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  • topic_unsolved An official response from Ubisoft about the settlers?

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    Now that the beta is over or coming to an end there surely is enough information for Ubisoft about the game. So, when can we suspect an official response from Ubisoft about the current state of the game? What will be done to improve the game? Will they add features from the 2019 version back into the game? To which conclusion has Ubisoft come after reviewing the feedback from the beta? Will Ubisoft once again seek contact to the players (like the anno union or former settlers alliance) to improve the settlers?

    Summary about the beta and feedback - the current state of the game:
    Oh Ubisoft, that has been a rough start in the year already... The response of the vast majority of players is overwhelmingly negative (Well, that was suspected to be honest: After all you delayed the release for 3 years and nothing of the original game was left, so many features have been cut out from 219 compared to 2022 - not only that, the streams where you could see the game how it was back than and the settlers alliance simply do not exist anymore (only through the archive. Why?). My prognosis of the game: Dead on arrival! Maybe some players will pick it up because of its name, play for while and then come to realization that this is not even a bad settlers game but a bad game overall and stop playing.

    Maybe it is time to put the cards on the table and tell us what your plans are because otherwise you just throw all this potential the game has had away - for no apparent reason damaging only you in the long run, because we players will find other games to play. And as soon as an other company creates a settlers-like game and fill that niche - it will be a hard comeback.

    The message to take away:
    You had a fantastic earlier version of the game in 2019 (the alpha-tester gave it a score of 4.8 out of 5) - the game was and still is highly anticipated. So why don't reconstruct this version of the game in a singleplayer sandbox mode? Even when it is not fully completed after its release when you keep working and improving the game settlers was ment to be back in 2019 the players are more likely to play and pay for it than the current version. You do not have to throw the skirmishes completely away - but keep than in its own dedicated multiplayer skirmish section and keep improving on them based on the feedback which has been given to you.

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  • Ubi-Barbalatu
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    Thank you very much for your post. At the moment the team is collecting all the data from various sources such as in-game, forum posts, social media etc. and then make an educated decision on what to address. We have still stuff incoming and are reading and collecting it accordingly. Please hang in there until we have more news to share on our official website or social media channels.


  • dmiche
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    @ubi-barbalatu Hi , can you provide an estimated date for feedback? Im sure a lot of people pre-ordered and need to know that (not my case)

  • Phaestyriade
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    @dmiche i did cancel my order. i dont think this game would be back to 2019 look, but if it will i may consir bought it then.

  • KodaSitka
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    Please do take this response into serious consideration. This game has so much potential, unmet by the current Beta version.

    I would be delighted by a Settlers game that looks and feels like this, but it must be so much deeper than it is now. Anno 1800 was extremely successful despite being a single player sandbox. Evidence that this doesn’t need short multiplayer matchups to survive? Please give us the vision of the 2019 game. Please please please. This could be such a special game.

    Play styles where it isn’t necessarily a rush to war, rather war is a means to expansion, capturing areas critical to expanding supply chains. Supply chains from which unique modifications to troops emerge. From which different play styles emerge / supply chains that dictate how you play (at that specific stage the players game). Have certain resources? Go more fortress/fortification. Have more steel, unique metals / alloys and enable unique troop armaments, more infantry focused. Have more gold, less agriculture available? More merchant focus. As supply chain complexity scales, be rewarded by how they unlock special troops, capabilities, modifications, buildings. E.g. Produce moral boosting goods? More sustainable army. Better leather boots, faster troops. Add steel studs to boots, your troops can better cross ice or rocky terrain. Have rum, troop morale and fighting ability / attack damage is sustained despite low health etc.

    Many interesting ways to weave supply chain output into differentiations of military units / ships / building functions / wrinkles in game mechanics that keep the game interesting.

    This game could do for Settlers 2, 3, 4 what Anno 1800 did for 1602. If it did the community would immensely reward it.

    The bones are here. That’s what makes this sad. Looking at this is like looking at Anno 1800 with only two Citizen tiers and a quarter of the resources. Yes, it might enable more predictable and shorter game matchups and in doing so enable competitive play. But, would it really be fun beyond a few hours of play? Imagine Settlers having a season pass that adds new regions of the world, in turn adding more resources, and new supply chain outputs and units. All of this impacting the finances available for, efficiency of or units available to your military. Making trade offs around protecting / build new units vs expanding trade routes or territory. Needing certain goods to raise citizen happiness, which in turn raises the taxes available for spending on your war machine. Being able to get around this by minting coins, OR creating incentives to field a military that can secure gold access (like the Spaniards back in the day) that allows for military spend and empire building beyond taxation income.

