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  • Phumelele65983
    8 posts

    FC5 was great, the first playthrough. Say what you want about the ending, but the story and its execution was a fresh take on the FC series. It was great in every respect, but it can only happen this one time. For FC6 you really have to improve on the FC3/4 format, and it's freedom in gameplay.
    The forced story progression in FC5 can't happen again. Details such as outpost master, mini-games, etc., also have to be inspired by previous games. The Arcade is a nice idea, but we don't want a substitute for the core game. I, and many like me, play the Far Cry games for their setting and mood. The Arcade removes all that, so there is no incentive to play it.
    Keep us in the core game-world. Put all of your nice little ideas in the core game. Give us the freedom to acquire perks through Experience Points, doing whatever activities that rewards it. The perk system in FC5 forces certain gameplay, some of which people will never touch. The same goes for the DLC -- put it in the core game-world, please.
    FC5 was a fun experiment, but it can't happen again. All hats off to the developers and minds that cooked all of this up. You guys are great, you really are. But, the technicals of FC5 can't become the new standard. Learn from it, take the good stuff from it, and then improve upon FC3/4 for FC6.

  • Aazhyd
    71 posts

    FC6 is out, they won't change that. Maybe in FC7 they learn from their mistakes. But they'll probably screw up something else.

  • qwad2
    3 posts

    I agree 5 is better than 6, I played the arcade games a lot during covid and I am disappointed that there is nothing equivalent in 6, to the point I am wondering if I will buy Far Cry 7 ?

  • BackPa-CZ
    13 posts

    Best Far Cry is first one. Far Cry 5 was funnier (a lot of funny bugs), but Far Cry 6 have a way better story. Both played in coop. I miss coop in Far Cry 4 .

  • DennisS456
    5 posts

    FC5 is a good game for sure, no hate there. But, I don't think it's the best Far Cry game, or anywhere close to being the best video game ever made. It's a solid B+ tier game imo.
    It won't win any awards, but it's fun.

  • The_King_baby
    Original poster 35 posts

    @gameguru2018 Nonsense. FC 4 is better than 6 as well, and it couldn't be further from me. And I consider FC Primal to be the best of all of the ones I've played (I never played 2 and I forgot to play Blood Dragon. I wonder if that download code is still good 🤔), and I'm not a caveman, at least in the traditional sense. Primal and Blood Dragon are the two most outlandish and Primal is my favorite.
    I don't speak Spanish, so those lyrics don't mean much to me, but there isn't a single thing about what I presume to be the Maximas Matanzas tune that is redeemable (I didnt watch the clip.). It's not about the genre of music either. I don't care for 95% of country music either, which, when I lived in MT, was mostly what you got. I live in the land where hip hop was created, it's greatest performers were a part of my childhood. And the tunes in FC 6 are nothing more than nails (not fingernails, but actual metal nails, full on 20d framing nails you'd use to build a deck) on a chalkboard while I happen to be 6 inches away from it. It's that awful.

    EDIT- OK, I finally found 2 minutes to listen to that track. It's fine. The music is very nice. The vocals, IMO should have been performed by a lady, but it is what it is. That style of music is very nice by itself too, with no lyrics (I think I would've preferred that). When I spoke of the music, I meant Maximas Matanzas specifically being garbage, not the selection you chose. I could listen to that style all day.

  • GameGuru2018
    311 posts


    Where hip hop created........must be in New York.

    The games you mentioned - Far Cry 4 and Primal.

    There were no Far Cry 3,2,1 among them.

    I'm betting if Far Cry 7 is in the North you will like it more than Far Cry 6.

    For some reason you prefer the northern setting more.
    There may be conscious and subconscious reasons for that.

    But it doesn't mean that it works for everyone.
    You may live in the North and be ecstatic about the southern settings.
    Moreover, geography is not the main reason.

    There may be hundreds of reasons for that.
    Such minor things as characters' clothing style, hairstyles, way of talking..... the color of water.
    It may overshadow even gameplay (the king of any game).

    Note - Far Cry 6 is definitely better in terms of gameplay.

    I think the main task of developers is to break the gamer.
    Make him love what he doesn't love. (He thinks that he doesn't love)
    Make him feel ashamed that he might not have liked it before.

    Turn an enemy into a friend.

