPU)? i7 9700k/ 3070TI Windows 10
    • Have you been able to play the game without experiencing crashes / freezes before? I've logged over 100 hours in the game.
    • When did these crashes / freezes first occur? Please be as exact as possible. After the most recent update, late December
    • Have you made any recent changes to your system, such as updating your Operating System or installing new software? No.
    • Are there any specific triggers for these crashes / freezes? For instance, do they happen when launching the game, or during a loading screen? Seems to be timed. I get about 5 minutes of play and it freezes. Tried verifying/ uninstalling and reinstalling with no help.

  • LongLiveRNG
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    @s7igma957 @Allysonflb I used to have a Razer mouse, and encounter numerous Razer Game Manager Service & Synapse error with The Division 2 crashing to desktop. So I can assure you it's not just only one game, and if you google it, the GMS app broke a lot of games.

    Bought a Logitech mouse, uninstall the Razer apps, and since that day I live a happy man with no negativity posts anymore.

  • se7ensynns
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    Re: [[PC] Experiencing crashes / freezes whilst playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla | POST HERE](/topic/128177/pc-experiencing-crashes-freezes-whilst-playing-assassin-s-creed-valhalla-post-here)

    this is the games fault, its random, can be in menus, can be while or just after saving, can be when start menu shows up, can be turning the camera around, can be when flying with the bird, can be when looking at inventory or map, for me always in england, never in river raids or norway yet, have seen ppl say the paris dlc is bad as well and am not looking forward to doing it. last time i buy from you unless this is fixed, i have no power to fix your game but i do not intend to pay you so i can be a bug tester

    wth, even your forums are broken, i hit the reply button when in the player support section of ac vahalla and it put my post in Just Dance 2022..... good one

  • S7igma957
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    @longliverng Zero issues with Razer software in all games. If Valhalla have problems with this software then it's problem of the game.

  • S7igma957
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    @longliverng Zero issues with Razer software in all games. If Valhalla have problems with this software then it's problem of the game. You spend so much time trying to find a solution. Better spend this time in another game.

  • Kubok112022
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    I have experienced numerous crashes while playing the game, now I am unable to even switch it on as all the time "ubiserver error" accur. Can anyone help me? I've tried to reach you, but obviously your chat doesnt work and message is not possible to be sent?! That's a joke, no support, no email addres, nothing works same as your games.

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