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    so this is e report from the game called Crew 2 and this has been bloody annoying and I will be listing all the stupid things and annoying things about crew 2 

    1. the trees don't break and it's so annoying because in every race you just hit a tree that won't break. especially the thin ones.

    2. the car NPC'S logic is so dumb, they just randomly spawn in front of you and then you just hit the NPC, and then they just stop for no bloody reason, and then they go to a different lane.

    3. the New York race: we would appreciate it if you reduced some trees and some NPC when we do the race, it's so annoying when you hit them and it pisses everyone including me. (and the type of tree we could break)

    and also it would be really good if you increased the live summit player placement for PC players, I don't understand why Play station players would have top 11,000?? would u please do that same thing for PC players? lie at least do it top 5,000 that would be good (speaking about the platinum)

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    They have been adding some sort of artificial intelligence for about 1 year to the usual traffic ever and since this big update was made I tell them that in addition to being wrong done badly it is causing the loss of many players. During the races if you try a vehicle not in the race you see that it reaches for example 460km but in the races they reach 435 km and to reach the maximum speed that always below 15 even 20km "depends on the vehicle" takes a lot of time. road cuts if you are lucky it freezes at 160km but in some cases it drops in speed up to 130km. They ruined the game altogether. The game also tends to cheat heavily when you run a race you are getting a good result 8 times out of 10 it makes you run into a car into or go off-road for no reason automatically
    given the position of the camera, despite the fact that you have various possibilities to change it, it remains too low this suggests that the game is totally without depth and creates many visual problems you cannot see when you have to turn. If you notice when you come back to talk about traffic you see a vecicolo that disappears and at its psto another different one reappears that you cannot avoid in any way
    Many bot vehicles come out of you in the corners which is funny if the problem since the beta did not have major physics problems total loss of traction push and speed in the corners you can not do anything.
    Another very serious problem and when you join someone in the crew it happens to me that if I invite to help someone of level 200 as I am an icon 5200 + it happens that my vehicle totally freezes on new york and I end up losing the race too I find a very incorrect thing not being able to complete it falling behind at 92%
    As always, I apologize to everyone for my bad English
    thank you for making this big big problem known too even if in my opinion the list is much longer than things that don't work but it would be enough for me to fix those listed above

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    Yes, I completely agree with you. Especially the second one, it drives me crazy.

    cupcake 2048
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    For No.1: If you do the races properly you don't need to break trees, accept in some RR events there are never trees in your way. When you mean in free drive then just take a little time and think about what would happen to your car when you hit a tree. Unfortunately I already experienced this in RL and I can tell you the tree always wins. If you want to break trees play Forza Horizon.

    For No.2: If you mean the traffic you are completely right. They have never been the smartest, even back in The Crew 1, so just don't expect too much from them 😉 If you mean the NPCs in racing events then you do something wrong. In almost every event you won't see the opponents again after you overtook them at the start. In some events you have to lap them what has an annoying taste, but in general they cause no problems.

    For No.3: See No.1, do the event properly and you don't have tree-problems. But you are definitely right with the traffic, always there where you don't need them 😠

    For the bonus question: How many players will get the platinum ranking depends on the average number of players on every plattform, monitored during several months. Until last summer you needed to be in the Top3000 when you wanted to have a platinum ranking, no matter what platform you used for playing. On Stadia for example every player reached a platinum ranking because there where only around 1000 players participating in the summit. On the other hand on playstation you even reach 100k+ players in some Summit weeks, so there had to be some adjustments. The only thing I wonder about is why they didn't took the logic they used in The Crew 1. There you had some kind of dynamic in the platinum rankings, you get platinum when you are a top 10% player, so every Summit's platinum rankings directly depend on the number of players participating in the events and it adjusts automatically with every new player.

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    Hello my fellow racers. This post is inspired by KernelPads post Community Request List [For Developers]. It was a great post, and I thought that it needs to be done the same for The Crew 2, so here it is. I will try to keep it updated often, and eventually there will be a survey that will allow you to vote on how much you want to have these features.