  • The_King_baby
    Original poster 35 posts

    @gameguru2018 No, no, its not the region (yes I like that FC 5's MT is very accurate) itself. I thought I was very clear that I love tropical island adventures with caves and ruins. Wayyyyy easier to make a FC gamenthat way, I think. Those were the best parts of 3 and 6. I stayed away from 2 because the ending, meaning no open ended gameplay, was spoiled for me and I didn't like 1 that much. 3 was what roped me in and 4 kept me there. 5 was the ultimate, what with the New Dawn going with it. I played Primal between 5 and 6 and it cemented itself as the best one. A game could be set anywhere and as long as it's good, it's good. Take red dead 2 for example. It has scads of biomes to play in and they're all great in their way. I regret that I can't go back to the island there. 5 just has the "it" that 6 doesn't. 6 is still very good, but 5 is just better all over. Read the original post again, slower and I think you'll see the point(s) are made clearly.

  • GameGuru2018
    311 posts
    .... A game could be set anywhere and as long as it's good, it's good....

    What seems so right and obvious at first glance is not so right and obvious through more careful examination.
    Otherwise developers would not have racked their brains over new setting, again and again.

    They would have spun the globe, close their eyes and just poke.

    Setting matters!

    And Far Cry 6 setting was ideal.
    With fantastic realization.
    Visually so close to reality.

    Sometimes it's even hard to say - where is a game and where is reality.

  • Phumelele65983
    8 posts

    I remember i got Far Cry 5 at launch and it was not a good game, really boring to play so i stopped playing after about 1/3 of the game. Then about year later my wife got interested in it and we played it coop. We both had an amazing time, finished the game in one weekend. I was amazed at how big of a difference it made to play it with someone.

  • KrayZee_
    98 posts

    @the_king_baby Honestly, I think Hurk overstayed his welcome when he appeared in 5 Far Cry games and 1 DLC. As for perks, I'd say I'm not surprised it's missing. The perks started with Far Cry 3 and it never existed in older games, so it didn't really bother me that it's missing. I have mentioned this before in another thread, the lack of a perk system is due to the declining trend whether or not its even necessary anymore. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon didn't have a perk system, you automatically unlock them as you level. In Far Cry 4, some 'Far Cry 3 perks' were automatically unlocked in the beginning of the game. Despite the fact that Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn expanded the perk system, the declining trend is there. If more and more perks are automatically unlocked at the start of every sequel, the perk system loses its purpose. We can already pickup the grapple at the beginning of the game, we don't need a perk system to unlock it as seen in Far Cry 5. Again, I'm not surprised the perk system is gone.

    Considering how Far Cry 5 brought back character customization 12 years later and how Far Cry New Dawn emphasizes weapons crafted through workbenches, I wasn't surprised to see how they wanted clothing to affect gameplay in Far Cry 6. They did this for Assassin's Creed games since Assassin's Creed Unity.

    That weapons in Far Cry 6 are not crappy or nonfunctional, you just need to change the type of bullets you need. Add armor piercing rounds to everything and it'll play just like older Far Cry games, except you may focus a lot more on headshots.

    I do miss Guns for Hires from Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn.

    In the latest patch, we can abandon FND bases now and it functions similarly to scavenging outposts in Far Cry New Dawn.

    I'm glad they brought back a voiced protagonist, and you can tell they put more effort. Personally, I believe Far Cry 5 and New Dawn had silent protagonists is for customization, co-op and multiplayer. With Far Cry 6, not only we can hear Dani comment on enemies, FND bases, enemy vehicles, but we can also hear Dani sing whenever we listen to music while driving. I don't remember any video game where we hear the player character singing while driving. The best part about this, it's not even scripted to specific parts of a level or in a cutscene. It's during gameplay and you're traveling.
    Far Cry 5's prepper stashes would be equivalent to treasure hunts. So no, there's no lack of 'treasure hunts'.

    As for the lack of Native American culture in Far Cry 5... I agree, but the focus is on religious rural Americans. Far Cry 3 had temples and ruins, and there's the Rakyat faction. Far Cry 4 has them too and we have the Golden Path associated with it as well. Far Cry 1, Far Cry Instincts and Far Cry 2 had ruins, but it was mostly scenery to give off vibes that the location has its history. They did focus on having a tribal faction in Far Cry Instincts Evolution. As for Far Cry 5, it would be interesting to see Eden's Gate attempt to brainwash and convert Native Americans, but I have a feeling it could make the game appear more offensive. We already have white rural conservatives in the United States who feel offended by Far Cry 5's premise and boxart depicting The Last Supper. If we see indingenous people forced to be converted and baptised, that may make the game even more controversial.

    They did have horses in a Far Cry 5 ad, but I have a feeling it's because they probably don't have the mechanics programmed at the time. We have to keep in mind that we only had buzzers in Far Cry 4 and hang gliders in every Far Cry game before Far Cry Primal. We got proper helicopters and airplanes in Far Cry 5, and we finally got horses and tanks in Far Cry 6. Far Cry 5 came out in 2018, and I'm glad they did spend about 3 years programming tanks and horses in Far Cry 6. While it probably doesn't make any sense to bring World War 2 Soviet tanks in Hope County, I do believe they wanted to perfect how tanks work for a sequel in a different setting.

