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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] [PS5] Unable to upgrade from PS4 version to PS5 version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla | POST HERE

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    Ubisoft Support Staff 1463 posts

    @AbdlhFrz Sorry to hear you're affected by this issue. Since you've reached out through one of our other channels, we will continue to assist you there.

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  • TheFinalVoyage
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    @AbdlhFrz Hey, there! Do you think you could keep this thread updated if the problem is solved on your end through your discussions with Ubi Support?

  • TheFinalVoyage
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    My copy of Valhalla is CUSA 18536 too and I've contacted Ubi Support as well, but they haven't been helpful on the matter at all. My PS account is Region 2 (Australia) and my disk is Region 2. I should ideally have the upgrade because I've claimed all my free upgrades for all my non-Ubisoft games which are all Region 2 disks. The response I received from Ubi Support was that it's a region lock issue as Region 2 is for Europe and my PS Account Region is Australia. This cannot be the case because Australia DOES fall under Region 2 (SCEE), as outlined by Ubisoft themselves on their own website (https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/purchases-and-rewards/article/ps4-regions/000061349). This is honestly really frustrating. I have been having this problem since last November, that's almost nine months.

    Most of us here that are still experiencing issues are those that have a copy with CUSA 18536. Ubisoft, please, look into this. Most of us HAVE opened support tickets before but have gotten no proper resolution. Even individuals in Europe, the region that Ubi Support told me the SKU belongs to, are having issues upgrading their copies as the 'free upgrade' option is unavailable as can be seen in the responses preceding this message on this thread. Clearly, there's a problem here. It has been months with no resolution and frankly, this is becoming quite exhaustive.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5787 posts

    Hi Vikings!

    I am currently doing a routine check-up on the megathreads and I can confirm that the issue where players were unable to upgrade from the PS4 to PS5 version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla was resolved in February 2021, therefore we will now lock this thread.

    If you encounter this issue please contact support on one of the following support channels for further assistance: 

    Support Ticket
    Live Chat

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