    When making a request for a feature, please be sure it is not already on the list. Please keep your posts to the forum rules. Keep the suggestions constructive and simple to understand, if you wish to go in details for certain features, I suggest making a separate thread for it.


    This list is made by gathering player feedback from the forums, reddit, community discord and the community surveys. This is a community project, so entirely by the players.

    The numbers are based on the last survey done, please stay tuned for future ones to update the list with new data.
    [NEW] - Things that have been added to the list after the last survey was done.
    [**.**] - % Rating from last survey (Higher is better)
    [**.**] - High request rate by the players
    [**.**] - Medium request rate by the players
    [**.**] - Low request rate by the players

    Gameplay[48.60] Drift handling rework[50.99] Drift discipline rework: Unlike the handling rework, this means things like how the points are calculated, the basic goals of the event.[46.95] Aerobatics discipline rework[82.76] Race/Track creator[69.89] More houses[71.76] Fast travel anywhere[63.26] Moto GP Discipline Touring Bikes added with Patch 1.6.1[61.25] GoKart Discipline[46.21] Helicopter Discipline[53.75] JetSki Discipline[63.64] RaceTruck Discipline[68.05] Combo events available out of summit[76.96] Challenges & Awards: Added with patch 1.6.1[56.21] Semi-Automatic shifter: Ability to shift gears while in automatic.[60.26] Vehicle Selling[65.88] Hill climb skills[54.60] Demo Derby affixes[62.10] Turning blinkers[62.10] Gearbox type in pro-settings: Set each car to have it’s own, either manual or automatic[62.13] More achievements[64.38] Teaser events for exclusive vehicles: Events that loan you a vehicle that can be only obtained by Icon lever or summit[67.57] RX Events in cities: Load in dirt patches as assets[71.21] Open doors, windows, hood, ect. in free roam[66.51] Time attack mode: Races that have no AI and traffic[72.17] Car Shows[50.00] Bigger slowdown off-road for non off-road vehicles added with Patch 1.6.0[57.76] Harder AI[70.88] Non-solid checkpoints[76.07] Double bucks legendary part set[74.19] Custom Radio[75.66] More long races[76.21] Drift events in the mountains[66.95] Remove Cutscenes for Live Xtreme in summits[72.17] Explore map to unlock fast travel anywhere: Same as the first game, if you’ve been there, you can fast travel there.[67.57] Spawn at your last location, not House[60.05] Change Free Roam only contracts to general contracts: Contracts removed in patch 1.8.0[64.74] Dynamic Contracts: Contracts removed in patch 1.8.0[71.18] Ride height in pro-settings[68.49] Option to Disable visual damage[78.31] Select race conditions: Ability, before the race, to select time and weather conditions.[62.13] Quad bike discipline(or added to MX)[55.40] Drag race discipline rework[73.64] Option to Disable traffic at will[48.49] Nerf slipstream[72.90] Keybinds to turn on/off headlights, engine, wipers and so on[84.04] Content for icon +1000 players[32.90] Remove Air nitro[-] Nerf Air nitro Nerfs done in patch 1.6.1[63.31] Drift zone skills[63.49] Speed skills (TC1 style)[57.39] Precision skills[68.31] Reward tiers for skills[77.24] More events outside of discipline comfort zone (e.g. Touring car in city)[42.06] Time penalty for using Back on Track(BoT)[54.04] Remove “Granny shifting”: Certain cars change gears a lot slower in sequential, but with clutch this is negated, thus adding mechanical advantage to keyboard users.[61.51] Steering speed setting for controller[61.18] Allow to do Ace without doing Normal/Hard[61.32] Vehicle Restrictions removed for Hard and Ace in events with forced vehicle[67.90] Event difficulty defaulting to highest one that is completed[68.20] Inverted tracks for existing events(where possible)[71.76] Endurance races[58.09] Unification of handling models within disciplines(TC, RX)

