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  • locked topic_solved [PC] Experiencing crashes / freezes whilst playing the game

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    @longjohn119 I also have made this sort of experience:(

    I wrote a big Message with anything in the clearest detail, put on any attachement that was possible just to see at the and on the bottom that you couldn't afford any Support Ticket due to Covid anymore.
    Theres only the Live-Chat and even this doesen't seem to work.

    Im Sad that the support from Ubisoft doesen't seem to care about their customers. Valhalla is a great game and I love it much, but in the end it doesen't make fun when it crashes all the time. It's so frustrating but it even get more worse when you don't have any support behind your back.

    I realy hope that this isn't a bad sign for the future and for Mirage that it would end like this. I also gave up now. Ubisoft has its last spit on me now. One more disappointment and that was it. Never again.

  • S7igma957
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    @longjohn119 I already abandoned my hope to see fix for CTD. Mirage will not be pre purchased. That's all!

  • longjohn119
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    @S7igma957 I don't have much hope for Mirage because it's still the same broken game engine that just doesn't handle DX12 correctly and they are still supporting obsolete last gen hardware which pretty much guarantees the PC port will have more bugs than a New York City crack house ......

    And don't even get me started on that train wreck they call the Connect App

  • Tw02TheF4ce
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    @longjohn119 But they dont mind accepting money though. My case i bought the Shinobi armor pack...now i cant do anything with it equipped without a crash. WHY HAS IT NOT BEEN REMOVING FROM THE STORE?! This is nuts, but as everyone has been saying they dont give a rats [censored] since they already got the money from us

  • Sentenced19
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    You are not alone...
    After 55 hours of gaming, the CTD started too. After I returned from Skye, CTD began with nvlddmkm.sys error in the log. Sometimes after 10min, sometimes 30... I was playing on the same game version since the beginning, but driver was updated to 522.25 few days ago, it could be the problem, I dont know. Other games stable, no problem. PC specs: i7 12700K/RTX 3080 12GB/32GB RAM/Asus Z690/Win 11 22H2.
    After testing and trying/failing ... in my case, deleting the files in Documents - Cache folder is working, if I reboot, delete the cache.. I can play hours without problem, maybe it helps someone.

  • longjohn119
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    @Sentenced19 I haven't done any long term testing with the  522.25 but I did run a test because they are supposed to be better optimized for DX12 and I got a 14% gain in FPS (87 to 101 FPS average)..... However that is pretty much useless to me because they only way I can get the game to run half way stable is to use V-sync and put a 60 FPS limit on the game which means my graphics card (RTX 3070 Ti @ 1440p) only runs at 75% Even with that it still crashes on average every 7-10 hours but that's better than 3 or 4 times a day

  • Sentenced19
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    @longjohn119 I am playing with Vsync/60FPS from the beginning, tried to lock/max the framerate in the menu to 60FPS too, didnt help. The only thing helping right now is deleting the Cache if the problem occurs... CTD - restart Win - delete cache, and I can play for hours. I did notice, that travelling from one part of England to another can cause the problem, so there is definitelly some problem with caching, but didnt find any explanation or how they use it in AC Valhalla. Cache files should not be important (you can migrate from PC to PC without those files...) so I dont care deleting them. If that means 1s longer loading time or what, nevermind. But crashing to desktop in the middle of exploring is really frustrating and ruining the game. Maybe next nVidia driver will sort it out, maybe not. We shall see 🙂
    EDIT: btw. thank you longjohn119 - I have been reading this thread for some time before posting and suggestions did help me to continue with the game, thx
    I simply dont know, why the game starts crashing to desktop out of nowhere after 50+ hours of gameplay, I play on the same 1.6.1 version, only difference is the driver, so its that or the cache files ... or both 🙂

  • octapusxft
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    For me crashes happen randomly while moving or fighting. Suddenly the client closes without any message that can clue me in to the reason

    CPU: AMD 5800X
    GPU: Nvidia 3060 ti
    RAM: 32 GB

    My settings are conservative of using nvidia's DLSR to simulate 4K resolution in 1080p I do not believe I am straining my PC since I have steady over 60fps

    The crashes started happening as soon as I started the Wrath of the Druids expansion and after than they started happening to the mainland as well

    My biggest problem is the crashes that happen during River raids which are places where all your progress is lost if the game crashes.

    This game is out for like 2 years now, why are we having crashes to desktop several times per day.

    Is there some way to know what was the error that lead to the crash?

    PS: I already tried repair install. It does not help

  • IndigoOwnage
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    I also systematically experience crashes from the game, my graphics card is AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT. The problems started after I've purchased DLCs on sale. Crashes happen quite randomly, sometimes I can play for several hours, and after that every 15-30 minutes there may be a crash without any errors.

  • Sentenced19
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    Ok, another gaming weekend and I think it is clear - at least in my case. Cache files. When I travel from one shire to another or start new "pledge", game crashed to desktop with the same error in the log. Deleting the cache in Documents and I can play for hours and hours in a row with no problem at all.... Maybe someone knows, if it is shader pre-compilation related problem or what, but it works. And problem started with the south and south east regions of England.

  • longjohn119
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    @Sentenced19 I don't really think those are shader cache but more akin to something like a swap file where they stash recently used data/resources (Textures, meshes, etc.) and then recall them if you go back to an area. Normally what they have in the past is load them from the respective Forge files which can be quite large and could have more than one that needs to be accessed so to speed things up they are caching only the relevant portions of the Forge file which should speed up access. Basically it's a memory problem and the crashes seem to happen when they transfer data to and from memory and cache which can happen going to menus, fast traveling or even switching directions really fast in areas with a lot of distant objects that need to be loaded and unloaded to and from memory. What I have noticed in nearly all my crashes is I freeze and if I look at my GPU Memory usage I see it's been completely dumped and then the system crashes because there is nothing in memory for the frame buffer to access

  • hpoonis2010
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    @JPWiseguy I have my PC on all defaults. Valhalla, when I first installed and played, was an absolute farce. 2-3 crashes per hour, splash screens that cannot be circumvented do not help with this phenomena as they just drag the boredom into the regular. Horse going so slow that it is faster to get off and run. River raids being so easy: get off the boat without calling for raid, soloing everything then calling the raid. Simple, no one dies and raid complete.

