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  • DNH_17
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    The cost of gaming has changed in last 2 decades.
    Hiring and keeping talents and general good programmers in your own studio working costs more.
    If a company verticalizes like Ubisoft did (it means, in this specific case of ubisoft that was making games only some years ago, to actually also create your own platform for distributing games too, and not letting others - Steam etc. - do the job and rip the taxes from it) sure, it gains more but also costs more especially when you fail a game!
    The failure was basically wanted. Desired, it was not an accident. And even if it was, this is the darkest way, to come to a solution to Ubisoft and in general increasing costs companies.
    (costs are also sudden like energy: think about energy costs nowadays... Energy companies are raising prices because of habits of living of people have MASSIVELY changed and of consuming too due to the pandemics and also general understanding that climate change is a huge issue, not like lobbies want us to believe).
    Game studios electricity costs a lot, HW buying and maintenance and so on... (and these are only two factors of cost increase). Think about tons of direct and indirect costs, fixed and variables, also the corporation of game developers that of course demanded rights to be respected (stuff that was pushed from Journos with an agenda like Kotaku director with personal interests in making game development more financiarized, and less like it was before, because after all there also journos that have hands in the pot, playing like inside trader, knowing that if companies fail to cover costs and break even will have to resort to more financiarization of their daily (typical) economy: using DLC, MTX, NFT and more...

    Things have changed, and yes, games are not anymore to have fun and play, immerse, personalize your experience, be in there, enjoy it with others, INTERACT with virtual, with AI and HUMAN (yourself and others).
    No, now gaming is dying. Ubisoft is not anymore a videogaming company, they use that title to appeal people and then fall into an addiction spiral. Grinding,farming, MMO (for the sake of it) type of design, that is the death of gaming and game design aimed just at making you use your money to play.

    We are going back to a "COIN OP" very low quality Arcade, with the means of modern days, not of the 80-90ties, from where I take the name of coin-op. Today the tools are infinite. First of all abusive communication, constant development of a game pretending it is co-created, or abusing what we produce and suggest instead of inventing it in the studios. Everything is outsourced, as a paradox the game itself is outsourced.
    We are at a point where the software is given to us and we (those with a minimal taste remaining) manipulate it because it is simply so raw and so "give us your info and money" that we can't have fun in it. I doubt new generations have the anti-genes to be protected from this HUGE WINTER that is coming.

    The fashion world is all about virtual production (they have destroyed entire communities, think about rivers in China and India, think just of the brain washing on Xinjang on cotton harvesters, that PRC great planners say "now have a job").
    The fashion sector which is a huge lobby in France and Italy responsible for above 10% of GDP, are all about using the videogames world as a case study. We are going to go virtual, people that will be able to affort a internet connection or have time to use it, or will not be censored, will be using NFT based clothes to dress themselves instead of buying stuff. This is the cyber distopic transition needed in order to save the ability to live and breathe on the planet.
    If we keep polluting rivers as we have done, and now we will use on the internet masks, and other stuff, like "skins".
    All the dolce and gabbana and other groups new products and concepts are all about "gaming with our lives" if you checked out.

    Well I spend a lot of time living but also informing myself and I have access to tons of information so this is the reason why I am sharing all these info and a very complex picture (the reality, the truth) with you. I doubt many can as many of us are still following the compartmentalized way of living and education or do not have time to do this, and I respect it.

    Well, getting to the conclusion: I was checking the recent dip of the crypto these days, at a very good web site which is "coinmarketcap". It is great and offers a very good summary at the top of the page showing what are the recent volumes traded, in the total so called "DeFi" markets (NFT, Metaverse and so on are all included and also separable), it tells you also how much of this whole pseudo decentralized thing is actually based on stable coins (which you must know what they are) and which are invented money that are based most of the times on banks that DO NOT OWN those money, they do not have those values, those assets those RESERVES, and anywya they hang it on real FIAT currencies, so actually there is no digital coins what so ever: THE DEFI is HANGED ON REAL STUFF, there is no digital reality besides the "complex" algos and various codes designed that sure are fruit of imagination and power that the digital world has enabled.

    Now I am gonna shared what I digged, what I found, by searching at coin market cap .com the word QUARTZ and after a first moment I thought something wasn't leading to the right place I found out who are the people Ubisoft CEO Guillelmot is dealing with and what stuff he has in the head. Well, what to say more? Welcome to Hell.