    Livery Editor[71.69] More objects and logos: Partnered logos like official RedBull logo[72.69] More basic shapes[76.29] Object sharing: Custom created objects shareable with other players[74.19] Windows as separate section[61.62] Interior livery[61.58] Return of Ubi liveries[53.31] Premium objects / Vanity objects: Available for CC, animated, more intricate[73.71] Livery naming[74.89] Uploaded livery editing: Mainly change material[77.87] Carbon material[73.09] More object slots[74.48] Upload custom objects[61.91] Disable livery on windows when using shared livery.[68.24] Edit element in group, without ungrouping[68.46] Object based materials: One object can have metallic while the other is matte on the same livery[70.96] Manually enter numeric values: Instead of just dragging to make bigger/smaller, ability to write the size number.[79.34] Cross platform livery sharing:[76.65] Advanced livery filter[77.10] Favourite/Follow creator to find their liveries[66.76] Remove your livery from shared liveries[75.66] Grid search(faster navigation through livery list)[72.50] Cache livery previews in search(faster load)

    Vehicle Customization[82.39] Number plate vanity[63.26] Horn vanity added with Patch 1.6.0[74.96] Sliders for customisation parts: Sliders that make spoilers, bumpers, hoods, side skirts - wider, shorter, longer ,bigger, ect.[72.39] Separate minor part differences: Instead of listing all the variations, list the base and give option to choose the minor differences. Example: You see 3 rear bumpers instead of 9, You select one, then you are given to chose which exhaust to use, then which lights.[78.68] Convertibles: Added with patch 1.8.0[-] Nitro Flame vanity added with Patch 1.6.0[-] Tinted windows(Not tied to livery) added with Patch 1.6.0[71.10] Roof Scoop[75.96] More rims[82.68] More settings for rims. (Material, finish, stickers ect.)[74.71] Count customisation items retroactively for hobbies

    Co-Op / Crew[78.09] 8 People Crew[78.53] Private session: A session where only people from your friends list can join.[81.18] Larger session(More than 😎[76.07] Crew rewards: Bucks multiplier if in crew, Followers multiplier, ect.[75.55] Guild/Team system[69.71] Resource sharing: Give bucks, parts to friends so they can catch up.[75.85] Random free roam challenges[74.38] Crew finder[77.28] Crew house[59.74] Co-Op only missions[68.46] Share set bonuses when in crew[67.10] Automatically rejoin crew when relaunching game[79.63] Invite players to your house:

    UI / UX[74.67] Weather indicator on leaderboard: Shows under what conditions the time/score was set[58.31] Cross platform Leaderboards[48.97] Cross platform summit leaderboard[45.57] Remove back on track black screen: Changed in Patch 1.6.0[65.40] Remove Pause / Unpause transition: Same as BoT Vehicle is moving during the menu transition. You should be able to see the game as soon as you unpause.[65.55] Show UI at start of the race: Make speed, gears, map, chat visible on race start.[56.25] Make chat visible everywhere: Chat disappears in loading screens, starts of races[65.66] Ability to hide UI during races: Ability to hide UI even in races[67.10] Name tag fade out by distance: You should be able to specify a distance at which point name tags no longer appear, as at some point they obscure your vision, and in a race, they don’t matter.[77.13] Icon point easier spending: Add faster ways to apply icon points.[70.11] Show distance between vehicles: In races, see how far ahead is the next vehicle[60.40] Show distance from closest shore while in boats[77.35] Auto-scrap parts: Set to automatically scrap any part below a certain rarity and/or level.[84.26] Part sets(Quick equip)[78.49] More HUD customizability: Change size, shape and colour of every element.[83.86] Better vehicle selection screen: Grid view with smaller preview images.[78.86] Select vehicle from the catalog[79.49] Skip any popup screen: Event results stay up too long, especially when free roaming and going through a skill without wanting to hit it. Can’t see anything you want to see, besides pointless skill score.[73.42] More tools in the tools menu[79.30] GPS Checkpoints: Set multiple locations and the GPS will lead you to them in the order you set them.[70.59] Consistency in confirmation inputs: Some menus react on the press of a button, some require you to hold for short time, some require you to hold for long time, Need to unify this as one.[82.17] Ability to equip parts in summit vehicle selection[69.85] Queue for PvP from menu[79.01] View summit from menu[79.76] See contracts from menu Contracts removed in patch 1.8.0[78.93] Buy vehicles from catalog[70.66] Quick teleport from menu sends you to closest HQ, not always Street HQ[71.25] One click vehicle downgrade: Removes all parts from the vehicle with one click, instead of removing them all one by one.[77.46] Show affix on parts in HQ mailbox[76.07] Show affix on Parts when you receive them[78.38] Pause screen shows map and race route[79.12] More detailed race preview: When you hover over an event on the map, it should show more info like where each checkpoint is placed, be able to follow the track on the map.[73.57] Event specific images: Have custom images, either preview of the track or a custom image for each event instead of the same image for multiple races.[79.38] More fast fav slots[75.85] Search bar for vehicles (write what to find)[69.71] Hobbies progress visible in events[69.56] See users current occupation in crew roster(In PvP, free roaming ect.)[75.18] Back out of summit event in vehicle selection screen[81.73] Multi select part scrapping[73.16] Show controller type on leaderboard(wheel, gamepad, keyboard)

