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  • DNH_17
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    For several reasons @AI-BLUEFOX the restaurant metaphor you made is well written.
    The problem is that we keep being served pre cooked and de frozen food and masses keep eating that!

    Even Rockstar gets to the point that they say: you get a full game? You can play the single player and RDOnline. Depending on where the hell u get the game it's 25 to 70+ Euro .. some crazy get even the full package with minuatures up to 180 Euro... (and those actually do pay for 8-6 people!! - amnd merchandies like the Barrel candle sold on Official RDR shop of R* is priced 110 Dollars?!!! ok do that but it doesn't affect anyone, a Hoolliwood star or a Israeli Warlord can buy it or maybe a mexico drug dealer or Ndrangheta kingpin can do and will support the company ... since you make those prices speak just to those wicked targets, R*, still I wanted a RDR black wax candle at home ... but can't for 110 dollars...) - Do not believe? Entertain yourselves: https://store.rockstargames.com/merchandise/buy-red-dead-redemption-2-barrel-candle-by-joya: (https://store.rockstargames.com/merchandise/buy-red-dead-redemption-2-barrel-candle-by-joya)
    And if you want to play just online because you are a MP addicted dude\woman, then just pay 19 Euro for the RDonline. (despite it's horrible as SP vanilla time lapsed time cycle, which is way too fast for RDR2, not that GRW has a slow one ... indeed something to be improved)...
    That's it.

    This CASINO' system of making the game a BAZAAR of things (MTX,skins nonsense) to buy for what reason? "Collecting sticker figurines" to attach to an album?!! What the freaking hell is this trend of games as a collection of empty services, without any soul of CONTENT making! Just immature skin selling...

    8 years of development (is the MUST, full stop) and yes, some crunching, but every good game and any business in the world NEEDS CRUNCHING : stop this noob careerist pseudo journo trash from cynical noobs like Schreiber who just abused of ignorance of masses by posting clickbaity trash...drugging the Public Opinion with TRASH, like Kotaku did, denouncing the problem of "crunching", like gaming and any other business, including the wars Israel does (right Schreiber? Warum schriebst du nicht on that?) unilaterally (whti the weapons produces in Arkansas and beyond) did not include crunching on the workers of that remunerative business.
    Isn't it so Schreiber? Why don't you call stuff with names?

    It's like people ignored that those that are doing beneficence to Africa or other distressed location of the world (due to our colonialism damage on them for centuries, still ongoing) and these people donating money then actually toast at these parties with thousand dollars worth Champagne! ahahahah Why don't they donate that amount also to the target they are supporting instead to drink with Champagne?...

    This is so ridicolous.

    Do your freaking 8 years development from the idea pitch (some games don't even need pitch, just STEAM ROLL towards the NEXT NOMAD LOCATION of OPERATIONS) to the release, innovate on new games not on ESTABLISHED franchises. (make it 6 years then since you ..oh ooo... you have 10k Workers Ubisoft as u like to brag on)
    Do simple stuff but keep improving the quality of tradition, we all know as a family what the hell is not good. Just to mention one thing? Let's say AI enemy should be flanking\use more advanced weapons depending both on difficulty, stuff like AI in RDR2 does? Or maybe we should be able to play up to 8 co-op instead to only 4 men squad? And other stuff I am not gonna say now but which I listed...

    Few words, stop the fuss of pretending we don't know how the world goes.

    We know everything, we are in information era, those that are trained can cut off the fake, penetrate the matrix of infovortex and know everything, if one studies knows who is running the matrix, why what is happening, who is behind, what is the market situation at the moment. Ubisoft needs a different management, it's very simple.
    They have been plagued by people that unfortunately were harassing other workers in the teams and also some claiming to be harassed... there is clearly a war inside the teams...

    This will never bring something good. Never. Wrap it up and make your (too mouch spoken, also from me) recent past be forgotten before the fire burns EVVERRY THING.
    And btw, this is not a rant, it's facts, I just noticed a fact: Tencent is gonna sack Ubisoft, and Ashraf Ismail revenge is coming 😉
    Even Kotaku says it ahahahah.

    The Pokemon Assassin is coming for you Yves 🙂 (of course I am joking, I mean that he was one of the makers of Assassin Creed)

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    @AI-BLUEFOX it suggests Ubisoft would stay intact because Tencent are buying a minority stake holding.

    So if you ran a restaurant business and I wanted to invest in it to share in the profits I'd buy some shares off you but the business would continue to run, most likely still under the same name. I'd look to be involved in major decisions, like what's on the menu, in order to protect my interest. If I wanted to rebrand the restaurant, changing its name and style I would probably need a larger share than 15% or I'd need to persuade enough of the other shareholders to vote for it. Considering they invested in it already it would be unlikely they'd want that change. If I wanted to go further and close the restaurant to use the equipment in my own restaurant or take ownership of the secret recipes I'd probably need a controlling interest. In effect I'd be stopping all the other shareholders from future returns and cashing them out. They might want that if they thought the business was failing, so not unheard of, but I think that is unlikely. Tencent need the Guillemot familly's blessing.