    Stop playing Ubisoft games if you believe videogames of quality still have a future. Stop wasting your time with this trash at least Ubisoft Pseudo Tom Clancy, Pseudo Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
    Act against it, or in favor of it, but make your INFORMED CHOICE, stop getting fed smoke, fog, disinformation, censored stuff. STOP THAT AND MAKE THE LEAP! Get informed or you are just a pawn, a servant, a poor miner that will just waste time in nothing helping masterminds getting richer with your unconscious activity.

    This is the matrix, put this in your head, we are in it, the more you ignore and live in the bliss, the more you not suffer but the more you help it growing, darker and darker. And it will happen that the darkness will make you part of it, by giving you some of its force, making you feel richer, better... but this is gonna destroy gaming.

    Games that use DLC as predetermined removed from DAY 1 content and feed you before to cover the revenue projected by giving to nothing huge prices (it's the case of GRBreakpoint, sold at 9 and then with these "Season" season what?.. like it was a binge watching tv serie!... Season pass at more than 10, it means they are using DLC as a SECOND CHANCE , but most do not understand it nor know why this is so. Second chance means like trying to sell a game a second time to try to cover cost and build the needed revenue, not just reach break even by inventing "new reasons" why the player should bend and put hands to the pocket.

    You all, we all are doing this and are killing games.

    Now "second chance" is NFT, it will be infinite chance. And I ask you a ground breaking question: Who do you think will ever be interested to make good design, good gaming, invest in tons of good talents or even a few of them, when using DLC, MTX and NFT will grant to make break even indeed without even making a good quality game, with good interesting mechanics, good writing, good pacing, respect of player time, quality interaction, QoL stuff, and so on. Who do you think will care of if (you, so many of you repeat this cliché without even understanding what it means) you all say "games are made to profit".
    Who do you think will ever make good games if they know they can resort to DLC, MTX and NFT to actually reach break even?


    Personally when I get a GPU, I will play Wildlands in co-op as it was my plan to continue the hardcore immersive campaign, but I doubt I will support this. Unless they completely abandon this, and kick out Guillelmot and other Suit and tie hawks from the Ubisoft group.

    This is the stuff and page you must access to decide what to do:

    https://coinmarketcap.com/: (https://coinmarketcap.com) (main page)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/view/collectibles-nfts/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/view/collectibles-nfts)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sandclock/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sandclock)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sandclock/news/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sandclock/news)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/nft/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/nft) (highest prices sold... this is basically what PUBG did with Gabe Newell (pure evil) on Steam market when in 2017 PUBG was released and in China it became a true addiction, internet cafe opened jhust to have kids gain credits in order to be able to buy crates and then sell those items inside and make money). - guess why China (for many other reasons) is banning gaming for kids, try to understand why, it takes some knowledge to understand the reasons...)

    It will seem pretty large and wild to understand but these names titles, rules and additional coins and structures are just fruit of imagination, it's nothing really to understand. Think of finance as a human creation, even simpler than maths, maths is a language, finance is simply imagination, it's a big game, and it has no limits.
    At stock exchanges people even do investments or protect their business by predicting weather, if it will be good or bad tomorrow (futures), I am sure this is something most of us ignore. There are tons of finance tools, and with the digital world and "defi" this thing has gone on steroids.

    Gaming will be butchered by kids that play like the most hawkish finance suit and tie guy or woman. This is already a reality since quite some years.

    In those pages you can find this specifically referred to Ubisoft and gaming:


    (around 2 months ago till today - it all happened "suddenly" around november december 2021)
    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/nft-platform-quartz-wins-the-14th-parachain-slot-on-the-kusama-network/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/nft-platform-quartz-wins-the-14th-parachain-slot-on-the-kusama-network)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/gaming-giant-ubisoft-is-testing-in-game-nfts-through-a-new-platform/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/gaming-giant-ubisoft-is-testing-in-game-nfts-through-a-new-platform)

    https://cointelegraph.com/news/ubisoft-launches-ubisoft-quartz-platform-for-playable-and-energy-efficient-nfts: (https://cointelegraph.com/news/ubisoft-launches-ubisoft-quartz-platform-for-playable-and-energy-efficient-nfts)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-their-first-nfts-on-tezos/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-their-first-nfts-on-tezos)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-their-first-nfts-on-tezos/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-their-first-nfts-on-tezos)