    A character so devoid of any endearing qualities that iT makes it impossible to connect with them. The complete opposite is Ezio, whose story and depth were far superior. I once thoughT Shay from 'Rogue' was the worst - purely for that awful Irish accent - but the viking is terrible!

    The illogic of the final reveal: master assassin frozen for hundreds of years. Given that Odyssey came out before and has the hero gaining a staff enabling immortality, no one thought to mention that someone, somewhere would have let it slip and Alexios/Kassandra would have been aware? Utterly unbelievable.

    Those awful Layla data things are a mundane chore: as bad as the Desmond data things in Revelations


    ...is it REALLY 'Assassin's Creed', or Assassin's ANYTHING? All the subtlety of Unity/Syndicate assasinations gone, leaving...nothing. It is a melee-fest, pure and simple.

    The character blandness is a reason for never playing again but the technical issues alone make one playthrough more than enough. If, whatever comes next has the same, sad gameplay and an even sadder character, I think I am done with this series.

  • hpoonis2010
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    @Raceofhumanity Covid is an excuse, pure and simple. THIS IS THE INTERNET AGE! No one in this dimension or any other caught a disease from remote working.

    I have had a beef against ubi support from Assassin's III. It took almost 3 years for them to rectify the problem of me not being able to access the DLC. 3 frikkin years! Numerous emails. Immense frustration. I accept that complex software is going to have problems but the indiffence they have toward adequate customer support is clear.

    Support = click something in game/client, get redirected and enforce ANOTHER login, get redirected to forums and another enforced login, (initially) 2-factor twaddle which always generated 2 emails and failed to remember the browser, or even the same session. People probably gave up with that interminable grind and just didn't bother to ask any questions. A good way to reduce the number of tickets and make your investors happy.


  • SgtBricks
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    I have been experiencing frequent "\Device\Video3, Error occurred on GPUID: 100, nvlddmkm since playing again to try out the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. I do not recall ever experiencing these many crashes in the vanilla game or in the prior DLC's. I have tried disabling Hardware GPU Acceleration in Windows 11, running the game as admin, adding Tdr in the registry, going back and forth with drivers (currently using Nvidia 522.25), playing in offline mode, and probably a few other things that I did not mention for troubleshooting steps. I frequently play other games like CyberPunk 2077, Destiny 2, SpiderMan, God of War, and none of them have crashed like this. Here are my computer specs:

    CPU: Intel Core i9 12900K (not overclocked, usually hovers in the 40-degree area during play)
    RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR5 6200MHz
    Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z690E
    PSU: EVGA 1300G+ Gold Rated
    GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 OC Edition
    2x Seagate Firecuda M.2 Gen 4 drives

    I am not totally sure what else to do to prevent these crashes. Any further guidance would be helpful.

  • longjohn119
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    @SgtBricks You should start a new thread for this, Ubisoft quit monitoring or replying to this thread back in mid-July .......

  • Sentenced19
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    @SgtBricks Did you try deleting the cache files in Documents before playing? After two weeks of testing, I must say it works every time .. for me. If the crash occurs, reboot and deleting the cache always means, I can play for hours and hours without single problem. For me that was the one and only solution...

  • hllli_1414
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    I want to delete the version of dawn Ragnarok without deleting the whole game, I want to replay the game of dawn Ragnarok again?

  • hpoonis2010
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    @Sentenced19 Driver issues are defintiely a thing with this title. I had to revert to a 2019 video driver to get the thing to actually work. This is despite the fact that the ANNOYING splash screens proudly display AMD and my CPU/video are both AMD. DID ANYONE ACTUALLY DO ANY DRIVER TESTING? Ubi or AMD?

    Regardless of that, constant crashes mean I shall not be installing this again until probably 2027 or later. I have nothing but contempt for this title. It is awfully made and even more awful content.

    ...and it has been more than 1 year since I did play it.

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    Have you been able to complete our basic PC troubleshooting guide? - Yes
    These steps help to tackle a number of common causes behind crashes / freezes, and provide us with a basis for further investigation.
    What are your system specs (CPU/GPU)? - Intel Core i5-10400F 2.90GHz / Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050
    Have you been able to play the game without experiencing crashes / freezes before? - Yes
    When did these crashes / freezes first occur? Please be as exact as possible. - Yesterday
    Have you made any recent changes to your system, such as updating your Operating System or installing new software? Well this is a new pc, but it was running the game on max just fine a few days ago.
    Are there any specific triggers for these crashes / freezes? For instance, do they happen when launching the game, or during a loading screen? While playing, it seems it started after i installed the game ready driver for Gotham Knights, and at the moment i am going through my second playthrough, trying to get my first alliance with Soma, i have played the game over 200 hours and its the first time this is happening, well it did used to crash before but not so often, and not to this extent, not it seems completely random, also i keep seeing this error at the launcher_log.txt - ([17300]  ERROR  AchievementsDownload.cpp (237)   Unknown file extension for achievement.) it seems to be at the very end of the log right after the crash occurs

  • Dot909
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    @longjohn119 they're active on this page because they still remove my comments about hiw garbage the game and the company is . Ubisoft is just a common criminal company . They already have your money so they don't have to provide any useful support or fixes . Like fr what do you expect from a company that removes DLC you already paid for

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