    Map[66.43] Mexico expansion[74.56] Canada expansion[73.49] Hawaii expansion[74.08] Europe expansion[60.77] [Insert country here] Expansion[77.98] Use existing tracks for races[81.80] More Landmarks[79.96] Bigger cities[77.83] More smaller towns[76.88] Different representation for breakable objects: Some fences that can be broken look like fences that can’t be broken. Or the indicator is clipping in the ground.[56.40] More ramps[59.26] More arenas[76.29] More easter eggs[81.84] More race tracks

    PvP[71.32] Private lobbies[70.40] Unranked private lobbies[70.63] Currently active player count: See how many people are playing a certain playlist.[77.46] Invite friends directly to lobby[63.27] Revenge cap: Limit how many times a track can be repeated[50.92] Enable Affixes: Either allow affixes that don’t increase performance, or give everyone full affixes.[70.66] Ability to tune vehicle in lobby You can tune a vehicle when selecting it, but it is not enough time, but you spend so much time waiting for the event to start, that you could be spending it modifying the vehicle you want to drive.[70.88] Manage vehicle parts in lobby: Ability to scrap vehicle parts while in lobby as they pile up after spending a few hours in PvP.[72.98] Edit settings in lobby: Ability to change game settings while in lobby, like changing from automatic to manual.[72.72] Custom event selection: In line with private lobbies, allow players to curate their own playlists.[63.75] Rank improvements: Plat 1 should be harder to get/keep. Harsher scoring(Plat gains/loses nothing when against only bronze).[53.13] Seasonal rank reset[58.86] Quit punishment: Give punishment for players if they leave mid race, especially if they are the host.[57.72] Host Priority: Prioritise the more active PvP player to be the host, so you don’t get host migration every 2 races.[57.39] Remove Press Forward Tracks: Remove tracks like Big Land from the rotation[72.21] Freeroam while waiting for lobby[68.90] Vote for Collisions off[72.54] Vote for vehicle type in event[68.71] Tier based rewards[74.08] Crew vs Crew[73.68] More game modes: Returning ones like Blitz Brawl(Perfect for demo derby), or new ones.[67.72] Lobby overview: Like in The Crew 1, ability to see everyones vehicle at the same time.[47.32] Remove Back On Track[66.21] Chase mode[69.74] Playlist variety[58.27] Increase player search time: If the lobby becomes smaller than 4 players, wait longer for people to join.[67.28] Dedicated servers[66.03] Spectate mode[63.90] Follow the leader mode: Try to repeat all the actions that the leader does, the closer you are the more points you score. Leader switches until everyone has been a leader.[65.22] Combo events playlist: Playlist consisting of all the combo events that were in the summits.[62.02] Each HQ has its own Playlist[64.93] Manage crew roster in lobby