    https://blockchain.news/news/ubisoft-launchs-digitsthe-first-aaa-level-game-energy-saving-nft: (https://blockchain.news/news/ubisoft-launchs-digitsthe-first-aaa-level-game-energy-saving-nft)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-new-nft-gaming-platform-on-tezos/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-launches-new-nft-gaming-platform-on-tezos)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-injects-tezos-based-nfts-into-one-of-its-worst-live-service-games/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/ubisoft-injects-tezos-based-nfts-into-one-of-its-worst-live-service-games) (ubisoft injects ... mm interesting ... remember decisions are made on advisors, people that know stuff: so what Guillelmot knows we do not know? Sure, advisors he has do not play games or play trash stuff... and that's what I think we are going to be offered more and more if this is the advise CEO listen to).

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/crypto-weekly-roundup-coinbase-yield-earning-novi-wallet-launch-brazilian-crypto-bill-ubisoft-quartz-and-more/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/crypto-weekly-roundup-coinbase-yield-earning-novi-wallet-launch-brazilian-crypto-bill-ubisoft-quartz-and-more)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/riding-on-recent-nft-boom-game-publisher-ubisoft-pushes-for-nft-adoption/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/riding-on-recent-nft-boom-game-publisher-ubisoft-pushes-for-nft-adoption)

    https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/square-enix-starts-the-year-focusing-on-blockchain-games/: (https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/news/square-enix-starts-the-year-focusing-on-blockchain-games)

    ... good reading.

    I made a selection of the news, but I should not, you should check yourselves freely: history of sandlock platform is recent, very recent.
    Ubisoft wanted to be "the first" in this... and since they are so focused on making games, first of all you make sure you have the finance to continue the business. So they did this. SO they aim to make money in order to make games.
    What about going less vertical or opening less studios and making fewer games and acquiring less franchises ?
    They have 2 huge ones Tom Clancy and Avatar (just a licence for this one)... Why don't they just focus on game making and improve it and then, yes they even might take these new roads explaining how they will benefit people that play and others, but not like this!

    The management of this company is utter trash not to say else. (or really cares from gaming in an infinite and deep way for me not possible to understand at the moment) - Surely good stuff will happen one day, but this is not the way to do that, this is a way to save investors dividendi which is the main problem for guillelmot. I can't imagine how many divested from Ubisoft after last 3 years allegations...

    Read and inform yourself from stuff you verify is good but also from not good stuff, do not ban stories, do not ban nor mute people voices. our reality today is filled with stories, we all have a story a truth, it has always been like this. It will never change. and if it does we die.
    Truth is made of stories, do not stop informing yourself do not believe in fake news censorship, check out what you can and if u have scarce time focus on the quality stuff without spending too much on anything.
    Also from invented stuff, sometimes agendas or other stuff can be learned.

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  • Lolt6
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    Another of wall text of well said, most of them do TL;DR these days.
    Also be sure you don't want make Waldo (This Ubi staff that answers nothing than stating the rules and giving offense points) goes trigger his wokeness. We had enough post that stuff already.

  • Keltimus
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    They way I'm looking at NFTs, if this is the future of gaming, then I'm done with gaming. Games aren't dying, they are being killed by their own publishers making poor decisions.

  • DNH_17
    Original poster 239 posts

    @keltimus I agree, I was thinking this... If only those that run game studios and companies knew what gaming is or were actual gamers, but really players, and even programmed, that would be perfect.
    In these times, challenging, complex, all the chicken will come to roost. We say in Italy, that knots will reach the comb. What I mean is that: if I have not a job or do not make money I can't buy a GPU (with these prices or others) and continue my PC gaming with other people nor work, editing etc. (and from a micro point of view: often there has been a problem that developers themselves, so from the house cleaning team to the project lead nobody knew how the actual whole game played: instead developers MUST LOVE AND KNOW how their game plays!! Otherwise you can't make stuff as a human would do with the good faith and care, you will just do stuff that keeps your job post, the minimum needed - There are so many games released nowadays - in last years - that simply show developers and leads have zero idea of how the game plays... companies that are in good condition are the Japanese ones and others like in Eastern Europe... all people that take care to the minimal comma and dot of the game before even thinking to release it... Sony, Nintendo leads do test themselves the game just like players and decide how the game plays or won't play !).