    This is given just as illustration, the point being, it’s easy to see how special this could be.

    And, with a little more depth, you bet your hind part that a good chunk of Anno players would run over to this game even if they are new to the series while they wait for the next one. Or while they continue to play it. Why not capitalize on that player base and the historic Settlers player base? Seems less risky than going it with this.

  • OldTokken24
    Original poster ubisoft:x-posts, 84

    @kodasitka For the Anno 1800 part: I do not think that the settlers is in concurrence with anno - settlers is quit unique and it will most likely make anno players also buy and play the settlers (Anno 1800 is now almost 4 years old and the anno player yearn for a new game - it would be the perfect time for a new settlers to shine). Anno 1800 and The Settlers can easily co-exist and even further more support each other because players who played anno are most likely to also want to play the settlers.

    I do like the idea with the season pass for the settlers as they did with anno 1800 adding new features to the game - and the trading focus might be a good extension of the base game. Really good idea! However they should first revert to the version of 2019 and build upon this before thinking about continous content with a season pass.

    PS: I would check out the post about all the missing features of the alpha version which had been fully developed back than in 2019 but are not in the current version of the game anymore: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/130929/why-they-should-bring-back-the-2019-version-of-the-game-all-of-the-missing-content-in-the-new-version/13?lang=en-US

  • KodaSitka
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    @oldtokken24 Yes, I am one of those Anno 1800 players yearning for a new game. 😉

    On release, 1800 exceeded any expectations I could reasonably have had, delighting me more than 1602 did over 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve purchased every season pass of 1800 without blinking in addition to gifting friends and families copies of the game.

    Settlers 2 and 3 were games I found even more compelling than 1602. And (thanks for the link); the 2019 version seemed to promise a similar renaissance for the Settlers series.

    I agree, Anno is a very different game; and also one that is appealing to a very similar audience.

    Re: Ubisoft’s vision for the game. Where RTS games like AOE4 and SC2 (which I love and played extensively, including in beta testing) derive difficulty and satisfaction from build order memorization, constant adjustments, unit tactics etc. and provide a rather intense experience (fast paced processing and action); Anno and Settlers were something totally different. Where AOE and SC are exciting, frenetic, and immediate; the gameplay of Anno and Settlers has IMO always been more meditative, creative, expansive (I.e. quieting the mind to keep track of and hold in tension as much complexity as possible). The management of complexity is the progression and challenge, IMO more directly than the in game opponent. The in game opponent is what pushes you to elevate, optimize, scale up.

    I’m not describing it perfectly, point being, I think players come to Anno/Settlers for very different reasons than AOE and SC. In simplifying Settlers and going more RTS, you (Ubisoft) completely misunderstands what players come to this game for.

  • OldTokken24
    Original poster ubisoft:x-posts, 84

    There is a survey but will that benough? Do not get me wrong, it is a good first step by Ubisoft, but the current version has so many issues that the 2019 version did not have. And just adding a well or supplying grain to the pig farm will not change the underlying issues:

    Progress - In 2019 you had the town hall that unlocked more buildings (and could also be upgraded), buildings had different levels (houses up to tier 4 - at least tier 3, you could see 3 different elvels in the videos). At some point you switched from iron to steel and that was also shown in the troops as they got better equipment (the barracks alo had 6 different types and by upgrading the barracks you unlocked them). There were more than just 2 types of road: you had a dirt road, a stone road and one that looks paved each level speeding up the transport of goods.

    Variety - Back then the maps were randomized and there were 3 different ways to win (and while you may not want them all in one game - they could still give you the option to disable the unwanted instad of getting rid of them). The maps were also larger and not so compact - you could build the huge arena (there were 3 from small to big) and still ahd room for a adjacent settlement and training grounds.

    More military options - Adding to the different types of troops you had walls that could be garrisoned, towers (one for defense you could add to the wall and another one for expanding the area), a huge bastion and all could be upgraded - from a wooden wall to a stone wall.

    More production chains - There was e.g. a tanner, the cart maler alsp had a wheel maker as requirement not jsut donkey, and so on. Fields and enclosures for animals were not attached directly to the building instead the area where these should be created was determined by you. There ware more resources in general.