    Now I am confused, I thought their intention was to buy a Majority stake in the holdings so they can make better decisions than the blurry ones Ubisoft has been making for a few years now with good or bad intentions it does not matter. Or to be able to decide whether to sell pieces of the Company (or Franchises) that are not making money.

    I understand and know that if you have tons of money you can make bad decisions and still make money, I know that so very well from working from different companies and seeing those mistakes from the inside and now that I am on my own, I try hard not to make those kind of mistakes myself because, well, I can't afford them (for starters) and the majority of customers now appreciate the good service instead of the bad service with cheap prices and less so with high prices (there are always those that won't). Perhaps I should talk to this guys and see if they want to invest on a sure thing LOL ... But I digress.

    Original poster 239 posts

    @FcAc-No-Moe apparently they are after just 15% not a majority stake and are in discussion with the Guillemot family. Nobody really knows except those close to it and they can't say anything too much in public.

    However 15% gives them a theoretical controlling interest, I think they will have more shares then than any other single shareholder. Practically, however, the Guillemot family will combine their vote and they also have a parent company that owns Ubisoft stock. That would be like even though I own 15% of your restaurant and you only own 10%, each of your 4 brothers own 8% each and your holding company owns 10% (the balance by minor stakeholders). Although I have the biggest share, you and your family have 52% and if you stay united, control the company.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1273 posts

    Ok, I understood that, much better explanation with math involved lol but I sincerely doubt it will make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, let alone warm the cackles of my heart because it tells me that if the Guillemot family can pull a rabbit out of their butt with the majority of the votes, no matter who comes in, the blurry vision and horrendous decisions within the company will continue no matter how much money is injected to it from this new Company.

    Perhaps I will never fully understand the bottom line or why it would be a good venture/investment for anybody to buy more stock then (or only to get to 15%) unless of course just Ives Guillemot is the one that wants to hold on to it . If this is not a wholesale buy out I see nothing changing any time soon but that is just me I guess.

  • Kean_1
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    The Reuters article says that (from it's sources) it's not clear how much more TenCent wants to acquire (they already own 5%), but they do want to become the single largest shareholder of the company. We also don't know (if this is even true) what other deals they may have at acquiring other shares beyond just the Guillemot's.

  • DNH_17
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    Very interesting. However all this "politcs" is worth to know, but stays politic-language that is cool for understanding what really is happening from the administrative votes and decision point of view, but for the rest, what it means for the game and quality of production is, good old days are gone. It's time for Ubisoft players to abandon the ship.
    Look what they are doing RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE to GRW, after 5 years, a game with big potential still today, or at least inspiring.
    Does it cost a lot to keep the servers open? Maybe.
    Just find a solution, people will thank you ... in mass.

    As the matter well explained above from your posts, there is no way they are going to take care of these "details"... it's totally a matter of survival and a power "game", a matter of money and bank account...

    I will play the last games if I manage to or just gonna send them a letter for getting refunded for all of it.
    I don't wanna watch even a commercial from these people, sincerely...

    Original poster 239 posts

    There isn't much for gamers in any of the big business changes and corporate manoeuvres we're seeing. The innovation of independent studios in the early days of gaming has moved over to make way for the financial juggernauts.

    In spite of all the issues; in GR itself other Ubisoft games and within Ubisoft's internal trials and tribulations with staff, I still think that an intact Ubisoft pretty much as-is remains our best chance for a GR game.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1273 posts
    In spite of all the issues; in GR itself other Ubisoft games and within Ubisoft's internal trials and tribulations with staff, I still think that an intact Ubisoft pretty much as-is remains our best chance for a GR game.

    Well, I wholeheartedly disagree but not for the sake of being negative or to contradict you but mostly because if what we are going to have is another GR game in name only (aka Breakpoint) with Huge amounts of potentials (like most Ubi games for the past 10 + years) and then with the promise that hey hear us and will fix the turd as time goes by, well, I rather someone, anyone comes in buys them out and shelves the game because it basically is the same thing isn't it? I mean, if you don't look at it with rose tinted glasses but realistically speaking... a potential super turd disguise as a GR game vs No GR game at all.

    They can make a shooter with no name and I would play it and enjoy even more than a Botched GR, stupid I know but it is what it is.

    Nothing in the last 2 years tells me that the Paris Studio is capable of more or better and for that matter (here's looking at you Flatline) none of the other studios either.

    You may have inside sources and know more than me (or us) but again, because of their behavior as of late, it doesn't inspire confidence.

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