    Getting back to you ...If studios have not department leads up to the task (like it was with wildlands instead) or leadership (like CEO) that is really aware of what gaming is or has interest that are far from making good games, this will come to surface....
    Financial situation at UBISOFT must be dire or will be. Dividendi promised might not be ready, I think Ubisoft will risk to abdicate the dominant position in favor of CD Projekt Red sooner or later. All chickens come to roost, all the good things one does do count as all the things one does bad.

    Companies respecting the 7-8 year time cycle for good quality games production will be known and respected. Those that cut down this time still pretending to do big games will just make big holes in the water. If you spend 1 year to make a big game (1 year iterations, or you drunk something or you have no idea what you are talking about for gaming). Even if it's a 10k employed company, it's not gonna work to have multiple projects in parallel.

    All the companies in every industry (do I need to make examples?), that decentralized and grew too much sooner or later had to restructure and had a big failure, mixing with corruption and other bad deeds.

    Games are work of art, it's not an industrial activity.

    @Lolt6 spoiler
    Lolt I read the thread, I think that mod did a good job anyway I should not comment, sometimes actually most of times I do not write drafts and then check what I wrote (But the secret is: writing less, and taking more time to do it... if you take more time you respect the reader...and yourself, which is something I should do more and more) , I just write fast re reading some stuff at the end and so on... but you should have avboided to use that wording that of course could have been used as an excuse to block the entire convo. It's an error many of use can do...
    Anyway...we can't comment on what has happened or mod decisions and I am not doing it, do not do it yourself either please at least not here. I just think that the topic was good and it was cool to read many people interventions in it.. I read some of them. This thing of making money with NFT was planned way before this year, it might even be planned when breakpoint was pitched, years ago.

    They don't want to invest money, scouting people that are needed for this, nor time (around 6-8 years) to make such a game... Today many companies are transofmring themselves for a reason or another in speculators.
    Do not bite. That's the only thing we can do, do vote with your voice yes, but especially with your time and wallet.
    That's why I say... spending time on Break point is really not a great idea.

    I have not bought Shadow of War until they removed MTX and the entire systems that are needed to host MTX (because people ignore: YES mtx require the game to be another in order to have MTX working in it; the cliché "let MTX exist and do not buy them", is a cliché spread from addicted consumers of MTX that just hypnotized with stupid cliché the ignorant gamers we are surrounded from, ignorance is a very dangerous thing! MTX do change the game and the company, not just the experience you can have. MTX define where a company needs to push in order to actually reach break even.

    More than this doesn't need to be added to understand that a company that makes use of abusive DLC, MTX and NFT and then doesn't actually use them properly and with responsibility (let's say like Bohemia interactive: uses UGC content but then also respects it and doesn't abuse DLC etc... or other companiues too are kind of respectful despite I do not anyway like such stuff, there are companies instead that make use of these things and also behave irresponsibly. You know that it's not a game of words when you say there is pure evil there. because there is pure evil indeed there where there is DLC MTX and NFT and that meets with irresponsible game development.

    You know that things are rotten.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    I don't personally subscribe to any of the fads, trends and let alone FOMOs, unfortunately though, the world is full of people with more money than brains and this is why we are here.

    Games to me are a form of entertainment, the day that I see it as an investment is the day that I am out. It doesn't take a genius to realize that only those at the top will make money, the rest will eat the same turd they were eating yesterday.

  • DNH_17
    Original poster 239 posts

    This is what games will be, these of course are tests some are not, but also square enix wants to decentralize the videogame world having a dedicated finance system, an economy inside games.
    Of course it's a real economy not a virtual one we are talking about. It's money based...
    Here is a list of types of games we might see coming out in future from game developers:

    https://cryptoslate.com/13-nft-games-to-look-out-for-in-2022/: (https://cryptoslate.com/13-nft-games-to-look-out-for-in-2022)

    ... a long winter is coming from gaming, just grab what u have and what you like and forget about the future... no need even for a big card... the future of games is utter trash.
    The sad thing is that as in the recent past most of development has been made with the streamers in mind (those that bring free marketing for the company and that make money go around in a huge video streaming economy that has grown in last years. Now , who will show and make use of these items if not streamers mainly? So our games are this for streamers? All about showing off stuff? Well.. ok... not my stuff.

  • Lolt6
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    Spreading words of truth can be hurtful sometimes for some people as they can made an anger and frustated as easily offending it was, be it w/ context or w/o context.