    Food and Market Stalls - Food was not jsut there for boosting, settlers needed food or they would gone on strike. There were market stalls distributing that food which your settlers cooked. They were essential - furthermore settlemens formed more organic around key buildings like market stalls or town halls instead of balling as much as possible together in one group to get +1 bonus.

    Graphics - The game looked better back then: compare the mines alone! In 2019 mines were not build on a grey parking lot in the middle of a meadow, but on mountains and on the rocks on top of the mountain you could even see what kind of ores you could expect (I strongly recommend wathcing a video of the 2019 version)

    Geologist, Pioneers & Builders - The engineer was then divided into geologists, builders and pioneers. The pioneers were assigned to a tower (so you do not have to keep track on them), which expands the borders and the tower also was used to determine the area to be expanded. Builders were automated. Only the carriers did not have to be trained, but even these could be upgraded with a donkey cart.

    More buildings. Not only in production or in military, but there were also smaller storage spots specialized in one resource (which were also not as huge as the warehouse - only 1 field was required, so you could fill in gaps next to buildings better). You could build a wood storage next to a wheel maker to speed up proction as they do not need to transport wood from a central warehouse rather than an adjacent storage spot. Settlers also had gathering places (1 field large) so you could let them gather right next to training grounds.

  • Enapets
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    I hope the developers will take into account that many players are disappointed with the continuous attack-defense aspect. And above all that they will take into account the excessive simplification of resource management.

  • IamDNY
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    apparently a few Closed Beta participates got an official survey a couple days ago (source: Reddit)…
    I have been playing the beta an posted plenty on the closed beta forum but, like many, got no official survey. Double-Checked spam folder and everything… so …I guess someone is very picky about the input of opinions on their so called "market research"...?

  • zombee003
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    @iamdny i openly declared that this game is not something ill get and that i think that ubi took the wrong direction. but got the survey nontheless. i therefore doubt this is to get more positive feedback and more incompetence on the technical side, just like a lot of beta testers didnt have access to the closed beta forum

  • cestral
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    @ubi-barbalatu I don't know if the game designers or the publisher is to blame here, but whoever made the decision to dumb the game down to a pre-school level should be fired because they have no business working in the gaming industry.

    How hard can it be to understand that people play these games because they enjoy what the older The Settlers games would give them? I mean:

    • Random maps
    • Discovery of resources
    • Deep production chains
    • Freedom to build (i.e. no locked nodes to build on)
    • Creating efficient road networks and upgrading them for additional efficiency
    • Beat your opponents by striving towards efficiency in your economy
    • All this requires that players have knobs and options to fiddle with here and there to fine-tune your economy

    You have literally had all of this already to an extent in this game series 25 years ago, and all you had to do was build on that and keep making it deeper and better. But instead you take a different turn where you remove things, dumb everything down and then release a new game in the series that is literally worse than basically all of the ones that came before it. I mean, whyyyyy!?

    We don't need this game to be an Age of Empires for pre-school kids with matches that are over in 30 minutes. I honestly find it hard to fathom how it's even possible to ruin an IP in this way. Talk about being clueless.

    Give us a deep settlement building game with a lot of freedom and options. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel by removing things and making everything worse. I'm flabbergasted at the sheer incompetence.

  • OldTokken24
    Original poster ubisoft:x-posts, 84

    @ubi-barbalatu At this point it is unfortunately rather obvious that Ubisoft does not care about their community anymore. Two weeks have passed and there has been no official statement (and it is about the for an official statement) about the upcoming settlers although the direction in which to go is rather obvious just by watching comments on forum or old videos - Bring back the old version form 2019/2020 as visioned by Volker Wertich. Furthermore Ubisoft is just repeating the old mistakes again: Simply ignoring their customers again! Its the same pattern as back then when the game got (unjustifiably) indefinitely delayed to reappear as game nobody asks for and nobody wants.

    At this point it is also clear that Ubisoft does not care about anything including their own employees. You could say that they have only profit in mind but the way they treat their products and customers would suggest otherwise. Ubisoft tries to push their future direction more and more into E-Sports and NFTs - Just look at recent news: Ubisoft wants to hold on NFTs although overwhelming negatively critics - they even say; well now the response is negative but we now better in time the customers will realise how good NFTs are (altough by just looking into the settlers development they have no clue what they are doing - it is just mind-boogling how they could ruin one of their most anticipated game releases and come up with a project which seems it has been quickly made by some college students over the weekend so that they do not fail their task on monday).
    They got even to the point where they try to convince their own developers about NFTs... I am seriously flabbergasted about their recent decisions. Also their direction to push games into E-Sports and Microtransactions is disturbing: They will sacrifice their games to push them into a framework fitting for E-Sports thus creating a game devoyed of everything. Seriously just compare the Settlers as it is now with Starcraft 2 and ask yourself: Who will play a dumb down copy of a wannabe RTS when they can have one of the best RTS out their (In South Korea Starcraft 2 is comparably as big as Football/Soccer in other countries). Who ever made this decision about their games especially Settlers should be fired and if that is to "mean" for you than here is a different appraoch: Promote him to customer! Ubisofts bad decision making about their game is also seen in their stock which is falling! Additionally there is a mass exodus as employees are quiting in masses.