    I did feel disappointed that Far Cry 6 didn't have Arcade, and there are a couple of reasons I could think of why it's missing:

    1. Time constraint and forced to work at home due to COVID-19 lockdowns. They would have more resources if everyone worked in the studio.
    2. Far Cry 5 Arcade was unfairly harshly criticized at the time Far Cry 5 is released in March 2018, mainly from people who strictly play Far Cry only for single player and from those who just wouldn't give it a chance.
    3. They may release a multiplayer only Far Cry game in the future.

    Far Cry always had a map editor since the series' inception in 2004 and featured in consoles. The fact that the games had a map editor for 8 Far Cry games, and 7 of them are featured in consoles, I just hope Ubisoft will bring it back whether its a multiplayer only game or for Far Cry 7.

  • burkman87
    48 posts

    WORD. Allso, for a PC enthusiast like myself it would be nice if the melee combat from FC5 had been expanded upon, instead of retracted a decade back to fc3. Expanded upon to the point of rivaling Dark Messiah is what I'm talking about, which is about as old a ubi game as fc1.

  • The_King_baby
    Original poster 35 posts

    @krayzee_ by crappy and nonfunctional wrapons, of course I mean they don't work. As in, they don't fire at all. Like a glitch, which I've reported. It's quite aggravating. The revolver and ALL sniper rifles do NOT function under ANY circumstances for me. No ammo type fixes this. Not the end of the world, but annoying enough to get me to report it

    And by treasure hunts, I mean actual treasure. As in valuables. Did you know it was rumored Jesse James had hidden caches of gold and silver coins to pay his men all over the south and west? That could've been a fun addition. Outlaw treasure. Old gold mines to explore. A crashed 1880s train. That kinda stuff. Prepper stashes were ok, I wouldn't remove them, but the actual adventurous treasure hunts are better.

  • KrayZee_
    98 posts
    @krayzee_ by crappy and nonfunctional wrapons, of course I mean they don't work. As in, they don't fire at all. Like a glitch, which I've reported. It's quite aggravating. The revolver and ALL sniper rifles do NOT function under ANY circumstances for me. No ammo type fixes this. Not the end of the world, but annoying enough to get me to report it

    And by treasure hunts, I mean actual treasure. As in valuables. Did you know it was rumored Jesse James had hidden caches of gold and silver coins to pay his men all over the south and west? That could've been a fun addition. Outlaw treasure. Old gold mines to explore. A crashed 1880s train. That kinda stuff. Prepper stashes were ok, I wouldn't remove them, but the actual adventurous treasure hunts are better.

    In terms of gameplay and functionality, Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5 is just a different wording to Treasure Hunts. In Far Cry 5, we would have Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire, but it's called Amigos in Far Cry 6. In Far Cry New Dawn, it's called Expeditions, but it's called Special Operations in Far Cry 6. It's just like how Clutch Nixon missions in Far Cry 5 would be Gran Premio Races in Far Cry 6.

  • omgitsagamer184
    8 posts

    in far cry 6 90% of the game isnt getting kidnapped 😉

  • The_King_baby
    Original poster 35 posts


    Oh yes, I agree about the kidnappings. About time those ended. 3, 4, 5 AND New Dawn having those was annoying AF. Happily, Dani/Danny wasn't a sucker. It was always super irritating when you're geared up, ready to rock, better equipped than the entire team in Predator and take out John Seed in the church and BAM! Cutscene BS. You should've been able to level the church with him in it.

    And yes, I get the stashes etc are just name swaps. I'm suggesting having more variety of treasure hunts. Like I said, I wouldn't remove the stashes, just add other types of treasure hunts, ya know?

  • omgitsagamer184
    8 posts

    @the_king_baby prepper stashes were perfect but some of them got easy just cuz u already knew that u had to break in by shooting a lock unlike fc 6 having almost always a new mechanic to gain your prize.and far cry 5 just got easy at some point pretty much like any far cry up to 6 cuz why have a 50 cal deagle when u could have a 1911 that pretty much insta kills anyway so felt pointless to invest in stronger guns if enemies anyway die by pellets.

  • H8MyBoss
    17 posts

    FC5 is definitely rad, and I love it >> I love the setting, I love the plots, I love the music, love the extra activities like hunting and fishing, and treasure hunting. But FC6 is, in my opinion, far superior, in terms of longevity; there's just simply WAY MORE [censored] to do = more gameplay. Yeah, it can be a bit repetitive, just like most triple A titles, but FC6 actually brought back that original feel from the first FC game, and played on the outpost element of FC3 that gave us more to do.