    For the thread you read, you may see my thread is locked because I did saying this on logical and honest w/ context. But you may mention the mods did good job, but not all are good job. Some may taken offended w/o context when it comes my discussion logical and honest ones. So this is why I considered 50/50 for part of moderating forums.
    And I agree the vote the wallet part, but w/ my voice and time? Well, I think about it.

  • DNH_17
    Original poster 239 posts

    @lolt6 Moderating is very hard and needs experience, and of course time.
    Few want to spend time and usually moderators are new and with very patriarchal type of hierarchies, autoritative... stuff that goes totally AGAINST the gaming world which is strongly based on peers.
    This is why moderation is just a myth today, good moderation is lost like tears in the rain. This anyway doesn't elevate who makes errors like me or others from having to be moderated.
    However shutting down people with mutes, blocks, bans is against my philosophy, a lost chance for discussion and being human is a lost chance for everyone and a community, lost human value, a treasure to keep.
    Limiting discussion over topics has been a huge problem in last decade or so... this has created more problems and low capacity to reinvent and grow up of community.
    The immaturity of our relations is huge, immaturity of our gamers community is pretty big.
    I wish for a more invested and passionate moderation of course in which moderators check all the topics posts (this today doesn't happen) and also a user base that is more watchful in what words it uses.
    Like this time of moderation can be dedicated to what it counts.

    The thing is that people need to come together with a pact over what we want to have, and once all agree we will be all or in greatest majority on fast track to reach such better communities that create value (for the players and not for a shady, hawkish data extractor).

  • CanQuartzNFT
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    quartz.ubisoft.com/user: (https://quartz.ubisoft.com/user)

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint status

    XP LEVEL 56

    • XP LEVEL 5
    • You are eligible to the Ubisoft Quartz experience.

    CQC KILLS: 141
    quartz.ubisoft.com/dashboard: (https://quartz.ubisoft.com/dashboard)
    CQC KILLS ≥ 100

    P320 | Brown

    You are currently not eligible!

    You are currently not eligible!

    • We’re sorry, for some reason you aren’t eligible to acquire Digits on Ubisoft Quartz.

    Platform and Level: (https://quartz.ubisoft.com/faq/requirements/who-can-acquire-digits)

    • You need to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Ubisoft Connect PC and reach : (https://quartz.ubisoft.com/faq/requirements/who-can-acquire-digits)XP Level 5


    @ubi-froggard @ubi_plush

  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Donald Trump Says meme

    A rest to this trolling you must give 😊

  • CanQuartzNFT
    59 posts

    @ubi-milky @ubi-froggard @ubi_plush

    Purchase eligibility on Ubisoft Quartz for Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    To purchase Digits:
    Play on Ubisoft Connect PC. 
    Reach at least level five in-game.
    You cannot already own a Digit of the same Edition.
    Have 2-Step verification enabled on your Ubisoft account.
    You need to be at least 18 years old.
    You need to be a resident and located in: United States

    Who can acquire Digits?
    Last updated: December 07, 2021
    The Ubisoft Quartz platform is made for players, and for players only. For this reason, we will make sure that anyone who wants to acquire Digits is an active player of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint under the following requirements:
    Play the game on Ubisoft Connect PC platform
    Reach at least the XP Level 5 in the game
    Have activated the 2-Factor Authentication for Ubisoft Connect
    Be at least 18 years old
    Be a resident of an eligible territory
    And be located in an eligible territory

    Also I requested Ubisoft Data and received among other files "owned_gaming_data.csv" that says NOTHING about PURCHASE THIS NOT THAT:

    CanQuartzNFT,PC,GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT PC,672,2019-12-27 03:36:33,2022-03-13 21:58:16

    Also, I already got previous Digits because Ubisoft Quartz website says on My Profile page: "You are eligible to the Ubisoft Quartz experience."

    M4A1 Tactical | Wolves GHOST RECON® BREAKPOINT
    Limited Edition: 2,000 #1626/2000
    Owner: CanQuartzNFT
    12/14/2021 2:18 AM

    Wolf Enhanced Pants GHOST RECON® BREAKPOINT
    Limited Edition: 750 #497/750
    Owner: CanQuartzNFT
    12/20/2021 2:11 AM

    Limited Edition: 200
    3/17/2022 3:55 PM
    34 Digits remaining...

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