    In conclusion:
    Everything Ubisoft has to know has been said multiple times now - Bring back the old and if you still want to keep the new then give it its own skirmish mode in multiplayer and keep improving it BUT give as the sandbox mod as envisioned by Volker Wertich. I will not buy the game in its current state and I believe I am not alone with this opinion.

    ubisoft:x-posts, 14

    @oldtokken24 I think you are right unfortunately...

    Ubsioft will most likeley not risk changing it to much again. At this point the will try to get it out as fast as possible to minimize the already huge amount of money the spent on this project.
    They made a judgement call...and we dont know exactly what the reasons were for this... but it must have been something to do with money and time.

    I dont blame the alpha testers for their feedback, i blame ubisoft for their lack of vision and courage. Had they released the alpha version as " early access" im sure many people would have loved to buy it still in this early version and keep pushing feedback and make the game better.
    But thats what you get ubisoft... for 2 years of silence, closing down the feedback hub ( settlers alliance).

    Its a pitty. at least you got a good cash cow with anno 1800 right ubisoft?

  • Ubi-Barbalatu
    Community Developer ubisoft:x-posts, 226


    Changes to the game will happen, but it takes time to prepare a statement or in this case a dev blog with more insights. It will come, don't worry, please hang in there.


  • cestral
    ubisoft:x-posts, 7

    @ubi-barbalatu While that sounds good, I strongly doubt that the end result will change the game enough to become what everyone wants this game to be. So while I appreciate any efforts to make the game better, this is feedback you should have taken two years ago. I don't know who is responsible for turning the game into this crap, but whoever it is, that person clearly has no business working on this game. If they missed the mark so wildly then it's hard to fathom that they even have a basic understanding of what The Settlers should be all about.

    I'm certainly not spending my money on this unless the changes are dramatic. Some small changes here and there isn't going to help.

  • MacDeiv
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    The situation is simple:

    If this The Settlers will be only what i look on beta i will not buy it. (60 or 80€ for a game like this? nope thanks, is just an incomplete game and a "super awaseome campain" can't save the game. In this case skirmish and mechanics can give you a replayable chance)
    if this beta was only a "simple demo" with half of features of the game and at release this The Settlers will be like first gameplay/trailer on 2019 i will buy it like 90% of people.

    Because, guys, this game was presented with incredible potential, everyone just have full hype for 2019 version from the first reveal and for every news on old "The Settlers Alliance". What scared me? i follow news about this game right now and i can read only what i see on Beta gameplay... so... i think this bad dream is real, that game is only what we look on beta gameplay... or you just prank everyone Ubisoft?

    Ubisoft...is a dark and bad time for you in this days... don't shot to yourself again. Save yourself, save The Settlers, one of your best game from years and years, save your players and our confidence.

  • ShadowJaken
    ubisoft:x-posts, 2

    @ubi-barbalatu I really hope it's a good one, as the current state is not a game i'll spend money on. More so the price you are asking. 60€-80€ for an experience that is less than what I get for a fraction of it in your own store when it's on sale. The Settlers History edition. Or, to be more modern, the Settlers 2 Generations on GOG.

    I loved the first trailer 2019 and the prospects there, however what I've played in the beta wasn't appealing on several levels.

  • AlxRou
    ubisoft:x-posts, 29

    @shadowjaken I think that's the game.Nothing is going to be fixed. They ruined one of the best games. I think they all went crazy there in Ubisoft. I cant understand what they were thinking destroying this game...

  • KodaSitka
    ubisoft:x-posts, 23

    @ubi-barbalatu we are hanging in! Your post gives us just a glimmer of hope.

    Understand the frustration you hear on this forum happens because the player base cares and sees the potential. We really felt like this had a chance to be the best Settlers game in a long time.

    Thank you for checking in.

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