    Visuals / Graphics[81.03] Better LoD(Level of Detail)[69.60] RTX Support for mirrors[81.32] Higher graphical quality: Can it run crysis level[72.79] Seperate on screen effects from Screen Space Reflections: When driving on dirt or through water, you get effects on your screen, only way to remove this is to reduce reflections. These settings should be separated[84.56] Weather adjustments[82.28] Texture update[78.49] Snow only in northern areas[85.55] Snow rework[86.54] Night sky rework[79.82] Longer nights[89.15] Headlight illumination improvements[81.21] Uncapped FPS[87.32] More weather effects. (Lightning, storms, ect.)[75.48] FOV slider for single monitor setups[76.69] Vehicle interior texture quality[70.92] Ability to remove wheel in cockpit cam (for wheel users)

    Other[37.67] VR Support (Moved to rejected ideas)[73.60] In depth character creation[81.80] Change character[76.54] Cross platform support[73.24] Add [Insert car here][72.10] Offline mode[52.57] Linux support[72.90] 360° wheel animation support:[60.29] New Game option: Reset save and play the game once more from nobody to icon 9999[60.55] SpeedRun mode: Similar to the new game option, just this is with the goal of completing all of the bosses as fast as possible. But player data is not saved, once you close the game, the run is reset. This is seperate from the normal save.[79.38] More space in garage/home[64.26] Discord Rich Presence integration: Shows on Discord what you are doing in game(What vehicle and event), and allow to send an invite in Discord to join a Crew[53.93] Disable pedestrians: Sometimes they walk through closed off areas like drift events.[57.35] Telemetry access via 3rd party tools.[76.91] Generate photomode pictures at higher resolution and quality[70.96] Recalibration rework[71.99] Recalibration history, if recalibrated to wrong affix[69.15] Cross Ubisoft partnerships (e.g. Trackmania, Trials)[73.16] Cross save support: Ability to use one save on all platforms.[71.40] Summit tiers based on how many are participating. The more participate the more people get the rewards.[69.85] Dev blog[69.08] Customize key bindings option on consoles[67.10] External access to user stats[70.77] Save Photomode pictures in *.png[75.88] Photomode setting for on screen effects(dirt, rain droplets)[71.36] Unbind any keybinding[72.43] More steps in settings sliders(better precision)

    ADDED CONTENT spoiler


    Police: It has been stated many times that Police will not be added to the game, as it doesn’t fit the theme and the creative direction of what the devs want the game to be. It also could hinder getting licenses for new vehicles, and adding police would most likely require to renegotiate already acquired vehicle licenses, thus making the addition of Police too expensive for the low demand it has had.
    Here is a video of a dev stream where they clearly say no to Police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2fe...outu.be&t=5330 And a twitter post from the Community Developer https://twitter.com/Le_Gaidheal/stat...12554693603328

    Purchasable Summit Platinum rewards: Exclusive summit rewards will remain exclusive to the summit, they might return in a future summit, but again as a platinum reward.

    Originally Posted by UbiMorning
     Go to original post
    Second, I would like to reiterate what the others have mentioned: We do not plan to release the Platinum rewards in the shop. I can understand this is upsetting for you, but as the others have mentioned, it would not be fair to those who worked hard and grinded for the cars. I appreciate your suggestion, as it has been suggested in the past, but as for now, we do not have plans to add them to the shop.

    VR Support: While the addition of VR would be cool, the time and cost required to implement it in the game is too high for it to make sense. There are far more important things that need to be addressed.
    Here is a VOD of a Community Manager stream, where they say that VR is not coming:https://www.twitch.tv/videos/535927768?t=01h55m00s

    Post last updated: 23.06.2021