    The only FC game I couldnt get into was FC2. That game was jank AF. Followed by FC4 >> but I might have to go back to it and give it a second chance. Primal was fun AF. I must have played thru FC3 like 8 times now.

  • AnimusLover
    426 posts


    2.) The poor side characters got way too much screen time. Holy crap, Juan is annoying! Doesn't that guy ever STFU?!? Can't I hear more from Clara? And now that I've finished the game, I can say, unequivocally that the entirety of the Maximas Matanzas story line was awful. Just bloody awful. Zero redeeming qualities. The character design, the dialogue, their music, all of it was atrocius. I'd rather have the actor that played Hurk sing show tunes of shows I hate in on a loop than listen to these turds one more time. I'd rather listen to Kit Harrington give a lecture on acting! At least that'd be funny! I'd rather listen to one of my ex's tell me every one of my flaws! I'd rather sit through an entire Jar Jar Binks origin film! Were I running an actual revolution, these jackasses would be nowhere near being vocal/visible leaders. I'd gladly send them on suicide missions until they didn't come back.

    lol savage. Personally, I like them both. I go back and forth between which is my favourite due to recency bias with Far Cry 6. 
    Far Cry 6 is a grower and, to be honest, I wanted to quit after the first few hours, but once it found its groove I couldn't put it down. The game is mechanically very satisfying and rewarding but the tired RPG elements that plagues each and every one of Ubisoft’s games now (except Watch Dogs) delayed it from getting to that point early on.
    Far Cry 5, on the other hand, is immediately excellent. The central premise is compelling and more unique than the series has done before. It had a better story, more interesting characters and introduced many of the things I enjoy about Far Cry 6. I loved that it encouraged natural exploration by continuing the removal of towers that started in Primal. It was nice to tackle activities simply by discovering them, rather than a tower magically revealing everything on the map and signalling that there were no wonders in between as a result. The treasure hunts were fun and collectibles were meaningful. Great use of music too which really added to the world building. I also liked how each companion opened up more creative ways to tackle objectives.
    This particular quote of yours stood out to me  (other than being funny) because I think the focus on side characters is a problem with a lot of Ubisoft's games now, not just Far Cry 6.  Ever since Ghost Recon: Wildlands a lot of Ubisoft open worlds seem to follow a very basic structure and it goes like this: there's a tyrant you need to take out but before you can get to him you have to dismantle his network of operations which consist of his lieutenants and those who work under them. Typically, this can be tackled in any order, though some areas will be harder than others. Sound familiar? That's because that is the blueprint for every standard Ubisoft open world now.
    In my opinion, Far Cry 5 is the best incarnation of this formula simply because it never loses focus of what its story actually is. The Seeds have such an oppressive presence even when they’re not there; you feel their impact everywhere. The side missions and main missions are clearly defined and, most importantly, separate. The main story or “critical path” tasks the player with taking out the Seed family in whatever manner they choose and any major character you meet along the way is simply assisting with this. You only ever have to help them once in order to get them on board and this is usually just simply freeing them from captivity, seeing as they want to get rid of the Seeds as much as you do. In other words, you’re not forced to do a long list of chores for these side characters just so that they can help you with one task at the end of the quest line.
    My problem with Far Cry 6 is that you have a really interesting central conflict between Clara and Castillo that’s full of tension and urgency but in between that is about 30 hours of what are essentially side missions posing as missions that are important to the main campaign. Rather than stories like Maximas Matanzas being optional, they are now a mandatory grind to completing the game and, as a result, the story lacks focus and is completely uneven in tone. That’s why you end up with cringey moments like the awkward freestyle rap in one scene and grand, inspirational speeches about revolutions from Clara in another scene. The same problem persists in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There's a potentially fascinating story in there about a man trying desperately to defy prophecy but it's sandwiched in between forging alliances with England’s various leaders by sorting out their personal affairs which serve only to take away from the main narrative. It results in a poorly paced story that never really starts yet refuses to end. Different writers, same fundamental flaw.
    Still, Yara is beautiful and while the story lines aren’t very interesting, the gameplay i.e. stealth, weapons/shooting, movement is as solid as it’s ever been. The DLCs are also way better than the ones for Far Cry 5 (which were mostly terrible) so it ultimately evens out.

  • tonicmole
    2 posts

    @The_King_baby I agree with pretty much everything you said, BUT I preferred FC 6's overall gameplay and design to FC 5. I Really didn't like how just as I started to have fun in FC 5 I'd be interrupted by the cult and wisked away to some compound. I like to run around without a meter. However...personal preferance. I also agree that the Maximas Matanzas story line was...just awful. We're in the middle of a militant uprising, and these folks are like "Rap battle time!!" It...was pretty bad.

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